Google Babel

Images show a revamp of Google Chat's interface, complete with emoticons and message bubbles. Could this be Google Babel?

The fine folks over at Techradar got their hands on a set of screen captures, supposedly of the web interface for the new Google unified messaging application "Babel". It appears to be a rewrite of the existing Google Chat for Gmail, with a new interface new sign in options, and new features inside the program. 

The screenshots also suggest photo sharing within the program, with a mandatory Google+ login, a feature to start a Google+ hangout right from chat. The Google+ emojis are also on board in a smaller size, and there are a bunch of new ones we haven't seen in a Google product before. It's clear that if this is legitimate, it's built around Google+ as one would expect.

We're not sure of anything on this. There are so many rumors and fakes going around, and anyone with a little skill could design some of these windows and images themselves -- and have. The imagery looks very similar to some other things we've seen -- both legit and admitted fakes. We eagerly await Google I/O to see just what is real and what isn't, but in the meantime we can all have a little bit of fun speculation about it all. Today's stuff looks pretty convincing. Hit the source link below and check it out.

Source: Techradar


Reader comments

Supposed Google Babel for Gmail screenshots leak


I agree I would much rather just have the interface for G+ chat ------but as long as they integrate all the chat services together I really don't care how it looks

Yeah I don't understand why Google is going back to all of these white background apps. I like the way our settings are all black and high contrast (at least on the nexus 4). It's lower power consumption and sleeker design Imo.

I just hope they find a way to integrate GTalk into this...and possibly Hangouts? I love GTalk, but it sucks to not be able to MMS from it, and also sucks that people I have on G+ don't have access to it.

Seriously, the look is irrelevant. It's all about services integration. If Babel doesn't replace every messaging service Google currently has, it's kind of a fail.

Introducing new features is great and all. What they really need is to put the dagger in the coffin of all messaging apps including SMS.

Introduce an app and some API's for Android (maybe with KLP) that you do ALL messaging in one place. Then in that app you set the priority of how you want to contact someone. If they have G-babble/talk/chat/whatever, that's 1, FB is 2, SMS is 3, whatsapp is 4 etc. It would be the end of this needing to open 5 different apps because not all my friends are on the same one or some insist upon SMS since all their other friends still SMS.

Pretty much would hit spot on with what iMessage on iOS does and what FB chat does with falling back to SMS, but taking it a step further.

I was thinking of switching from Android, but if Google can bundle Voice, Hangouts, and Gtalk then I'm staying. I'd take function over looks, looks can always be refined in an update.

Looks tend to be important to me as I'm big on design. I can deal with a minor design flaw if it works well.

I hate the bar at the bottom of the Google+ app with the mood and new post etc but I deal with it because the app itself works great, and that the web version is in Charles Barkley's words "turrable".

All I'm getting at here is I hope it doesn't look like above but of it does and functions well I can wait for a redesign down the road.

Okay I am trying to understand, so please anyone lmk, what exactly is google doing here? don't they have google talk and google voice, so where does this fit in?

why not one big comprehensive app? something alone the lines of Skype, and then just add on the google+ integration... anyone explain to me if im misunderstanding.

Ugh, so yeah ... that is exactly what they are rumoured to be doing ... integrating all their individual chat type systems into one system, and calling it Babel ...

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I'm confused as to why they still have Google talk and messenger out at the same time? Hell I'm still trying to figure out Google+. They crack me up with 3 and 4 of the same damn app like why have Google maps and Google navigation?