Samsung Vibrant update

Low just pinged our inbox saying that the long-awaited OTA update for the Samsung Vibrant is being pushed. That's the one that briefly leaked out via Samsung Kies last week, but for the most part we've all been awaiting the GPS fix, among other things. A Samsung Galaxy S Twitter account confirms the update is on the way. Anybody get it yet?

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T-Mobile Vibrant update finally pushing, Samsung says


Nothing here in AZ. Samsung (and maybe T-Mobile) needs to get their act together. Updates for fixes should have happened long ago (especially since the Vibrant was the first Galaxy S to ship in the U.S.). Plus, whatever happened with Froyo been shipped within 1-2 of the phones release.

The odds are, my next phone will be a HTC phone. They provide fixes and updates in a timely manner, unlike Samsung.

nothing about it on their facebook. I hope this isnt another mistype like motorola did the other day saying that the Cliq was getting 2.2 OTA shortly... lol That would really anger people..

Got mines this morning in chicago.
Gps isn't that improved, but location service works a little better.
Added an hd camcorder app which goes straight to the camcorder.
Added task manager that checks ram and added voice thing for swype
there are more minor tweaks that I'm just noticing

Just got a text from T-Mobile that says:

"Samsung Vibrant Customers: Today we began sending an over-the-air (OTA) update which provides several improvements, including optimized GPS performance and new access to the Samsung Media Hub. The update will be sent in staggered waves through the end of October. You will be notified of the OTA via the Android Operating Notification Bar located at the top of the Vibrant phone screen."

Staggering waves through the end of October??? WTF??? I better get mine today cause I am SICK of waiting like everyone else...

Why are people asking if its froyo!? Instead of asking, why don't you try to stay up to date with android news?! Cause everyone knows 2.2 is not OFFICIALLY out yet For galaxy s.

I have to agree with caliesv. Guys and gals, if this was the Froyo update, don't you think the good folks at Android Central would have titled this post...Vibrant Froyo update out now, or the likes?

Also, it makes little difference where your located to get an update. When it's available, it'll tell you. Be patient as I'm sure T-Mobile and Samsung both don't want another batch of bricked phones for the Galaxy S.

Just got the update. Not noticing any noticeable changes with the GPS but will have to play with that one more. It looks like it added a Task Manager button when I hold down the home key to switch apps which is kind of nice. It shows Active Apps (which you can kill one at a time or end all), Package (a list of all your apps where you can uninstall), Summary (a list off your memory storage devices and their size) and a Help button. There is also a Task Manager icon in my list of applications as well.

It changed my Video Camera icon to an 'HD Camcorder' icon but I don't see any other difference with the video recorder.

And the Samsung Media Hub now opens up with the ability to rent/buy movies and TV episodes.

I go my vibrant updated to UVJ16 too.

Only thing I can notice from "about phone" is that from ECLAIR now it says ECLAIR.UVJ16

I also like the task manager (hold home button) like the Galaxy S in Korea. You probably dont have to use advanced task killer anymore which i didnt use before anyways.

For GPS I would have to play with it couple more days to see if any improvements are made.

I got it in Utah. Definitely like the task manager, couple of options added to the browser menu screen, I like the separate cam corder icon, haven't played with Media Hub much. Wanna know my favorite part??


And it works perfectly so for those of you who have been bummed you couldn't find it on your Vibrant like me, you can get it now :)

Yes got it in brooklyn, N.y. It includes the media hub update and a task manager. Also I think the swype was updated a well. And no it does not include the mysterious froyo update.

Hi,I have a Samsung Vibrant with Android 2.1, and I bought it on December 10. Each time I go on settings and press software update it says:"no firmware". How can I update it to 2.2?(or more) Is there an app? Or should I go on the Android website? Because I'm lost,I would like to have an update, and it seems everybody here is in the same situation. Could you guys help out a bit? Because this article says nothing important. Could I possibly have feedback or will you write a new article about it? It would be nice since 2.1 doesn't work with many apps(Skype for example). Could Samsung or Android do something about it? Is there a new update coming soon?