Samsung Transform Ultra

By the way: The Samsung Tranform Ultra that's coming to Sprint (and that was announced this morning with no word of pricing or availability). ... It'll be priced at $70 after two-year contract and $50 rebate, and it'll be available Nov. 13.

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Sprint's Samsung Transform Ultra lands Nov. 13 for $70


I can definitely see a resemblance to the big buttons on my Samsung Droid Charge. At first I thought they were hideous on the Charge, but I don't mind them now.

that's weird...I was in Radio Shack today and they tried to sell me one... They have them in stock in Pembroke Pines FL, at the Pembroke Lakes Mall. They even offered to give me $$ to trade in my Optimus S for it. I declined because I have a SERO account and don't trust RS to do it right.

Can someone please tell me why someone would buy this if there signing a 2 year contract, i never understood that? If your going to be stuck with it for 2 years get a decent phone, if its no contract yeah sure it makes sense since its cheaper, but why would someone not buy a, Samsung epic 4g (original) for 0.01 basically free i mean come on, its much better then this phone, Motorola proton -$50 etc on

Because not everyone wants a higher end phone. Some people might be buying for theirs kids or something and would rather get them an "entry level" phone. There are tons of reasons why people choose the phones that they do, it may not make sense to all of us but it's their personal choice.

but it really makes no sense giving them a low end phone if your paying the same price monthly on contract though.

One of my relatives had the 1st Transform and it was a terrible smartphone. It has very little support from Sprint, Samsung, and even the hacking community. It's slow and has a terrible low res and unresponsive screen. Right now there is no reason to get this phone since all Sprint smartphones are the same price monthly and the Nexus S is free at Best Buy with guaranteed timely updates and a far better screen.

Reiterating, without looking too hard there are former top of the line smartphones that can be had cheaper for the same monthly price as this. Even if you don't know much about tech, the fluidity and stability of the higher end phones would give a better end user experience. Please avoid this phone.