Tumblr theme customization mock-up on a Nexus 5

A new Tumblr app is on the way to Android and iOS devices, bringing a new level of blog customization to your mobile device. Previously, there was no built-in way to make edits to your Tumblr blog when mobile, but now users will be able to change things up on the fly, whether at home or on the go.

The Tumblr app is adding a feature called Appearance — essentially a new way to customize the crap out of your Tumblr blog from your smartphone. Rather than just having a cookie-cutter layout that looks like everyone else's page, you can change up anything and everything including your header photo, avatar, colors, fonts and more. Choosing an accent color even changes up the look for anyone who visits your blog. Tumblr creative director Peter Vidan says "There are 3.3 billion combinations, [but] the biggest part of this is that we're using it everywhere."

Users will appreciate the new features of the mobile app as it means you no longer have to use a PC to change up your page. Tumblr says that 80% of active users have customized their blog pages in some way. The updated Tumblr app for Android and iOS will be launching soon, though you can download the current version now if you want to be ready when the update hits.

Source: The Verge


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Tumblr is building theme customization into their app


Occasionally one or two pics won't load for some reason and if I really want to see it I have to copy the link and open in chrome. Pain in the ass

Posted via Android Central App via the not so new Nexus 5 and a half

My problem is that none of the pictures won't load.. NONE! not posts, profile pictures... Nothing... I even factory reset my phone.. And I know that I'm not the only with this problem because I saw some reviews with same description on Google▶

Posted via Android Central App

I had that problem on my G2 but after I got the M8 it seems that problem disappears. Sometimes I'll have to scroll down and back up for a photo or two to load.

Posted via Android Central App

I think they focus on pretty much everything except what the people have asked for.
Thanks, i mean sure i'll like (never) edit my theme daily yet we still have a crap media player.

#update, i looked into it and i take back what i said earlier. It actually looks pretty interesting...