Samsung Nexus S FCC

What would you do if you were a smartphone and your maker just gave you new Wifi and GPS antennas? Why, you'd show them to the Federal Communications Commission, of course. And that's just what's been done with the Samsung GT-i9020T, otherwise known as the yet-to-be-announced-but-seen-a-plenty Samsung Nexus S. That mean we're going to see the phone anytime soon? Your uneducated guess is a good as ours. [FCC via Engadget]


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Samsung Nexus S gets new Wifi, GPS antennas, shows them to the FCC


But still no mention of HSPA+ .....
I wonder how many tech savvy TMO die hards will spend $500+ on
a phone that cant make use of the new faster connection ?
In my estimation,leaving HSPA+ out of the equation would not be a good gamble for Google to make.


"WCDMA is the 3G standard that most GSM carriers are moving to."

AWS WCDMA = T-Mobile

no new network band? sigh....damn you att
and the problem is the gps again? so does that mean no dual core then?

next time google, go to HTC if you wanna make a great phone that actually works.
sent from my support abandoned epic 4g courtesy of samsung.

Just cause your Samsung phone support sucks doesn't mean this one will. The software will be supported by Google, NOT Samsung. Take your buyer's remorse somewhere else and stop hating a phone that isn't even released yet.


Do you have a source for that comment? According to the link I posted above, the Nexus S (i9020) will also be getting the dual core, as for the i9100, maybe both phones will release with dual core.

The new antennas could be HSPA+. I do not understand a new device on T-Mobile without the HSPA+. I am in this fast speed area and let me tell you it is very fast. Blows Sprints network away and it doesn't cost an extra ten bucks a month. The Nexus One was ground breaking in many areas, The Nexus two must carry the same idea. It needs the HSPA+ and hopefully a very fast processor. Hopefully lots of bells and whistles. My Nexus one is getting DL speeds averaging between 3 and 6.5 MB, The Nexus two hopefully will have HSPA+.

Why are some of you speculating that the new antenna has to do with HSPA+, CDMA or what not when the letter says "BT WIFI Antenna and GPS receiver antenna"?

Can someone please tell me how bluetooth, wifi and GPS antenna changes might make this phone run HSPA+?

People, stop hoping it's more then what the letter states.

Of course they would want to switch out the crappy GPS that they left us with.. We can't have an official Google Nexus phone with a crappy GPS now.. can we??..

i don't see this coming to sprint. no mention of pcs/cdma 1900/800mhz radio.

there is a 4.3 inch dual orion coming to sprint. might be sprint/verizon's version of this...