Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

So it's pretty much a forgone conclusion that Samsung's going to drop an 8.9-inch tablet on us at CTIA in a couple weeks. And judging by this new teaser picture posted on Facebook, it's going to slim. As in, even slimmer than the Galaxy S II, which is only 8.49 mm. Take a look at that picture again, and note the 3.5mm headphone jack. There's a reason it's called a 3.5mm headphone jack, right? So, this thing's gonna be thin. And it's going to be here in 13 days. [Facebook]


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Samsung's new tablet a thin little thing


as unpopular as your statement may be, it's 100% correct. apple has mindshare. no matter how good these tablets are, 8/10 times people will buy the ipad just cause its an ipad.

The iPad 2 has all of the same key functions as many of these new tablets and it can be bought for $500. So long as thats the case the iPad 2 will win and continue to win. I'm not glued to Android so Im purchasing an iPad 2 because it does everything I want a tablet for and its just as capable as these new tablets coming out.

Has to come in significantly cheaper than an iPad to compete. Doesn't matter what's under the hood or what it looks like. The iPad is the gold standard that every other tablet has to compete against.

I love this kind of comments. You put very questionable statement like absolute and only truth..but it is only in your head sir.

How is it in his head? 90% market share doesn't mean anything? iPad is the tablet all companies must compete with. Period. I don't really like it... In fact iOS sucks as a functional tablet operating system. But the fact is that people see a bitten apple on a product and the first impulse is to buy it.

That must includes all the $100 junks. The only worthwhile Android Tablet right now is Xoom which is only released recently and probably has a market share of close to zero.

I'm glad we all don't think like you. I don't know about ipad being a gold standard. Last year their wasn't competition like this year, that changes everything

Ok, my feature wishlist:

- tegra2 or equivalent
- honeycomb
- 1280xSomething pixels
- price under 700 Euro
- weight under 500 g

I agree with the fact that IPAD 2 is going to be the gold standard these new Tablets have to beat. Doesn't matter if these tabs are super thin, 2 gigs ram, 1 billion quad core cpu's. BOTTOM LINE IS, can you compete with both price point and software offerings of Apple? If this Samsung tab is released at a $599 or $699 entry point, might as well dig a grave for it before it's even released.

First of all: the price all depends on if it's 3G, 4G, or wi-fi only. Second: iPad and Android Tablets are NOT perfect substitutes. You either want an iPad or you want an Android, simple as that. They're about as comparable as Xbox and PS3. They play most of the same games but look and feel entirely different.

They dont play anywhere near close to the same games, lol. iPad kind of trumps us Android'ers in that respect. Well...for now at least. I prefer the Honeycomb tablets. I think that the Honeycomb version of Android is better fitting for a tablet and the extra screen space. BUT...I cant argue with the lower price point of the iPad...which is why I went that route...

At some point thinness is no longer an issue. Weather it's 6mm or 12mm it doesn't really matter. I wouldn't pay extra for thinness, especially if functionality was hurt to achieve it.

I would. One of the main reasons I didn't get the original Tab, aside from there being no wifi version, was that I was turned off by the thickness of it. 12mm would be totally unacceptable.

I think the battle for thinnest phone and tablets is for the guys. Cause every woman I've met said she likes it thick

On the top of my wishlist is a wifi model at launch and a release date. Motorola, LG, Samsung, etc... need to take a lesson from Apple and give the consumer an actual working release date with all the models avalible at release. For months now we have been strung along with little information and few photos. I have $600 waiting for the first company to come out with a wifi only Honeycomb tablet. I am trying to be a good consumer by investing money into these companies products but I can't wait forever.

BINGO!!! I'm not going to wait forever either. I love android products but we've been getting the finger from Android manufacturers so far. GIVE ME A REASON NOT TO GIVE MY MONEY TO APPLE.

nobody gets it why Apple can price the iPad at that price. I get tired of the whining about. price and if it is to high its going to flop. I don't care about price with Sammy even it look good and cheap its still Sammy so don't worry about updating it.

Not being locked in to Steve Jobs is reason enough for me to not EVER give my money to Apple. Whew, gotta make sure those double negatives don't add up to a positive.

1. Price it competitive enough against iPad2
2. Support Netflix.

I never buy anything from Apple. But HoneyComb is so lacking at this stage (no flash, no Netflix), you will be a real idiots to pick Android Tablet right now over iPad.

Two most common usages of tablet:
1. Web browsing.
2. Streaming video.

HoneyComb is lacking in both area right now.

Have you even used a honeycomb tablet? Browsing on my Xoom is as good if not better than a laptop. It will onky get better when flash is introduced.

