Samsung Gear 2

Samsung has revealed that its Gear line of smartwatches now boast over 1,000 apps. The South Korean manufacturer is intent on gaining more traction with its smartwatches as it looks to flood the market with more offerings, with a smartwatch boasting a circular display rumored for an unveil later this year.

In an infographic on its blog, Samsung has detailed some of the top apps that are available for the platform and how they are tailored for the smartwatch form factor. A thousand apps may not be a lot when compared to mobile app stores, but it is a key figure when talking about the wearable ecosystem. The only other vendor that has managed to reach the milestone is Pebble, which announced that it has a thousand apps in its app store earlier this year.

Although Samsung may have a lot of apps tailored for its smartwatches, it is to be noted that not all are supported by all models the manufacture currently sells. While the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear 2 Neo are all Tizen-based, the Gear Fit runs on its own operating system and the Gear Live is based on Android Wear.

What do you guys think of Samsung's efforts in the smartwatch segment? Would you prefer to side with the manufacturer over other vendors like LG and Motorola? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Samsung's Gear smartwatches have over 1,000 tailored apps


That's great. Too bad us OG Gear owners have nothing more to look forward to with our watches....

Posted via Android Central App

I want aware that we could update our OG Gears. According to the Samsung Gear app on my S4, I'm running they latest version. At least, the latest GG Android software.

Do I have to manually upgrade? Need to root and go aftermarket?

I applaud Samsung for their Galaxy Gear offerings it's far better than any silly Android Wear featureless watch.

Plus with the upcoming Galaxy Gear 3 Solo on the way on September 3rd bundled with the Galaxy Note 4 Android Wear is DEAD on arrival.

The Galaxy Gear 3 Solo offers far more than any silly watch notification. The Galaxy Gear 3 Solo is a true Wrist communicator independent from you're smartphone.

For all the common haters and trolls TIZEN is doing far better than what they and silly Google would like to admit.

From my Galaxy Note 3 on T-Mobile via Android Central App

I think this is pretty impressive considering samsung doesnt have reputation when it comes to developer support like google or apple. Keep it up sammy.

Posted via Android Central App

Samsung looks like it wants to blur the line between Google's watch OS and it's own. The name should be way different so as not to confuse the average consumer who will no doubt be disappointed in a short while after they realize that they may have gotten a watch that only "fully" works with Samsung mostly crap apps and not Googles. And only works with Samsung devices and not "Android" as a family.

Posted via Ash Williams Boom Stick!

There are live wallpapers, tons of clock faces, calculators, fitness apps, camera apps and Barcode scqnners, and sleep analyzers, there are alarm clocks, the weather..., you can originate texts, emails, and calls... I love the 3 day battery on the Gear 2, and the camcorder and note recorder are very handy.... I am looking now for a new metal band since the strap is interchangeable. I love my Gear 2 a lot. I didn't realize how useful it would be .

Not sure what the average response is to it, but I want to remain in the ecosystem that is being designed, maintained and progressed through Google. I want to be involved in as little ecosystems as possible.

Really? Because my original Gear sure doesn't have that many. Hell, it doesn't even have the Watch face designer app anymore.

Yes, there are 1000+ HTML5 based apps and games (including some 3D Game with WebGL), 800++ watch faces (themes) and thousands of widget from Android.

I don't own any smartwatches yet but if I were to buy right now I'd probably get the Samsung Gear 2. None of the Android Wear watches available have a microphone (that I know of). To me that seems like a big fail. Having the camera is nice too (for barcodes if nothing else). Maybe in six months it'll be different but at the moment I'm not getting the overwhelming appeal of the Android Wear stuff. I get the potential but potential is not product.

I love my Gear 2 smart watch after three weeks of ownership.

The naysayers can eat it. You weren't going to buy the device anyway. I attend a lot of events where carrying my note 3 around is not feasible, and this crazy device allows me freedom from the phone while utilizing the phone, camera and apps I've installed. For my $$ the technology can only get better - it's fun to show people how using technology to free up your life is truly possible.

A thousand apps and just where are they. I've googled apps for gear and theres definitely npt a thousand floating around there. So how do I see what these thousand apps are?