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The Nexus 10 tablet reports have been gaining momentum over the past couple of weeks, though we've yet to see any actual pictures of the rumored 10-inch tablet. Today we have the next best thing, though, as the manual for the device has surfaced on Korean site, clearly showing the Nexus 10 branding and a curvaceous tablet design.

The Nexus 10, shown in drawings above, seems to draw inspiration from the Galaxy Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 line. Front-facing stereo speakers can clearly be seen, and a GNex-style notification LED can be seen near the bottom of the tablet. Interestingly, the tablet is also labeled as having microHDMI-out and a rear-facing camera, unlike the Nexus 7. There also appear to be separate charging and microUSB slots -- possibly because the tablet might require more juice than microUSB alone can deliver.

Around the back there's Nexus and Samsung branding, leaving little doubt as to what this is and who's behind it.

Sources familiar with the device tell Android Central that this is indeed an accurate representation of the upcoming Nexus tablet.

The Nexus 10 is reported to be powered by a next-gen Samsung Exynos 5 chip, with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean running on a iPad-beating 10-inch, 2560x1600 display. We'll likely learn much more about this new flagship tablet at Google's "Playground" event next Monday.

More pics after the break.

Source: Seeko, via: The Verge

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I'll believe it come Monday. If I've learned anything, it's that hoaxsters will put a LOT of time into their craft. :-/

Alex Dobie says:

"Sources familiar with the device tell Android Central that this is indeed an accurate representation of the upcoming Nexus tablet." :)

poosh2010 says:

"hoaxsters will put a LOT of time into their craft. :-/" lol

benthe1 says:

This one looks too "official" to be a hoax. 9 out of 10 times I can tell you whether something looks official or a mock up/hoax. This one's legit.

turdbogls says:

i have concerns about the Samsung proprietary "charging port" and the other micro USB cable on the device. hope there is no proprietary cable and Micro USB can be used to charge it.


rd_nest says:

Are you sure you want to charge such a large battery (it has to be large to power A15 SoC and WQXGA display) with a Micro USB port? I am sure you can guess how much time it would take to change.

I am with you in terms of "standard" port specifications. But if something gives better result than standard ports, I am all for it.

Sadly, I expect a proprietary charging port. USB 2 is a bit slow for charging larger tablet sizes, and with that display, I expect that the battery will be a monster. Maybe it'll except a charge over USB 3?

Chipras3 says:

It looks to me like you can charge it either way. But the proprietary port might be the faster option. Look carefully at the picture. If you can read backwards you can see that the next page is titled "Charge the Battery" and the first image on that same page is a picture of how to plug the micro USB cable into the side of the tablet. I bet it will work both ways.

tx_tuff says:

Good call, I didn't notice that.

dwhitman says:

That special charging port looks like it might be designed to allow an easy-in/easy-out dock, where you just set the tablet in, rather than fussing to get a usb port lined up and inserted.

Cobravision says:

MicroUSB is likely for USB Host support. It would take 9-12 hours to charge via MicroUSB.

Shadowriver says:

nvm ;p *edited*

crxssi says:

Just because it would take much longer doesn't mean it wouldn't be extremely useful as an additional charging method...

Mac58 says:

Thats like saying "Hey we can recharge our car batteries by hooking them up to potatoes and lemons, yea it takes a lot longer than just buying a battery charger but it still is extremely useful as a charging option"
I agree I want the USB there but not for charging options more like for connectivity things like to the computer, USB OTG and game pads. If it has the added benefit of charging thats nice but I dont think its a useful additional charging method. Just my opinion sorry if I offended you.

supern0va#AC says:

wouldn't be out of character. i think the GTab 2 has proprietary charger / port. surprised apple didn't sue for that one. as long as it does take micro for data we're golden.

Bolt473 says:

I have a GTab2 7.0 Wifi+IR, I testify.

Dirty-Bird says:

Want this thing. Hope it's priced at like 300-350.

saps says:

I cannot imagine it being less than $399 given the specs and won't be surprised if it was more depending on storage

crxssi says:

I am with you on this. I can't believe it would be less than $400. And it might be more. But I will be willing to buy it anyway.

Looks like no micro SD slot :(

silverghozt says:

Ripping my hair out over that. Odds of 64 or greater internal storage?

codiusprime says:

You're high. If this thing comes in below 499 I'll eat my hat.

At this point I bet that Google and Samsung are trying to get the price down to $329 to draw a really great constrast with the iPad Mini. But even a $399 price tag would be amazing since that would price it at the same level as the 2 year old iPad 2.

EDIT: Also, if it does come in below $499 we better see video!

still1 says:

It can easily be on 350-400 range.
software - Google supports it, that takes away the cost from samsung
Marketing - google do it and takes down the cost further
Note 10.1 is $499 with all spen and things. which brings down the cost a little bit.
acer 10 is 399 so why not 399 for a nexus 10

Unibrow says:

Neither of those tabs you listed have a screen as ludicrous as the one the nexus 10 is rumored to have.

still1 says:

Nexus 7 even though its 7 inch has a better resolution than Note 10.1,Acer 10 etc. still it cost just $199

xKrNMBoYx says:

It has less screen real estate meaning less materials needed to make a 7" screen compared to a 10". The resolution on a tablet anything below 1080p cannot even compare to a 2560x1600.

