Samsung Transform

The top of Sprint's three CTIA Sprint ID phones is most definitely the Samsung Transform. For us it's sort of the spiritual successor to the Samsung Moment, but don't let that association mar your feelings for the Transform.

What you've got here is a large 3.5" HVGA display attached to a horizontal slider form factor that naturally looks a bit like the Epic 4G but with a slightly squarer look. We're still not fond of Samsung's penchant for putting the microUSB port on the top of the phone, but other than that niggle the hardware is not a source of complaints from us. The slider mechanism is springy and maybe a little overfirm and the materials are simple plastics that may not ooze luxury but will hold up to wear and tear. The keyboard is similarly utilitarian: well spaced buttons, decent action, and even arrow keys to make up for the lack of a touchpad.

We aren't as offended by Sprint ID as we worried we might be - it's essentially stock Android 2.1 with the ability to switch between profiles - some of which may be corporate-sponsored, sure, but it turns out that some corporations can actually provide some useful content. The good news with Sprint ID is that you can customize up each ID as much as you like - so what it really boils down to is a system for switching between up to 5 different homescreen profiles sitting on Android 2.1. Sprint says 2.2 is coming and that they don't expect it to take as long to update as, say, HTC does because Sprint ID is so close to vanilla Android it shouldn't be hard to fix up.

The 800MHz processor gives us a laggy bit here and there, especially when trying to grab a quick snap from the 3.2 MP camera on the back. 

Video and plenty more photos after the break!



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Samsung Transform Hands On & Sprint iD Walkthrough [Video]


people better not approach me and be like " ohh is that the samsung transform" No its a damn EPIC.. why they had to make the phone look so simalar to the look of the EPIC.. makes my phone not stand out as much.. when u see an EVO, u know its an EVO same for iphone or a G2.. my dame Epic looks like a teeny bopper slider.. ugh that aint cool.. at least i know its the a beast.. but i like others to drool over my phone too when helf up to my ear.. lol

Actually the Evo is easily confused for the HD2 which is a Windows Mobile phone so its even worse for the Evo, so chill out buddy. It's not that big of a deal and if you're letting your phone define you that much then maybe the problem isn't with the phones...

Can you record video with the front camera? I didn't see anything about it in the manual.

Also what about Benchmark scores? That's the deciding detail between getting this or the Epic.

Stock Android guaranteed? Hell Yes! At first I was totally put off by the idea of Sprint ID, but if it means I get a stock Android without having to jump through hoops, hacking roms, etc, then I'm all in!