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If you're a PC or Mac gamer, chances are you've used Steam, Valve Software's leading digital distribution platform for games. Today sees the launch of the official Steam app for Android, a new application that gives you access to the Steam store and community features like Steam chat on-the-go. If you're big on Steam and the Steam community, this could definitely be worth a look.

It's worth clarifying that this isn't a fully-fledged Steam client for Android, so you won't be playing Portal 2 on your Galaxy Tab any time soon, unfortunately. All it lets you do is buy PC and Mac games and chat to your Steam friends.

While the app itself is freely available on the Android Market (see the link after the jump), you'll need to be part of the Steam Mobile beta group in order to use it, or you'll be rejected at the login screen. This is a little strange given that the app is openly advertised on with no mention that a beta invite is required. So keep an eye on this one, folks. All signs point to a possible public launch in the near future. If you are in the beta group, however, you'll find a handy Market link after the break.


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bigcatman says:

In Soviet Russia, Skyrim tries you!

Seven2k says:

Mac selection is horrid only some good games. Thank goodness I built a budget gaming PC.

SenenCito says:

This was only a matter of time..I see them selling mobile apps in the future.

And for mac you can setup a bootcamp install, that's what I do with mine and it works pretty well!

Hatecrime69 says:

from what i can tell, attempting to login puts you in the list for a beta invite for the program

vanysha95 says:

Do they release iOS version yet? I think no.