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Tapatalk is a great way to browse forums from your Android phone, and the bar just got moved a notch or two higher with the beta release of Tapatalk 2. It's the same basic premise --  an app that connects to forums software (through a plug-in installed on the server) so it can deliver an experience optimized for mobile devices. You have controls designed to be easy to use, forum-specific menus and features that you just don't get from a web browser, and a bandwidth-saving U.I. that focuses on delivering content versus themes and other fluff designed to look good on a computer. 

Tapatalk 2 just does all this better. There also are a couple new features, namely an improved UI with multiple theme support, improved moderation tools, a nicer conversation style, and cloud-based account sync. Move past the bullet points and this means all the things you love about Tapatalk work better, look better, are faster and sync back to your phone when you reset the data on your phone. 

We know a lot (as in a lot) of people use Tapatalk to peruse the Android Forums here at Android Central. Tapatalk 2 is going to make all of us happy.  You'll love the new UI and theme options, forum moderators will love the new moderation options, crack-flashers will love the new sync option, and everyone will love how much faster it is. This is how you provide a major update -- everything works just like you're used to it working, and the improvements make the entire experience better without any change in the way you use the app. If you spend any time on forums from your Android phone, you need to give this a try. After the break you'll find a bunch of screenshots and a Google Play store link to the current version of Tapatalk (Android 1.5 and up, $2.99). You can also hit the source link and learn more about the beta from the folks at Quoord Systems Ltd.

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Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2

Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2Tapatalk 2




Reader comments

First look: Tapatalk 2 beta


Wish there was a way to try it out to see if I would actually use it first. I don't seem to mind browsing the forums normally through my phones browser.

No. Just like any other app -- when the full update comes out you'll get it for free. You're not gonna find it in the play store yet cause it's still in beta.

the beta is out there for download, just google it.
i'd post the link but honestly i'm not sure if it's a public open beta or not. i'm running it though and it's pretty nice.

That was my questions as well. I paid for the original version, so does that mean i get a free upgrade? or do i need to pay for version 2.0?

@murof: Do you mean you don't use Tapatalk at all, and you wish there were a way to try it? If so, there is. Some of the bigger forums offer their "own" app through the Play Store that is basically an ad-supported version of Tapatalk that can only log into their forums. The experience is very close to that of the paid Tapatalk app.

If that's not what you meant, never mind....

I wish I could visit forums (like AndroidCentrals) without having it throw a pop-up telling me to use Tapatalk. I understand it exists; could I please just read a thread without being reminded I could spend $3 over and over again?

only thing im hoping is that they update to this rather then sell it as a whole new tapatalk app like they currently do with the different color themed variants. I wont buy the same app twice.

It just looks to me like they added themes and color choice type stuff. The first version was extremely functional.

What no Holo design and no tablet support, oh man that is just wrong.

Oh well guess I have to keep on dreaming.

I bet you any money it still won't link to the app if you browse to a tapatalk forum. This is what everyone wants and expects, but until iPhones get this functionality, i guarantee they won't give it to us. Oh and the message doesn't even go away for most people once you install it (if you have a smartphone you will know which message i mean).

The post says that the link takes you to the current version, you have to do a 5 second google search to find tapatalk 2 beta 4. They won't update the market version until it's out of beta.

When using the current version with ICS you have to turn off GPU rendering to see posted pics. How compatible with ICS will this new version be?

Would really like to see Halo themes and UI suggestions recommended by Google in upgraded apps.



Half the app still looks like it's straight out of the Froyo era! Simply *building* against a newer SDK doesn't make your app incompatible with older devices. I can't believe that an app so widely used with *Android* forums is being built by developers who either don't understand something this basic or just don't care. :-/