Partnership to show phones, tablets and cameras on the show enters second year

Samsung announced today that it has renewed a deal with FremantleMedia UK to have its mobile products prominently displayed and used throughout the upcoming season of The X Factor. As part of the deal, viewers will see Samsung products on display and in use across all parts of the show, starting from the earliest stages of the competition. The deal is apparently primarily focused around mobile devices including phones, tablets and cameras, but isn't exclusive to just these product lines.

Beyond just broadcast, Samsung is also an off-air licensing partner and will see its products and brand displayed on tickets, in-store displays and across The X Factor's website. It's no secret that Samsung is spending big money on marketing, but locking up a deal for a widely popular show such as this is probably money well spent. Keep an eye out for those Note 3's on set soon.


ITV, FremantleMedia, Syco Entertainment and Samsung renew partnership for The X Factor

11th September 2013: ITV, FremantleMedia UK, Syco Entertainment and Samsung today announced the renewal of their partnership with The X Factor UK. The integrated partnership includes paid-for-placement of Samsung products within The X Factor, alongside digital activity on the official platforms and an off-air licensing agreement.

For the second consecutive year, Samsung devices, including mobile phones, tablets and cameras, will appear across the ITV series from the early stages of the competition. Samsung devices may also be visible in The Xtra Factor on ITV2, as well as within bespoke online video diaries featured on The X Factor website, The X Factor app and the X Factor YouTube site.

As an off-air licensing partner, Samsung will have access to tickets and have ATL rights for digital, in-store, pos, experiential and print executions. The partnership will be heavily supported with Samsung-branded digital display activity across The X Factor website.

Avikar Jolly, Head of Brand & Communications, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, said: “We’re excited to be working with ITV, Syco and FremantleMedia for the second year running on The X Factor. Last year marked the first product placement agreement for The X Factor, it was great to be part of such a landmark media event that delivered a noticeable increase in brand awareness and preference for the products that featured, proving it is the ideal platform for us to talk to our customers about our industry-leading devices and the Samsung brand.”

Mark Trinder, Sales Director, ITV said: “We are delighted to be extending our relationship with Samsung for The X Factor. Last year’s partnership helped to drive significant increases in viewers’ brand awareness and purchase intent for Samsung products, and we look forward to working with the brand to continue to build on this success.”

Dominic Burns, Commercial Director, FremantleMedia UK, said: “In addition to the fantastic in-show product placement opportunities, The X Factor offers brands numerous valuable off-air options to engage with customers and we’re delighted to have grown our relationship with Samsung.”

Mark Brittain, Global Head of Commercial, Syco Entertainment, added: “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with Samsung for a second year. This relationship perfectly demonstrates how The X Factor gives consumers new and innovative ways to engage with Samsung.”

The partnership was negotiated by Starcom’s content division Liquid Thread on behalf of Samsung. The tenth series of The X Factor launched on ITV’s flagship channel on Saturday 31st August at 8pm.


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Samsung renews deal for product placement on popular TV show 'The X Factor'


In before Samsung sucks and is only a markting whiz.

Android and you by extension., should be happy Samsung exsists and embraced android like it did. Without them android would not really exsist.

- says not me, but an editor here on AC

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Actually not a bad place to spend your marketing funds. Most of the viewers are either young or moronic (or both!) and are easily swayed by good marketing. They could probably put out a "X-Factor" edition phone with all the lame artists' songs pre-loaded on it and it'll sell thousands! Maybe they could also add some e-books around the contestants depressing stories! :)

Does this mean they might do an X Factor app for Android phones? Not sure I would actually get it but I know some who would.

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I don't watch x factor, but I sincerely hope that whatever 'use' of the devices they are referring to don't get in the way of the show/unnecessary use.