Yes, I did. It didn't impress me at all, especially without Flash support. The Xoom feels sluggish over all. iPad2, or even the old iPad, kills Xoom in UI/app soomthness.

My Xoom is as far from sluggish. It's actually as smooth and responsive as it gets. You must've been using a messed up display version or something.
How can you say Ipad 2 kills it? It's not even out yet.

My Xoom is as far from sluggish. It's actually as smooth and responsive as it gets. You must've been using a messed up display version or something.
How can you say Ipad 2 kills it? It's not even out yet.

Apple has apps and kick ass games Android has some good apps and games but not even close to what Apple has. EA games alone pretty much destroys anything on android Dead Space Fight Night Champions Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Madden on and on so in till company's like EA Gameloft Konami Rockstar really commit to android and stop giving us sloppy seconds you almost have to go with apple if your into gaming. I own nothing Apple either but just might have to this year

Yes, gaming/app too. Sometimes you have to agree with Steve Jobs that HoneyComb has what, 100, tablet apps right now. And Motorola has the balls to charge you $800 for a useless product (for now) that lacks flash, Netflix, microSD card and only a promised future LTE upgrade.

I bet Samsung will learn the lesson and do a little bit better but still will leave you with a broken firmware with no updade in sight.

DUDE adults are buying these tablets. People aren't buying these for games (WELL MOST PEOPLE AREN'T) they are buying them for net surfing and general task. 15 million people didn't buy it for EA Games.

HoneyComb is not good at either. web surfing lacks Flash. Virtually no HoneyComb apps and most adults I know use tablet for Netflix which for all we know so far will probably never show up for current crop of tablets.

I don't care what the price is. Just SOMEBODY please give us a Wi-Fi only version. Most people do not want or need to be tied to a carrier for something we already have.

The Android tablet that launches Wi-fi only version first will be the one that even has a chance of #WINNING.

Sadly enough, you're correct. The Nook is currently the only semi-quality piece of hardware out there. I've picked it up at Best Buy twice, and walked across the store with it only to have better sense prevail.

I have been looking at both the Xoom and the iPad (I currently have an EVO). I will be waiting for the next few version of Honeycomb before buying (just like I did for an Android phone). Apple is way ahead for most users right now on the tablet (for MY personal needs, maybe not yours). The Ars review had a lot to do with my decision - and playing with one twice this past week.

Why is it assumed that the oval hole on the side of the device is a 3.5mm headphone jack? Aren't all headphone jacks round? Am I missing something...??

Nobody can say for sure until we see this thing, but I'm pretty confident that your "oval" is a perfectly round hole seen from an angle.

Are you serious?? How would you be seeing so much of the back of the device if it were a perfect side shot?

Yeah I see it now. Didn't think that was the back of the device at first. I thought that was the surface that the device was resting on, on it's side. At first glance it looked like the screen was shinning light onto the carbon surface, but now I see that the carbon surface is the back of the device. Not sure how I missed that one...

This was exactly my first thought.. until I really looked at it .. I don't think it is a side view direct on.. it is a back view (with a side view to also show thickness).. the textured part of the right side of the picture is the 'back' of the tablet. So I can agree it is a headphone jack as well. But it took some concentration to see it. =)

Ahhh, ok, I see it now. I thought it was a dead on side shot! LOL! The way they played the lighting shinnig off the side made it look like a side shot where the screen was on and projecting light on to a carbon fiber like surface. But I see it now, thanks!

Yeah, once I saw it the 'correct' way.. I felt like it was one of those 3D puzzles that you have to stare at for a minute to see the image pop up. =)

I don't think them needing to be sub $500 is as much about the iPad being a gold standard as it is the fact that most Apple fans will pay anything for it. The rest of the world thats not jumping in won't pay for an iPad and certainly not anything more expensive. I think they are looking for that 200-300 dollar range without a drop in specs or quality to jump in. And even then many people said a netbook at that price was too high and netbooks are more functional.

Most of the world are not Apple fans but when u are 1st market with a good product all others will be considered generic to most people. So u gotta be less or loose.

Here's the thing, tablets are a niche market. They will likely come and go just as the netbook did. Apple owns that market right now. To compete in that market space, you need to come with comparable HW and SW at a pricepoint that will allow you to take market share from the already dominating player! End of story. If you come with any other plan, then you are set to fail.

If this thing has a textured back they way it looks I think this could be very nice. To me the iPad is to smooth. It feels like it can skip out of your hands at any moment. I have the DX and love the light rubbery coating.

