Samsung has announced their financial results for the last quarter in 2012, and they beat all estimates -- even their own. The electronics group posted an operating profit of 8.84 trillion Won ( that's about 8.27 billion US dollars), on 56.06 trillion Won (about 52.45 billion US dollars) in revenue. That's a 10-percent increase in profit over the Q3 2012 earnings, and almost a 90-percent jump year-over-year. Total profits for 2012 came inĀ at 29.05 trillion Won (about 27.2 billion US dollars), on a total revenue of 201.10 trillion Won (approximately 188.15 billion US dollars). In addition, Samsung spent 2.96 trillion Won (about 2.76 billion US dollars) on research and development over the quarter.

That's a whole lot of cash.

Of course, much of this profit comes from smartphone sales, and with Samsung that means Android. By getting product into the hands of people who want it, Samsung has made more money from Android in one quarter than Google did with all their products and services. We don't see this slowing down anytime soon, and imagine a new crop of Samsung mobile products will set the stage for similar numbers next year. Hit the link for the full financial results.

Source: Samsung (pdf)


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Samsung's Q4 2012 financial earnings: "We made lots of money"


As I have always said in the past SAMSUNG IS ANDROID plain and simple. Time for people to understand this. Other manufacturers can learn a world of things from them especially when it comes to software and features solutions. Nobody beats Samsung period.

I get were you are coming from. But I think the choice of different manufacturers "is android". Samsung seems to be king of the hill right now, but there are plenty of wonderful other choices out there.

Time for you to understand that, without Google providing Android OS *free of charge* to the myriad of manufacturers, Samsung included, there'd be no "pimp slapping" Note 2 and S3, idiot. Samsung is far from all of "Android".

Time for you to understand that the operating system is Google nobody is taking that from them. Everything else is Samsung and always have been. Samsung provides better software on all their devices MUCH BETTER than Google ever can. And the same thing goes for features on devices rather it be tablets or smartphones Samsung beats Google all day long in the features department. Your obsession to try and tell me something or response to all my posts clearly show how much of a typical ''A'' hole you have always been. Live your life with your crappy device and i will live mines. I purchase new 2 or 3 times every year like 2013 i don't sit on the sidelines hating and commenting on everything other do or don't do. You're a pretty sad conclusion @squiddy20. Thank god I'm not you.

You've got that so backwards, you don't know left from right. If it weren't for Google providing Android *for free*, there'd be no OS for Samsung to use as a base for their bloated, crappy Touchwiz. There would be no Galaxy S anything. There'd be no Galaxy Note anything. There wouldn't even be Touchwiz.
It doesn't matter who provides the "better" software. Android is the OS, the base upon which everything runs. Without that, you've got an empty shell. Try educating yourself for once in your pathetic, miserable, fanboy life.

Funny how you talk about education. Touchwiz didn't start with Android, it actually started with WinMo. Crappy, eh? Have you used it? It blows Sense/Blur out of the water in terms of features and overall snappiness. I've owned an HTC Thunderbolt, Rezound, and DNA and a Motorola RAZR AND a Galaxy S III. I have plenty of experience in the UI department and Touchwiz smokes them all.

also, Google isn't the sole group behind Android. Check out the Open Handset Alliance. Bad troll is bad.

Samsung had their sights set on the iPhone since the Instinct (if not before). I applaud them for how incredibly far they have come to finally go head to head with a single device.

The 1 billion fine from the Apple vs. Samsung case (which is still pending) seems really small looking at those profits. Here is hope all of that money can make Android updates come to Samsung phones come faster.

Happy for Samsung. I hope this also shows the power of getting your flagship on ALL major US carriers WITHOUT changing any part of the design. Would've loved to grab a Razr M this year, but there's no way I'm gonna pay up for Verizon.

The real reason Samsung is so successful is the removable battery and upgrade-able memory card.

...and hardware buttons. Most average joes don't like software buttons, all of my HTC using friends want a sammmy next time and mention this. Sorry nexus lovers, its just the wrong choice.

The good thing about the wide variety of android devices is that you can pick the features and form factor that suits you. There is no right or wrong, it down to personal preference.

I am surprised that no one has commented that this is also what happens when you make virtually all the components for your products yourself. Samsung makes so many different products, they don't have to source ANYTHING from other companies except the Gorilla Glass at this point, and that means they make more profits per device. On the flip side, Apple may claim the design of the CPU in the iPhones now, but Apple doesn't manufacture ANYTHING at this point.

Unfortunately, that is the attitude in the USA these days, where fabrication of components is outsourced to other companies, and also means your own company is not in complete control, so shortages from suppliers can cripple production.