Android Central Stocking StuffersOK, so our stocking-stuffing schedule got thrown off a little bit thanks to some other, bigger, giveaways. These things happen, right? But it's Christmas eve, we're back on the horse, and we're ready to throw more $10 Google Play Gift Cards your way.

For today's entries, we'll keep things simple: Just leave a comment on this post, telling us what sort of Android kit you'd love  to see this holiday season. That's it. We'll keep giving away a gift card a day until we run out, which looks to be in early 2013 at this point.

And remember that these gift cards are good for apps, books, movies, TV shows and magazines, if you're in a region that supports them. (And if you're not, there are, ahem, ways around that.)

So good luck, happy posting, and Merry Christmas!

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oh First comment. Looking forward to my nexus 7 so maybe some apps.

mobilemail says:

I would love to see a kit with a Galaxy Note II and...a car charger??? Oh yeah, and apps... Think navigation...

Fairclough says:

Major Prize entry.... I would love to see wireless chargers for N4

festrada007 says:

As a kit I would love to see Nexus 7 dock and a blue tooth keyboard and speaker set.

mithmal says:

A dock for the nexus 10 would be nice. Or just more accessories would be great!

Ditto. I'm using a BB Bluetooth kb and case when traveling. Works but so kludgy.

DriverZ says:

happy holiday

mikewells says:

Happy Holiday is a Nexus 10, 32 Gig, a docking station and an OTG cable. Mmmmmm!!

chillzmonolo says:

A nexus 10 with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse would be awesome!

ucfgrad93 says:

I would love a Nexus 7 or a HTC One X+

bdfull3r says:

A nexus 4, wireless charging mat too

lackoftalent says:

ditto to that

Divegeek says:

I would really like to see a nexus 4 come to Sprint, but more realisticly I would like to see a Nexus 7 32GB under the tree.

dmedesha says:

I'd love to see a brand new Nexus 7 under the tree. (We missed Festivus this year.)

Happy Holiday Cheer!

timehat says:

Nexus 4,7,or 10, lol. Perhaps one of each.

cd2573 says:

nexus,4 and hopefully a new nexus 7

Chris Crush says:

Nexus 4 : )

rmmyyz says:

I've been researching and researching about the N7 - It's on the wish list, and I'm hoping that that is what is inside the gift bag in our walk-in closet.

Dub J says:

Interested in getting my hands on a Galaxy Note II. Let's see if that comes true.

Verso says:

Nexus 10 32gb with dock :-)

mg7711 says:

I'd like to see a Nexus 4 or a Nexus 7. And Merry Christmas.

nipcarlover says:

I would absolutely love a Nexus 10!

codeda says:

I would love a nexus 10!!!! Not happening but sounds lovely

kingnothing says:

Would love to see a nexus7, 32gb under the tree. Alas, it is not to be.

dwd3885 says:

Nexus 4 baby!

ttriplett1 says:

I'd love to have a shiny new Nexus 4 and a gift card to fill it full of premium apps!

Nexus 7 would be nice, or trade in my ASUS TF101 for an ASUS TF300

klevente says:

Hi! I would like a Nexus 7 or a Nexus 10 :) And maybe some games too :)

JStamp627 says:

Note 2 and then cover up that ugly vzw logo

I would love to see a galaxy note 2 along with a google play card to get essential apps :)

redhawk24 says:

I'd like Sprint LTE in my area to go with my upgrade on Jan. 1! Oh, and some apps for my Nexus 7!

smooney3 says:

I'd love that charging orb for my Nexus 4.

I think I'd like to see a nice speaker dock... An LTE Nexus 4 would indeed kill it though....

Minlock says:

Google is appearing to be a Grinch, so no Nexus 4 under the tree...

unless I keep the tree up 'til sometime in January

btehan says:

I could really go for a nexus 10. Maybe sometime next year.

I just got a new phone, the LG Optimus G, but my Transformer 101 is on it's last leg so I'd sure love a Nexus tablet to replace it with.

tigerhoodz06 says:

I'd like a nexus 4, but working on verizons network, or a nexus 10

sooby77 says:

Definitely Nexus 10 tablet with that insane resolution!

Budgetmedic says:

Boy, I really want a Galaxy Note 2! I'll probably get coal though.

Maybe a Nice Old 4G LTE Connection from Sprint in my area with a Nexus 4 and stuff.

n0obpr0 says:

A nexus 7 wireless pad charger

jamar7886 says:

I would love a Nexus 7 or 10.

