Apple Boot Animation

Boot animations are something that are not always customized, but when they are they have the ability to be almost anything.  XDA member thermanlee has taken some time to make a rather funny boot animation that was designed for the Samsung Nexus S, but will also work on some other devices. So, if you are rooted, and want to have some fun be sure to download and flash to your device as long as you promise to show it to all your Apple loving friends. [XDA via Android Central Forums]


Reader comments

Show your Apple friends who's boss with a great boot animation


I'm using the F### Apple animation with the android railing tithe apple lol. Makes me laugh everytime

I believe this boot animation (called Vaudeville Android btw) was originally created by thermanlee on XDA. I currently have this boot animation on my Vibrant. He also made one called Android eating Apples that's pretty cute.