The Samsung Replenish, Sprint's first environmentally friendly smartphone, has begun getting its Gingerbread update. This has to be welcome news for Replenish users who haven't heard about updates for their phone in quite some time.

The update will come as an OTA and will be rolling out gradually to devices, so if yours hasn't received it yet, be patient, it's coming.

Sprint has detailed what improvements this update and Android 2.3 will bring to the Replenish:

  • Increased OS speed and efficiency
  • One-touch word selection and copy/paste
  • Improved power management
  • Downloads management
  • SMS messaging fix

Source: Sprint


Reader comments

Samsung Replenish receiving the Gingerbread update starting today


My Fascinate is walking with a confident stride on top of Ice Cream Sandwiches. Haters gonna hate.

This is why I disagree with authors on this site who say entry-level smartphones aren't worthy of being updated. Entry-level phones are usually shipped without UI customizations (no Touchwiz on the Replenish) and with basic drivers (no 3D gtaphics acceleration either). The cost of updating these device is much less than to update high-end phones with their optimized kernels, accelerated drivers amd custom user interfaces. Kudos to Samsung for not forgetting the Replenish. I wish all Android users get updates.

I want to replace my Mom's pixi with one of these (avoiding the $10 smart phone tax). Those that have it, how does it run?

Overall, it's good, so long as you sync only one calendar to it. My girlfriend replaced her Palm Centro with a pink Replenish and she likes it overall. Just two gripes - the calendar app is buggy (it's a Samsung calendar, not the stock Google app), and Google calendar and contacts services constantly crash and restart, even though we can see no sync conflicts between her phone and accounts. Too buggy to be a poster Android phone, frankly. My girl is a power user and needs to sync both her Google calendar and her Exchange calendar at work. This phone's calendar app can't handle it.