I would like to see a Nexus 7 docking station under the tree this holiday season.

scaots says:

I need a Nexus 4. Can't wait until the orders are open again

Zooks64 says:

Even though I still enjoy my Verizon Galaxy Nexus (updates please!) I would love a Samsung Galaxy S3 and every accessory available for it ;)

fcjr77 says:

Would love a Note II and a Nexus 10. Best ever!!!!

An Android Set-top box, or (and) a Nexus 10

Oh I would love an unlocked Nexus 4. That and one of those sexy new LG tv's.

Forfaden says:

Looking to get me a nexus 10 :-)

slinky1914 says:

I would like a nexus 4 and the wireless charger for it. But you know first world problems. Merry Christmas everyone.


radgatt says:

Droid DNA to go with a Nexus 7!

phelanyk says:

Would love to get a Nexus 10. already got the 4 and 7 and they are great!

Gator352 says:

I would love to have a Nexus 7 or 10 to give to my daughter along with a Docking station and an LG Optimus G. Please? But a gift card will do!

byrds8 says:

I would love to get my wife a S3 or a Note 2

enb123 says:

I'd like a Nexus 7! Also, if my Verizon S3 would get the JB update that's been out for over a week, that would be nice, too. :)

northend999 says:

Nexus 10 with a Bluetooth keyboard and dock. Merry Christmas Eve everybody.

IgorPunck says:

Looking forward for Nexus 7 dock, also still waiting for my Nexus 4 to arrive. Google said shipment to Canada scheduled for 2nd January. Happy Holidays to all of yous!

jmcarlos says:

A nexus 4,7, or 10 would be very nice

hambubba says:

Yeah, Nexus 7 for sure. HTC One X would be nice as well.

MaximumDembo says:

I'd love an app that makes Google pay it's tax.

cd2573 says:

nexus 4, and hopefully a new nexus 7 if I'm lucky

xebikr says:

Nexus 7 with a docking station and wireless charger. Some kind of car mounting system, too. :)

CoolBeit says:

Would love to get my hands on a nexus 4,but my bank account and lg's production schedule will postpone that for awhile

Hmm... a Nexus 7 would be a fun toy, but I think I'll stick with wishing for a nice keyboard for my Note 10.1. ;)

TheVoodoo says:

A Jambox bundled with HTC One X+ or Nexus 7.

Knamliss says:

Would love to see a Nexus 10 and a dock, Nexus 4 with a bumber case is a close second though. :D Happy holidays everyone.

willmsbrg says:

I've been eyeing either a Nexus 7 or a 10. Doesn't look promising but I'd love either one..

Thanks for the contest!

CeluGeek says:

I'm happy with my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet, but I'd love to get a keyboard dock, a better case and a spare charger & data cable. Plus some driving game (other than Forever Drive) that can actually run on my tablet.

Josh515 says:

For Christmas I would love to receive a Nexus 10, but a Nexus 7 would also be an amazing gift! Merry Christmas, Android Central!

sannyavm says:

aiming for nexus 4 :D

dkenney says:

A Nexus 7 with a rear facing camera, or a Nexus 10. Merry Christmas.

Lowbottom says:

A Nexus 10 would be perfect while awaiting the Googmoto X. Nexus 7 would do in a pinch. Merry Christmas to All.

ricrdv says:

I'd love a Nexus 7 WITH a dock!

lyk13 says:

The Nexus 7 dock. Need it for my bed side alarm clock. :D

Merry Christmas Android Central and every Android user!

I would love to see an accessory pack with wireless charging, seido case, and a Google Play gift card.

yocubed says:

Hoping for a nexus 7 but if settle for a 10

GaMMeLHaNsy says:

A Nexus 4 or a HTC ONE+ would be great, but I don't think I'll see them soon.

betsuni says:

Would love to see a Nexus device, but happy with anything android.

zrati69 says:

I would love a Nexus 10 and dock

Schattenan says:

hmmh, actually I really would like an HTC 8x or, if Android is a condition, an HTC One X+.
Merry Christmas, Android Central.

drt777 says:

I think a note or a tablet would be a great addition! That said, whatever I'd be given I would graciously receive!

jakemyster84 says:

Nexus 7 or Nexus 10

NeuroMan42 says:

Note or a Tablet would rock.

nbell978 says:

Wish Google would release the wireless charger for the nexus 4

aplusjimages says:

Does it have to be Android related? I'm hoping for a Chromebook. My netbook broke at the hinge but works, I just hate that it takes a couple of minutes to boot and I can't close it. I may get one of those Android little boxes that convert your TV into a smart TV.

crxssi says:

Maybe some type of essentials kits for popular phones- a case, dock, and charger combination?

scooter14000 says:

If it's free I'm not going to argue! Any high end android phone or tablet would be just fine with me. My Samsung Galaxy S Captivate is due for an update!

