The SmartThings family of devices

Korean electronics conglomerate Samsung is reported to be in talks to by home automation company SmartThings. The deal is said to be around $200 million, though it isn't yet a done deal. Samsung buying up SmartThings follows Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of Nest back in January and Apple's introduction of HomeKit at WWDC 2014 just last month. Buying up SmartThings would give Samsung a big leg up in the home automation space (their smart appliances haven't exactly taken off as they would have hoped), and for a fraction of the cost of Nest.

SmartThings is all about home automation, with apps for Android and iOS that allow the user to control a wide range of devices. Working with off a central hub, SmartThings hooks up to sensors that can read movement, temperature, moisture, external motion, and presence, as well as being able to tie into a wider range of connected accessories, including smart outlets and light switches, cameras, door locks, and more.

Google's Nest, meanwhile, has just a thermostat and a smoke detector. Apple's HomeKit is likely to see wider adoption, but as of right now there aren't any devices that can make use of the software. Connected accessories and the connected home are expected to be huge in the coming years, so buying little-known-but-well-connected SmartThings could be just what Samsung needs to bolster a smartphone business that's not performing as well as expected.

What do you think, is buying SmartThings a smart thing for Samsung to do?

Source: TechCrunch


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Samsung reportedly to buy home automation company SmartThings for $200 million


Exactly... still don't understand how nest is worth more than motorola lol. Moto was sold at $2.9B...

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Google has almost unlimited cash on hand. It doesn't matter what they have gained yet. They have a master plan, and we will see something come of it. If not this 5 years.

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Doesn't Samsung already have their own home appliances division? Why do they need This?

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I was hoping google would've snatched them up. If this goes through, it would suck for Smart things to get samsungified(Must have Samsung device to interoperate ). With the traction it was gaining, I was starting to consider possibly replacing my Vera with their hub in the near future. Now, I'll just wait and see what comes from this.

I'm OK with Samsung, but they seem to really want you to buy all of their stuff. Up until recently, watches only worked with their phones. One of the good things about smart things was it's neutrality. I guess we'll just have to wait for something else to come along.

Yeah OK... That is exactly what is gonna happen.

They did it with the watches to gain a competitive edge (no major OEM had one) but what else is like that? Their tvs? How about your washer or fridge?

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Oh God no! Last thing I would want is Samsung mismanaging it and adding their own "experiences" on top of it.

I have seen the ads for SmartThings on the Twit network, and I was seriously considering buying the starter kit. Now that Samsung has bought them I'll pass.

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i love samsung youre my everthing mwaaaaaaaaaaa.nice job guys i jus hope one day i can owe a better samsung fone not an samsung galaxy pocket

Touch Wiz in your home! Apple dropped the ball on this one too. These look like Apple products. I bet they bought it thinking the same, who knows though. In all seriousness I like the Samsung home appliances much more than the phones they build.

This looks like a good move for Samsung. The company they are buying already has an actual product, as opposed to just patents or an 'idea'. I myself will not be buying any home automation products in the near future, but I could definitely see it being a big priority when I buy a house in the next 3-5 years.

I do think it's a good move. I would expect other manufacturers to do the same. With the latest API release, the quickest jump would be to consume a small company with a setup that they can interface with and get themselves in the market fast before other people already have devices in their homes. This is not something that we as a whole will be replacing every year like our phones.