Samsung Galaxy S

The news of Wi-Fi Direct recently gave everyone hope that their device will be able to connect with others simply via a Wi-Fi connection. While the news was exciting, we didn't receive dates or specific device lists in order to estimate a time frame. 

Samsung's Galaxy S was caught on the Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi Direct certification listing; it is the first smartphone to receive the certification. 

No news on when this would be available to consumers, but this is a sign that we should see Wi-Fi Direct in action in the near future. Galaxy S users, you may be the lucky ones to try it first. [Wi-Fi Alliance via Engadget]


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Samsung's Galaxy S becomes first smartphone to be Wi-Fi Direct certified


I read this yesterday. Hopefully it'll push with the next update... Also, I would love to see this tied to some sort of printing option which will make the phone a productivity power house !!!

I know they are not going to be GPS Certified! (I know everyone is tired of hearing that. I couldn't resist)
From a Frustrated AT&T Captivate owner. :-(

I'm guessing they can't fix the GPS issue and they're stalling as long as possible so they can sell galaxy tabs before they announce the error.

My theory on has brought more issues than its worth for quite a few users so us galaxy s owners will being skipping to gingerbread.

Did he actually say 2-31-2011? I hope he was just joking or did Obama pass a new law saying February has 31 days now?