I'd love to see a Nexus 7 smart cover with integrated keyboard like the crummy Surface. There has been a real lack of quality smart covers for Nexus 7 and even less quality keyboard/cover combos.

Zanzaras says:

I'd love to have any of the Nexus line of devices (4,7,10). I'd even settle for a Galaxy Nexus, i'm not picky, i'm just sick and tired of unremovable garbage that comes on non-Nexus devices and having to sit on the edge of my seat watching and waiting to see if the manufacturer and/or carrier is going to approve/release the new update (looking at you Verizon).

fluxmn says:

I think the best would be a Nexus 7 or 10, of course.

faceless says:

I would love a Nexus 10!

reeper55 says:

Between the Nexus 10 that I hope my wife got me(fingers crossed) and the Nexus 7 we got our son, we could certainly use a card! Thanks AC, you guys are the best!

Premium1 says:

Nexus 4 or 10

KeithSouth says:

How about a pair of nexus 7's with a dock for each!


Honestly, all I really need is a Bluetooth speaker for my Galaxy Nexus & Nexus 7.

Would like a Galaxy Note II.

ColetonAM says:

I would love to get a nexus 10!

GhostGregg says:

I would love to see an otterbox commuter case for the galaxy note 2 ! Multiple colors would be nice!

staindone says:

I can't wait to get my hands on a Nexus 10. By time that happens, the next version will be out though. They are never in stock.

Happy Pagan Winter Solstice

facedown41 says:

I'm hoping I get a Nexus 7, my dad is getting a TF300.

dr_w says:

I've got my hopes set on a nexus 10 plus a case. Merry Christmas!

Blaize19 says:

I would love a Nexus 7 under my imaginary tree.

Flamenova says:

You have the best christmas promotions (beating even Google, so far). Here's hoping I win one of thos Nexii 7 :)

engrjayze says:

can't wait for the cheaper Nexus tablet and the XPhone by Motorola
i also hope that Samsung have mercy to all Galaxy Tab owners with no JellyBean yet..hoping my 7.7 will be reconsidered

ravipkumar says:

I am looking for some bible study apps on my S2.

gijoe12345w says:

I would love to have a speaker pogo dock for my nexus 7. I have a xoom also and I love the speaker dock.

A Nexus 10 with an as yet non-existent keyboard dock. That would be awesome.

CyberShadow says:

The LG Nexus 4 and an official bumper. :)

hthakkar says:

My Android kit for this season is almost complete:
Samsung Galaxy Note 1 -- Check
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7") -- Check
Nexus 4 / Nexus 7 -- To be acquired in 2013

Android_DJ7 says:

I never win anything! Gimme a nexus 4

roro808 says:

Not surprisingly, my all-android wishlist has a charger cradle for my Galaxy Nexus, an android sleeve pouch with Lloyd's face in the corner, and black Lloyd gear. Happy holidays everyone! Bless

cessnao3 says:

Some accessories for a Galaxy Tab 2

Teksu says:

I want a nexus 7, but the one under the tree is going to my mother.

My gnex would love a $10 play gift card :)

Stychill says:

nexus 7 and nexus 4, the dynamic duo.

sross71 says:

I could definitely go for a Nexus 7 or 10. I have already dropped my iphone for a samsung galaxy s3 so I would love to dump my ipad to make my android conversion complete :)

drewC says:

I already have a Nexus 4, so I'd love to have the official wireless charging orb shown off by Matias. That, and a 32GB Nexus 10. Both are not happening, but I can dream.

Nexus 7 and a dock

vbarada says:


xfactor520 says:

I'd love to see a Nexus 4 under the tree tomorrow, if not I'd be happy with a Nexus 7 any size!

meethere says:

Nexus 7 or 10 would be great. with some accessories.

