For reasons we'll never know, it has taken a very long time for Canadian Android users to gain access to paid apps in Android Market. Don't our friendly neighbors to the north have what we have? Well, Android users on Rogers got access to paid apps just a few weeks ago but it still left other Canadian Android users behind. Specifically, Telus users with their lustworthy Milestone and HTC Hero. Luckily, Telus has finally activated the switch for their customers and Telus Android users will get access to paid apps. Hooray! Aboot! Zed! [electronista]

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Anonymous says:

Huh? Is this new to you? I guess you people are bit to late for this news. :)

level32 says:

Errr... Ya. I had it the same day as Rogers did. Just a little later that afternoon. Telus Milestone.

rootblock says:

Huh? I've seen paid apps in the Market for a few weeks now on my Telus Milestone. Haven't tried buying anything yet though, if /that's/ what's now possible.

Brent says:

Had paid apps on my Nexus one for a couple weeks now on TELUS.

ai4281 says:

Do Americans assume that Canadians are just slow or something? Lol. I'm on Telus and I got paid apps 2 hours after my Rogers buds. This ain't no news..

kirEv says:

Same, had my paid apps on my Hero for about 2weeks now