Samsung Galaxy S

The news of Wi-Fi Direct recently gave everyone hope that their device will be able to connect with others simply via a Wi-Fi connection. While the news was exciting, we didn't receive dates or specific device lists in order to estimate a time frame. 

Samsung's Galaxy S was caught on the Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi Direct certification listing; it is the first smartphone to receive the certification. 

No news on when this would be available to consumers, but this is a sign that we should see Wi-Fi Direct in action in the near future. Galaxy S users, you may be the lucky ones to try it first. [Wi-Fi Alliance via Engadget]

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mike340t says:

I read this yesterday. Hopefully it'll push with the next update... Also, I would love to see this tied to some sort of printing option which will make the phone a productivity power house !!!

ScubaNitrox says:

I know they are not going to be GPS Certified! (I know everyone is tired of hearing that. I couldn't resist)
From a Frustrated AT&T Captivate owner. :-(

acjames says:

Put this under the Froyo update category. Which will be coming 2-31-2011.

waj2278 says:

^ ummm February doesn't have 31 days...

Lyanheart says:

Think, McFly, think...

ottscay says:

/cough Nexus S


Why is it taking so long for froyo anyway?

cjbrigol says:

I'm guessing they can't fix the GPS issue and they're stalling as long as possible so they can sell galaxy tabs before they announce the error.

ScubaNitrox says:

I believe you are right! But, I hope you are not right!

mdenny84 says:

My theory on has brought more issues than its worth for quite a few users so us galaxy s owners will being skipping to gingerbread.

icebike says:

Froyo brought issues? It's the cleanest release I've ever seen.

ScubaNitrox says:

An Optimistic thought! I like it. But when will that be? After the Mayan Calendar runs out! LOL

dougeetx says:

Did he actually say 2-31-2011? I hope he was just joking or did Obama pass a new law saying February has 31 days now?