The note has an wacom technology in their screen so the screen itself costs more. As far as I know the exynos in the Note is faster then the Tegra 3 in the Nexus 7. And acer well...they're lucky they're making some decent quality tablets compared to their crappy laptop lines.

still1 says:

2 nexus 7 which is 14inch costs $400

everything is 2. 2 processor. 2 camera, 2 battery, 2 chipset.

panel would be 2/3rd of 2 nexus 7 on a 10 inch which negate the high resolution

so i still think its still possible under $400

still1 says:

also dont forget the chromebook with the same chipset,processor, 16 gb storage and probably same battery cost $250. removing keyboard and making it one unit definitely reduce cost + add some touch panel and resolution cost. its possible.

rd_nest says:

Realistically 400-500. Maybe with some Play store credit.

You seriously can't be expecting that hardware for 300. The BOM would be around 300-400. You need to be rational about it.

My bet -- 449!

Unibrow says:

I keep laughing at everyone expecting this to be $300-400 range. I, personally, expect this to be Transformer Infinity territory and even then I wouldn't be surprised if it was maybe even a little more. I'd shell out $500 for a 10" Samsung Nexus tablet without blinking and I'm not made of money.

codiusprime says:

Seriously, this is pretty obviously meant to be high end competition to the iPad. If it comes in at 400 that would be amazing but it won't.

ConTejas says:


Cobravision says:

I'd bet money it's going to be $499. They even said that this will NOT be priced to move like the Nexus 7. Besides, the only reason the Nexus 7 was $199 to begin with was because the Kindle Fire had already set the price point for that form factor. The price point for 10" tablets is still $499 and Google will not take an axe to it since they don't have to.

The chances of it being less than $499 seem practically nil.

milesmcever says:

I see all the christmas stuff out already at stores and it depresses me but seeing sweet new toys that I might get for christmas makes me happy. I need to try to sell my TFP i guess wonder who I can unload that on.

samagon says:

7 comments so far an no one complaining that there isn't a slot for an SD card? I hope this means we'll see 64GB of internal storage as an option!

Its a Nexus so we know there isn't going to be an SD card slot. I'm also guessing it will max out at 32gb like other Nexus devices.

crxssi says:

The US WiFi Xoom was essentially a Nexus and it has an SD slot. Came with 32GB storage also, so that is a lot of possible storage space.

I hope this is a high-end tablet and comes with a lot of storage for a reasonable price. Flash storage is cheap and it is very irritating to be ripped off so much when they add $5 more storage...

still1 says:

its a nexus what do you expect. No nexus will come with sd slot.
sd card is lame and i really dont need it.

Wesley1 says:


mrbanks says:


still1 says:


montgoss says:

Couldn't disagree more. My only complaint about my Galaxy Nexus is the lack of microSD!
I was stuck the other day trying to get a file off my phone onto this printer going "Damn it, Google! Why couldn't we have microSD??". I have a tiny microSD USB reader on my keychain (it's the size of the USB plug) and it makes file transfers so easy. I've impressed people in the past by pulling files off my phone and transferring them to a computer crazy quick using that. But can't do that any more... :-(

You could have used USB mass storage mode, Google cloud print, Bluetooth, Moborobo, AirDroid, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Box, or DropBox (etc.) to accomplish that.

crxssi says:

Very, very few recent Android devices support USB Mass storage mode. In fact, I don't think any do. It was removed from stock Android completely, and this is a Nexus. So that is likely not going to be an option at all. We will be stuck with that damn MS-MTP crap.

My bad, that's news to me. I'm still using my little old OG EVO.

silverghozt says:

So tired of this dumb comment. WE WANT MORE STORAGE. It doesn't matter if it's f'n SD based, but they need to add it internally then. We all want it b/c they gimp the internal storage!

themuffinman says:

Absolutely no one expected the nexus 7 to be priced at $199 so honestly I don't expext this to cost that much even given the specs. I would love this to be $349 but I honestly believe it will be priced at $399 for the base model(16gb) and $449 for the model with more memory(32gb).

Unibrow says:

Asus pretty much came out at CES (?) and announced a 7" Android tablet with Tegra 3 for $250 so the Nexus 7 being $199 was expected and it was actually rumored to be $199 before it was announced, if I'm not mistaken. So, really, everyone expected the Nexus 7 to be $199.

themuffinman says:

That's true but without them announcing a price, given the specs at the time, no one would have thought the Asus would have been only $250.

jeuw says:

Hell yes!

drozek says:

Please have Verizon 4G LTE!

whosaidwhat says:

Verizon won't get another Nexus device. They are too greedy to make a Nexus device shine.