Hope to win $10 card too :D
More stuffs like on

stpark6985 says:

I'd love to see a Nexus 4 under my tree :) also the Nexus 7 dock would be nice

ashraff_tech says:

I would love a nexus 7 with a nice case and a docking station :)

draken says:

I'd love to have an Android tablet under the tree tomorrow!

Va1ha11a says:

Nexus 7, dock, and giftcards for me please!

royal1204 says:

I'd love to see the entire Nexus line under my tree! A 10" tablet for home, a 7" to take out & a new Nexus 4.

pdqauto01 says:

How about a htc dna with a wireless charging car dock!!!

I would love a Nexus 7 and a wireless charging pad for my Nexus 4.

broncop3t3 says:

I need something to go with my new Nexus 7 I'm getting under the tree tomorrow.

RunnerX#CB says:

I would love to get a Nexus 7 and the docking station.

mesocyclonic says:

If a Nexus 10 magically appeared under the tree, I'd be pretty happy!

codejinchu says:

I would like a car kit for my Nexus 7

mikedez says:

I'm hoping to win a nexus 7 with a $25 gift card.

return_0 says:

As I already have a Nexus 7 but have no cell phone of any kind, I'd love a Nexus 4.

gt7143c says:

Nexus 7

A water proof case and a bike handlebar mount for my nexus 7 for long cycling tours.

bananachunks says:

Nexus 4 please! So ready to ditch Verizon!

kraski says:

I'd like to find a Galaxy note 2 and a Galaxy Note 10.1 (32gig) under my tree.

abtxpress says:

A gnex car dock and bedside dock. Merry Christmas AC and forum posters. Hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

fbsupastar73 says:

definitely a nexus 4 and the wireless charging orb that we never heard of since we saw it in that video with the verge

ejatds says:

this christmas, I think we're getting a new Galaxy S II x from Koodo! heehe

mlynch01 says:

I have a Nexus 4 would love to add the Nexus 10 to my collection!

zen0s says:

Definitely a Nexus 7 with nice cover to protect this precious~!

Droid XXX says:

A Nexus 10 would be AWESOME!!

huckneck says:

I would like to see a Nexus 4 and 10.

BlueSauce says:

I'd love to get my hands on a new Nexus 4!

FusciCollis says:

Sweet! Merry Christmas to all.

appmy says:

Nexus 7 or a device I could you ISIS or Google Wallet with.

parms says:

Hoping for a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10!

letijr says:

My Nexus 7 would love a baby brother... A Nexus 4! We've been trying but without success so a little help from "father Androel" would be welcome :)

Tyler Shaw says:

I'd love to see a Nexus 10 under the tree!! and I just want to say that I love how you guys keep giving away free stuff!! Keep up the good work guys!

zero.efx says:

All I want under my tree is Ashley Esqueda, handing me a Nexus 7, in a sexy Santa outfit. That... Would... Be... EPIC!

burn6010 says:

I would love to get a Galaxy Note 2.

jimmyt says:

nexus 4 with the wireless charging orb!

enzie5454 says:

I would love to have a Nexus 7 under the tree! Thanks AC for the contest!

Nexus 10, OEM keyboard keyboard case, OEM dock, and OEM Screen protector. I'm sure it will never happen but one can dream. Thanks for these awesome contests.

ecpolo521 says:

I would love to have a Nexus 7 to go with my Nexus 4. ;0)

wyseguy77 says:

I would love to see a Nexus 10 with the non existent dock under the tree this year. Merry Christmas!

kpeste99 says:

I'd love an android central swimsuit calendar!

Sohmer says:

Fingers crossed for a Nexus 7 under the tree.

Wolfgar2k says:

I'd love to get a Nexus 7 with a nice leather case.

I'd like a Nexus 4, but I probably won't get one until my Verizon contract is up!

CC says:

Nexus 7 for sure! Or a 10 with a radio....

josue85 says:

I would love a Galaxy Note 2, and a Nexus 7.

Hand_O_Death says:

My Wish Kit Would Be The Nexus 10 With Dock And Case.

psipher says:

Galaxy Note II plus a Dock & flip cover.

brytonic says:

Would love a keyboard case and wireless charging kit for the Nexus 7!

bluefalcon13 says:

I like free stuff :-)

MrJazz says:

I'd like to see a Nexus Q under my tree.

Happy Holidays to Phil and Gang (Android) Green!

joethegoat says:

Note II please!

