Derek needs help

The Samsung SDK and this week's Developer Conference will take you from frustration to fulfillment

Meet Derek. He's a struggling mobile developer who can't seem to get the ideas from his head onto his phone. When he's finally had enough, his cries for help are answered by a glittering magic envelope — an invitation to the Samsung Developers Conference. Soon his problems are overcome, he's the envy of his co-workers, and he owes it all to the Dev conference and the Samsung SDK.

Ok, the premise is over-the-top a little bit. Or a whole lot. But the idea here is to get you — the potential app developer for Samsung's Android-based phones — excited for this week's event. Combine that with Samsung's recent flair for the dramatic, and you get these shorts. 

Hit the break, watch through the playlist, and get ready for a lot more — both informative and entertaining — stuff from Samsung in the days to come.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow


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Samsung wants to help you become a rock star developer


I don't understand why Samsung has an app developer conference for their Android phones when there is the Play Store.

I think it's to make it easier to write apps using the pen, multi window, and other Samsung features. Those aren't on the Android SDK I bet.

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Samsung could literally make a phone that shits money and you'd still find something to complain about

I think Samsung phones are really good, I've owned both Galaxy S and notes in the past but isn't an event like this just giving fuel to the whole fragmentation issue.

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Hey Jerry why haven't you guys reported the nexus 5 leak from evleaks which points to a 11/01 unveiling? Surely evleaks is a reputable source at this point.

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I have nothing to say about any products that may be coming from Google.  :)

The forums are full of those sort of speculation threads, though.

Really? A sudden change of tactic there...

Well, I think we can assume AC has signed an NDA and has a review unit.

Not long now :-)

Evleaks has already predicted the N5 release date 3 times and been wrong. It's no more reliable than anyone else, which is not at all.

We'll know the date when the press invites go out, which means maybe a week before.

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Tell me where he claimed it was on a certain date and been wrong? He might have speculated like anyone else but that's a huge difference from actually leaking the date.

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No site has even been sent any press invitations yet, and you would think Google would give the press a week of preparedness for such an event. So I'd assume very doubtful of an event friday the 1st. Although it would have been nice to unveil KitKat on holloween.

Samsung slowly trying to take away pure android experience everyday. Let's have a toast to more bloat wares.

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Pure Android is for purists. If you like it, enjoy.

I want my phone to do more than that. The S4 had tons of issues but the Note 3 is about perfect. Except the speaker

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True that. The S4's crap compared to the Note 3 but my finger gets in the way of the speaker when watching videos landscape mode.

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Gotta say hats of for the commercial. If you are going to set out to do a cheesy one, go full on, which they did.

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You don't need to worry about the bootloader with an app development which is the point of this conference.

You want a ROM that is a different story. That is also dependant on the carrier too, my Sprint N3 IS open.

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Oh yes a rom is a must, and just the fact that you have an N3 with an unlocked bootloader is exactly the problem.