Swype for Android

The uber-popular Swype keyboard just got a pretty major update, and we think you're going to like this one. No talking, just bullet points:

  • The hidden word tip window is "all but completely removed." Huzzah! You'll see it one time (and one time only, Swype says) after a new installation. So it won't be bugging you any time you uncover a new word.
  • Contact names that are automatically added to the user dictionary will now stay deleted instead of being re-added accidentally
  • Prediction accuracy won't degrade over time
  • Support for QVGA, WQVGA, WSVGA and qHD touchscreens.
  • Dictionaries for Dutch, UK English and Russian

We'd say that's a pretty big update. If you're already in on the beta program, just go to http://beta.swype.com/android/get to update. There are a couple more details you might want to check out -- including for those of you who like to change ROMs frequently. Hit up the source link. [Swype]

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theewoksoul says:

now that i have ditched the beta because swype came with the evo update a while back. what do we have to do to get it updated?

onixblack says:

I think we have to wait. I really hate the fact that I had the beta and it was awesome and then the EVO updated and screwed me over, so I switched to Swift key Beta

Trainer_1 says:

I use Keyboard Manager and get the best of both worlds imo. It automatically switches to Swype in portrait mode and Swift Key in landscape. Highly recommended!

El Jefe says:

Isn't Keyboard Manager the best?! Those are the exact keyboards I use in those orientations too! LOL!

Ohhhhhh, I'll have to check that out! Always good tips around here! Thanks!

Nice new features. Can't wait to try it out.

marrrio_ says:

i knew that an update was imminent. updated and tested. smooth and working well. I MISS THE DOUBLE-TAP TO CORRECT!!! made correcting soo much faster. still love and support swype over any other keyboard though :)

No double-tap to correct? I use that all the time. I think I'll pass on the update to see if they re-add it later.

bseblman says:

double-tap to correct is still on there...not sure why someone mentioned it wasn't. It seems to be running smoother than it has been recently with the new update. It's all good!

droid_ace says:

Anyone else notice how double-tap to correct conflicts with Gingerbread's double-tap to Cut/Copy/Paste? N1

Broken0007 says:

I have Gingerbread on the N1 and have noticed the same thing. It was so annoying to me I went back to using the stock keyboard. I was hoping this update addressed this issue, but it does not. The Android cut/copy window appears above the Swype word selection window... pressing back exits you out of the Android cut/copy window, but tapping on the Swype word selection window does not select a word and instead highlights the Swype keyboard blue (same as if Swype was not licensed.) Bummer!

Jaybears says:

Swype was already on my X when i bought it, what do i need to do to update it?

el1diablo says:

I just went on the swype website, and apparently the beta won't work on phones that came with swype preloaded, so I guess we have to wait for a system update??

mrichards86 says:

The Droid X won't ever be updated. There are many places to read how to uninstall it and install the beta.

icebike says:

I'm so over swype. Compared to Swiftkey its only purpose is to make typing slooooow, unobvious, and error prone.

kinster02 says:

+100 on the SwiftKey keyboard, I haven't been on Swype since.

El Jefe says:

I still use both on my Droid X but I use Swype only in portrait orientation & Swiftkey only in landscape orientation. I prefer them in that format because I find Swype kind of difficult in landscape because the keys are so far apart & Swiftkey is more difficult in portrait because they are too close.

The root only app "Keyboard Manager" will allow for switching between keyboards based on screen orientation. It is a great app if anyone is interested.

cirrob says:

I never understood the actactiveness of swype or other slide to type keyboards. I used swype for about 3 months because it was the defualt input method on my phone. It was very unintuitive and clumbsy to use. It almost made me give up on android until I found out you can change the input method to something more human.

dchawk81 says:

I agree...maybe this 29 year old dog can't learn new tricks but I couldn't "get" the swype method. It was clumsy under my fingers.

I'm using Better Keyboard now and it's really REALLY nice, IMHO. Basically all I want in a keyboard is normal typing with good auto correction and no jumpy popup for suggestions (BK has an area reserved for them so the screen isn't bouncing around).

ilongbored says:

Anyone know what version the newest one is? I just installed

BrandonEnr7 says:

I have had it installed on my CM7 EVO but haven't used it in a while. Might give it a try possibly but I hear the doubleclick on a word doesn't work due to limits in GB functionality.

anicholas7 says:

Why did this update not fix the issue of having to change input method from and to swype to use it every time you reboot your phone. I don't think I am the only one with this issue on the DINC.

ricbon says:

damn this is what i was looking foward to

ZimbiX#AC says:

same here =(
though i have a HTC Desire HD

PhoenixMike says:

Are the 3d, dark colored keys back? The ones prior to the Froyo update.

Dragonithe says:

Where could i find the dutch language pack?
Because it say's it has been added, but can't find it...

youareme7 says:

To anyone that has Swype pre-installed and wants the beta the following worked for me on my Atrix. You must be rooted to do this.

First switch to a different keyboard if you use swype

1.Backup and Freeze your preloaded swype with Ti Backup
3.Use swype installer to download and install new version
4. enjoy!

matuk.8 says:

how do you get the update if you sideloaded it on an unrooted phone. I am using Inspire 4G.