I want an android spy kit!!!! Haha a Sony Xperia T and some spy apps so I can use my 007 bond moves to infiltrate Google and Motorola next move the Nexus X!!!!!!! Lol

n0tsure says:

A nexus 7

Happy holidays!

coolbreeze says:

I'm very interested in Android phone with wireless charging now.

mobrules says:

Nexus 7 32gb. Ive run out of memory on the 16gb model. But for Christmas I would love Google play cards. I love the Google products that I own.

firebirder says:

Love to see a tablet (Nexus or high end ASUS) with mount and play store gift cards.

seanq47 says:

Since I just this last year got a Galaxy Nexus - I don't really need a Nexus 4, but I definitely wouldn't mind unwrapping a Nexus 10.

TauSigmaNova says:

I got a Nexus 4 for my birthday on the 22nd and love it! Would love a nice case and some google play cards

bellken says:

I would love a Nexus 10

calvinnbs says:

definitely the nexus 10

Quite fancy a dock for the Nexus 7 and maybe one for the gnex oh and maybe a Nexus 4 but that might have to wait for the 32gb version :-)

Danrarbc says:

A compliment of Nexus devices would be awesome.

AndroidJK7 says:

A Nexus 7 would be nice.

fuddster says:

No new phone for me until next fall, so until then I'd be happy with the promised Jelly Bean update for my Droid 4.

atomD21 says:

I can't wait to get my Nexus 7! I was with my wife when she bought it. Not a surprise, but awesome anyway!

S0m30n3 says:

I like the Nexus 4.

jkovacs says:

I'm really hoping for a Nexus 10 and a nice case.

...Joe K.

BioDave says:

I'd love to get a Nexus 7 to go with my new GS3! Complete the kit with a few charging accessories so I can leave one in a few different rooms, and some spending money for the Google Play Store!

jak2rocks says:

I would love a Nexus 7 with a multi-use case/stand, 2 Andru chargers (one green and one black), and a phone dock for the car so I don't have to be holding my phone while I'm driving. :)

fwhminnm says:

A Samsung Galaxy Note must have accessory bundle!

I just got my Chromebook to replace my dead laptop. I know it's a little early, but c'est la vie! Thanks AC!

eloy35 says:

I would like a music lover's kit with the Big Jambox and high quality headphone that would put Beats to shame, oh and a Nexus device be it 4, 7, or 10.

jmartinbsu says:

Hey it's my birthday so I'd love to see a nice dark and shiny nexus 7 heading my way...then maybe a dock/charger and tablet car mount. Yes, I'm that guy :)

Hoping to hear good news later today from AC |)

yakra says:

I'd like a xoom 2 :)))) Marry christmas! Thank you!

rap1 says:

I like to see Galaxy Note 2 and accessories. Realistically hopefully an external battery/charger.

Looking forward to some new apps for my GS3!! Merry Christmas AC !!

Would love the ability to order a Nexus 4 with bumper!

brettgrosso says:

I jut got my daughter a galaxy tab 2 and I would love a gift card to throw in her stocking. So my ideal kit is a galaxy note 2 and car kit w/ bluetooth FM transmitter! But if I'm dreaming, the rumored galaxy note 3 and a car dock with built in Bluetooth/FM transmitter. Lol

Merry Christmas to all!

bduran727 says:

An HTC One X+ is what I really want! :)

FranzVz says:

A Nexus 10 would be awesome, with a magnetic cover.

kirkman81 says:

A car mount paired with a BB charger.

bobbykun says:

nexus 10!

VDub2174 says:

A Nexus 10 with a sexy case would be awesome!!

Orkchop says:

A Nexus 7 would be nice. Or a Nexus 4 with a wireless charger.

ShadowX says:

A Tablet for a in-car infotainment system with a touch stone charger for the phone no wires a nice clean setup. Well I can dream cant I :)

Frank Jansen says:

I'd love to see a nexus 4, really liking the nexus experience so far with my nexus 7

Clak says:

I'd love to find a nexus 4, but the Google grinch isn't having it.

sd4david says:

Nexus 7. and i would love some droid toys or t shirts :-)

drauks says:

Nexus 4, 7 and 10.

mr.wizard says:

I'd like to get the DNA. It's some good build from HTC

amosque57 says:

I would love some nexus 7 accessories but that doesn't look like it's happening

amosque57 says:

I would love some nexus 7 accessories but that doesn't look like it's happening

bearballz72 says:

Would love a Nexus 10 and dock!

sprof says:

A Nexus 7 for the kids to share along with a Play gift card and a little piece and quiet for me.

gksmithlcw says:

I would love to see a Nexus kit containing the 4, 7 and 10 and their respective docks (if available).

dratsablive says:

A Nexus 10 would be nice, or maybe the next Googlrola phone.

