TeliportMe Panorama 360

Fog, rain, lens flare and snow create a more immersive experience

TeliportMe Panorama 360, an interesting photography app that lets you create and share full 360 degree panoramas, is introducing 3D effects today. Among other subtle design tweaks that build on an already well-made app, you'll now have the option of adding four different weather effects to your panoramas: fog, rain, lens flare (sun) and snow, each of which are live animated overlays on your pictures. Lens flare is offered for free, while the others will set you back a $1 in-app purchase each, or $2 for the group.

After taking your panorama, simply hit the different effects at the bottom of the edit screen to reflect the current weather situation of the picture you took. It adds an extra bit of immersion to pictures that already pull you in with full 360 degree views. The effects are non-destructive to your original picture, so you always have the plain, unedited panorama to refer back to later.

As an extra bit of holiday fun, there will also be a "Christmas" effect that adds some snow, fog and a little season-appropriate music to your picture. For a short time you'll find holiday specials that give you 50 percent off in-app purchases when you bundle them together as well. The latest version of TeliportMe's Panorama 360 app is available now in the Play Store.


Reader comments

TeliportMe panorama app adds 3D effects in latest update


Lens flare is free?

JJ Abrams approves

My phone can beat up your phone. It's bigger, badder and has more moves. If worse comes to worse, it also comes with a sword.

Plus 1.

The deploring tendency in Android apps to add stuff to make a perfectly good picture appear crappier is getting totally out of hand.

You want lens flare and fog, just wipe your finger tips over the lens. All the authentic bad photography you need, right on the tip of your finger.

Mean time, the supposedly scratch proof glass over camera lenses introduces more and more visual defects as your phone ages, and scratches appear.

So is it any better than the nexus panorama and photosphere. After all, with the photosphere, if you just capture the panoramic views, then thats what itll stitch together