Youtube link for mobile viewing has a new Android app out (news and the like). And to celebrate, it's released the above video, which we're still trying to wrap our heads around. But we couldn't not share it with you.

And if you want to check out the app, links are after the break.


Reader comments has a new app, and a loving video


This video just showcases how they were enemies (Star Wars Ep.1) aka Android vs. iPhone, then the Android phones, say "Kiss our @$$" (Braveheart). Next scene, the iPhones merge together like Voltron, but they look eerily similar to Optimus Prime. While physically fighting, they sync up and remember times when peeping at each other through the blinds (9 1/2 weeks), and making clay pottery (Ghost). They were both "flying" on a ship (Titanic) and then relived the moment when "baby" took flight onto Swayze's arms (Dirty Dancing), but then ... reality sets in and they flash back to the present where no one wins. Both survive and have apps available for both platforms! (which is the entire point of the video)