Vyrlokar says:

I want a Nexus 4, if Google ever decides to have it back in stock... then again, it may be for the best, as the first Googorolla phone should be coming out next year...

jmreed97 says:

My dream kit includes a Galaxy Note 2 with a kickstand case.

mr.holtz says:

I love my Xoom but would love to see a Nexus 10 with a bow on it!

oh man I want a nexus 10 so bad it hurts


Great job guys! how about a wireless chargeer for tablets! more galaxy note accessories! :-)

kevenboo says:

I'd love to have a Nexus 4 16GB

I would love to get my hands on a Nexus 7.

bespinct says:

I always want more than I should afford! I'm currently saving my pennies to get some QI wireless charging stations to use with my DNA. I'm also looking forward to car mounts that use QI!

vader4633 says:

Gonna buy the wife a galaxy s3 in January

ammehta says:

Anything with s3 car mount

The Nexus 10 would be the perfect gift

MrMcFly says:

I would love to wake up to a HTC (Droid DNA) Nexus 5 (Stock Android) and wireless charging plate under my tree, It would be the best Christmas ever. If HTC and Google could some how produce , manufacture, Announce and ship it to my home by tomorrow morning that whould be great lol.

poxitee says:

planning to buy when available here

boristhebad says:

Galaxy Note 10.1

toughtrasher says:

I'd love to see an Otterbox for my HTC One X plus maybe a gift certificate for the Play Store! Already have a great phone, just need stuff for it :)
Happy Holidays, everyone.

LordSudsy says:

I would like a Galaxy Note 2!

HoLfElDeR says:

I woud like to buy Galaxy Note 2, it is amazing

Copernikcus says:

Just got the Note2 so looking for more apps using the stylus

Really hoping for a Nexus 4 to replace my Samsung Vibrant!

jimj21 says:

A brand new nexus 4 and charging orb

gmtom1 says:

I would love for the Nexus 4 to be in stock again on the play store!

cdonehew says:

A Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for both the wife and myself would be perfect. Thanks once again Android Central for the opportunity.

Kits for all of the Nexus devices would get awesome!

mrfett79 says:

I got the awesome Nexus 10 and would like to see some accessories for it.

ShadowAdama says:

S3 car mount if you have one laying around. 8)

Sonicaholic says:

I'd love to see An android tablet under my tree my personal choice would have to be a Nexus 7 or 10 and some Google play credit to buy some books for studying.

Andy_in_Indy says:

I would love to see a cable that would let me use the Motorola Lapdock for an MHL equipped phone. Or for a Nexus 4. Both would be best. I love that lapdock!

LightningGA says:

I'd like to see the Samsung's AllShare Wireless hub to use with me GS3 and Note 10.1. Merry Christmas android central!!!

dnana_28 says:

nexus 4 google plz bring them to india
happy holidays

hectorviov says:

I would love a Nexus 4 with wireless charging, that would be awsome, maybe some speakers too.

rexxman says:

What I want not even Santa can bring. A Galaxy Note 2 with 32 or 64 gig of main storage.

polonica3 says:

Car charger or some apps

Derek_B says:

I would love a Nexus 10, or a $10 Google Play gift card. Thanks, AC.

Teniferman says:

In like Flint!!! Oh, and wireless charging for my GS3!

abdnach says:

I think I would like an Ultimate Nexus giveaway. The Ultimate Nexus kit would include a nexus 4, Nexus 7, and a Nexus 10 along with a dock for one of them and a Play Store gift card. That would be cool to win.

But for now a $10 gift card would be nice as I'm waiting to hear if I get the honor of going to CES 2013 with Mobile Nations and Nvidia!

robamacaf says:

I might be the minority on this but I'd love an ASUS Transformer Infinity with the Keyboard Dock! *DROOL* Who needs a Windows 8 tablet when you can have this instead?!

physphil says:

I'd love a nexus 4... with more tan 16GB storage space.

sfringer says:

I'd love to get a Nexus 10!

wehnertb says:

I'd really like to get a dock for my tablet. I'm thinking of using it to replace my alarm clock.

hellomango says:

I have asked for a Nexus 7. Though of course I'd love a Nexus 10, or any tablet for that matter!

givver says:

I would absolutely love a Nexus 10 with a dock!