If this thing has a textured back they way it looks I think this could be very nice. To me the iPad is to smooth. It feels like it can skip out of your hands at any moment. I have the DX and love the light rubbery coating.

could be a "low" spec wifi only version of the tab with a nice low price tag and a slim and light design
sounds perfect to me

To everyone talking price and size and apps. The truth of the matter is apple will continue to sell even though I hate it so much. Apple knows how to nickel and dime people. Samsung will only win this war if it comes out and ready to ship and not show us what it is and wait about 1 month before released in Europe and 3-6mths before released in the US.

Marketing is key and yes Europe sells regardless of time but the US is usually the most place where a plurality of gadgets are sold. Lets get in here on time and not based on regions. Look Apple will win in the US if other manufacturers don't release on time. Xoom came out and what happened some people have even forgotten it was released just because they know the Ipad2 is coming out this week. The questions is will Samsung come up with a strategy to sell more no matter the region.

Well at least it seems like they will be able to compete in looks. I just hope this thing is as powerful as the 10.1. Then I will be interested.

The problem people seem to be overlooking is that marketplaces are not the same. Do you know why Apple can sell the iPad so cheaply? Because they'll make the revenue up in the App Store.

That's why Motorola and Samsung cannot simply cut their bottom line and make the product as inexpensively as Apple. When you buy an App in the Google Market the profits go to the Developer and Google. Not the manufacturers of the devices.

Until Google subsidizes the manufacturers with revenue from the App store, don't expect the devices to come crashing down in price.

I do not understand why everybody wants Netflix so bad. Their watch instantly selection is not good. When I could only watch 2 out of 20 movies I searched for, something is wrong.

Because it is better than anything else. You don't expect new movies in streaming right away but for old movies and TV shows, it is a convenient way to watch it. The collection is getting bigger and bigger.

What size is best?

The iPad is nice for scanning web pages and images, but its not a one handed pad. The Archos70 is nice in one hand, but it needs more resolution; like the original Samsung TAB, but lighter and faster.

This could be lovely.

This thing is DOA. It's astonishing how even the, once mighty, Xoom has paled in comparison to the iPad 2. It came along and now everyone has to go back to the drawing board.

If I read one more person talk about how CHEAP the iPad is I'm going to kick a puppy! It has a cheaper version ie entry level the 499 version which has 16 gigs. I saw someone mentioned above how apple has developers like EA making all the great games for apple. We'll that's true but those games as do many other things take Space. I have an Evo with a 16gig card in it and it's completely full. The iPad 2 is a good tablet no doubt IOS on the other hand does tab hardware no justice whatsoever couple that with the facto that apple makes you pay for Everything and no way to expand your memory on the precious 499 16gig model and your looking at things start to even out pricewise. Another thing that's got me going is how I see people advocating the iPad by targeting the xooms (temporary) lack of flash in the browser expexperience. WTF is that about? I are you f**kin serious? Bottom line is (for now) with apple your paying for appeal and with honeycomb your paying for OS and expandability by choice unlike having to buy a whole new iPad for a Damn camera. And for you Marketshare people its not hard to dominate a pond when your email only fish in it. Before you go mentioning view sonic and everthing china ever crapped out I'm talking high end tabs. And yes I admit the iPad is a high end tab. I as was the iphone when it came out. I and like the iPad the iphone was once a market share king then Android came along check those numbers today. Things take time personally I think andoid is better prepared for the future. Apple as a business is genius if just sucks that the screw the consumer to achieve it.

iOS is well designed, finished, fluid and powerful. It's very easy to use and gets out of the way so the user can do more. Sure you can tweak Android to the Nth level, but in the end consumers find fit and finish and ease of use more appealing. Honeycomb is the OS for an Android tablet, but its complexity makes it more akin to a desktop. Apple's iPad has defined this new category and that means doing things differently, else we end up taking the same things that's been done on the desktop and applying it to a tablet. I think Honeycomb, though a nice version of Android, is heading in this backward direction.

What complexity. I wish folks would quit with this Apple fanboy blog regurgitating. What about Honeycomb is like a desktop? An app drawer? Thats on iOS as well. Multiple home screens? Thats not on the majority of desktops and ironically you find that in OS X. There are no tiny finger unfriendly elements to the UI. So what is it that so complex? You see something you want to touch it...thats it. Lets not confuse the power to customize and surface the information you need up out of the device with complexity. Thats called power. And you don't have to use it if you don't want to. Just click on the app draw and open your apps.

I think the wifi version should be about $399, but i know it wont be. I would hate to give my cash to apple (because jobs is a prick) but I mean ipad is a nice piece any way you slice it. However I do love my galaxy s and I think this tab would make a good partner for her :) why in the world would they not put a samoled in this? that was a great selling point. Oh and I read an article straight from netflix stating that netflix will come to android soon and they are working around security issues.