LFD153 says:

All I want for Christmas is for my damn Nexus be able to stream its content to the television. Come on, I can do it from the Ipad to my Google TV, yet I cant do it with the damn Google tablet? Huge gap there, huh?

LFD153 says:

All I want for Christmas is for my damn Nexus be able to stream its content to the television. Come on, I can do it from the Ipad to my Google TV, yet I cant do it with the damn Google tablet? Huge gap there, huh?

richfinn says:

Just picked up a Nexus 7 (32GB) for the wife. Yeah, it's the shiznit. I'd like to see a Nexus 10 under the tree for me!

kwright817 says:

Hopefully a new nexus 7.

Jrosie Posy says:

I got a new Nexus 7 for Hanukkah, now I would love the dock or some other nifty accessory!

bbdub says:

I want my Nexus 4 to ship!

kkshimab says:

Bumper for our 4 and dock for our 7 :)

boyeryan says:

I am hoping for a Nexus 7 this year and/or some Google Play store gift cards.

jbond0072000 says:

Nexus 4 hopefully

bsinc1962 says:

A Nexus 4 kit would be pretty sweet.

zorian99 says:

id love to get a nexus 7

I'd love to see a Nexus 4,bumper and an inductive charging station:)

I'd love a nexus 10 with Bluetooth keyboard and an Otg cable

1stloc says:

Nexus 10 and a Nexus 4 would make a great combo gift

Funkpod says:

Getting my nexus 7.maybe with portenzo case. And the 64 gb card for my galaxy s3! The power!

icewater106 says:

I would like to see nexus 4 kit

Neil Gardner says:

Dear Santa,
Since I gave Apple the boot I have gone Android crazy !! They had me brainwasted for over a year ! Now i am free !! But a 10 inch tab under the tree would make this familys christmas. Of course some apps to load on the new toy would be even better. Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday. Go Santa go !

jms67 says:

I hope I get a nexus 7

Lexord says:

I would love a phablet like the galaxy note II, its perfect for gaming, reading and also for phone usage. It is a kit of a tablet+phone, in one device...Merry Christmas!

stab244 says:

There are certainly a few apps that could be bought with that $10.

prycem22 says:

Hi. Happy Holidays all!! I would love to upgrade my Note to a Note II for this Christmas. Hint - family and friends. :)

Nexus four with a nexus 7!

pdl2mtl90 says:

I'd love to get a Nexus tablet or Samsung Galaxy tablet!

flashsider says:

I would be ecstatic for a Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet. Happy Holiday's all. Stay safe.

khaoszr says:

I'd just love to see some NFC related things to pair with my Android devices

shawn510#AC says:

An extended battery

LadyDi says:

A tablet with a leather cover, usb charger, car charger, extra or extended battery. And hopefully great WiFi since it won't be connected to a service just yet.

Happy Holidays Android Central!!

Joe1136 says:

I would love to have a Nexus 7 under my tree for Xmas.

ezcats says:

I would love a Nexus 4 with the charging orb. Maybe even the Nexus 10 with the red cover that seems to be non-existent.

gonecks1 says:

Nexus 10, gs3 and car kit

Foxpaw says:

Anything involving a Nexus device of any sort, but that does not appear to be happening.

Nexus 7

mario_de says:

Galaxy Note II please!

dillifer92 says:

I'd really like to upgrade from the Asus Transformer Prime to the Transformer Infinity. I've also been considering getting a 32GB Nexus 7 mounted in my car dashboard, but some dreams have to wait!

Josh Mcgrath says:

Nexus 10 hopefully

orlanka says:

After buying a Nexus 7 for my niece for Christmas, it was tempting to say that I wrapped the wrong gift. Now I want one for myself.

upstanding says:

I am hoping for a LGWCP7000 wireless charger! Also a sale and ui update for Tasker.

wildkarrde21 says:

Nexus 4 or Nexus 10!

drhere says:

A Nexus 7 would be nice.

Skis X says:

a nexus 7 or an extended battery for my gnex would add some very merry yuletide season for this guy

jnbarth says:

I just want to watch my kids open their Nexus 7's this evening so they will turn loose of my Transformer!

DanSan says:

ya for goodies!!!

EdsonDJ says:

I'm looking forward to the Nexus 7 and 10 docks to come out, and the Nexus 4 charging orb as well.