ConTejas says:

I'll just run it tethered to my LTE nexus in my pocket. Free ; )

That bottom charging port makes me believe a dockable keyboard like the ones for the Transformer series is a definite possibility. A Nexus tablet with a good dockable keyboard makes my purchase a very real possibility.

bloodbond3 says:

One can only hope there will be one.

griftercm says:

The resolution sounds fantastic! That with HDMI-out and it may be time to upgrade my OG Transformer.

TurboCam says:

Is this wifi only?

crxssi says:

Certainly hope so

bloodbond3 says:

Shame there is no apparent MicroSD slot, but that seems to be the direction the industry is taking. Lame.

deltatux says:

Damn, if it indeed is powered by a Samsung Exynos 5, that would be amazing! It'll be faster than all those Tegra 3 junk that has been coming out (seriously NVIDIA, single channel memory really kills performance). I have a Tegra 3 tablet and I'm not happy with the SoC at all.

Would it be crazy to imagine that you could plug this in to an external monitor and dual boot into Chrome OS given that both of these run on the Exynos 5? Near-zero likelihood, but I can dream!

bassdelux15 says:

Probably will be $400. If its less, I'd be amazed

Jay Evans says:

$349 for 16GB. $100 more than 32GB 7

crxssi says:

$100 for $5 worth of additional storage? =-Sigh-= probably.

Gimik says:

Patiently (barely) waiting.

grellanl says:

If the charger was a standard Samsung tablet port, that'd be nice - I already have a couple of Samsung chargers.

It looks like it's actually a new magsafe-style connector though, much like the one on the Surface tablets. Which is cool because that style of connector is convenient, but on the downside it's a pain having so many different connectors and chargers.

xKrNMBoYx says:

Looks like an extra curvy Note 10.1/Tab 2 10.1 + new A15 based SoC and Amazing screen.

TenshiNo says:

You forgot to capitalize the rest of the letters in "AMAZING" ;)

Brettbesa says:

Me Gusta. Looks good and it has the LED light on it that looks great. I know I'll be picking this up. Ideal pricing if they want to wow would be $349 for 16GB.

descendency says:

Zero percent chance this is under 450.

mcs says:

Shouldn't be any patent problems about that one. Sexy!

ISS2 says:

This. I hope they can blow us out the water with the price. Next is having devs dedicated to tablet optimized apps...

BcSirstaroth says:

I want this to be my first tablet so badly. I hope it already will have a keyboard accessory lined up with it. If it cost too much looks like I will be getting the Nexus 7. Anybody know of any good bluetooth keyboard that work well with the N7?

hmmm says:

Hope the screen doesn't lift off the front like pretty much every N7.

About the only thing I don't really believe is the resolution. Why would they go that high? There is no benefit at all other than bragging.

I tried the Transformer Prime and don't like the size so I am sticking with my N7 but it is cool to see a Nexus in the 10inch variety.

impulse101 says:

Why wouldnt you believe this screen? Samsung has been producing this screen for a year now, what do you think they are going to do with them? You'll be glad you have this when you start watch UltraHD rips

Google10 says:

UltraHD will be scaled down, though. Probably not a huge difference to the eye over 1920x1200 on a 10" screen.

impulse101 says:

Holy christ this is the best tablet ever made. You have to be a special kind of moron to get an Ipad over this lol

crxssi says:

And you are basing all that on a drawing with a few ports labeled??

montgoss says:

I'll wait for real pictures for final judgement, but that diagram makes it look like one of those kiddie tablets...

crxssi says:

Kiddie tablets??

DoubleP90 says:

I agree with you, it looks like those tablet for kids, i don't like that rounded design at all.
I hope it will have an aluminium case, so it will look less childish.

Well, if the tablet will be ugly there will be an excuse to put a nice protective case on it

jmwils3 says:

anyone else think this looks like a modded GNote 10.1? The shape, speaker placement, camera placement, and samsung logo placement are identical. and slapping a Nexus logo on that would be an easy hoax, not a hard one like the Sony Nexus.

Armada says:

If it's $300 or less I'll probably buy it without hesitation. I see it being in the $400 ballpark though.

Mobius360 says:

I'm tempted... Please just skip the damn 8GB models.

I have been wondering about the Note 10.1 though and the added benefits it brings to a tablet. I can easily hold out on a new tablet as I'm happy with what I've currently got. (Xoom LTE & Prime). I am thinking it might be time to sell my Prime though and use funds towards this.

crxssi says:

Skip the 16GB too... total waste of time, especially when there is no SD slot and you are positioning a higher-end device.

Storage is *cheap* so bring it on.

32GB and 64GB models, please...

Ibraheem_h says:

No way to get the Nexus 10; because it is Samsung, my experience with Samsung Devices is bad. At the beginning, they work good and perfect, but less than a year, problems start. Battery life is bad, too much lags, slow reactions and display freezing.
Sorry Google, but new Nexus 10 Samsung and new Nexus 4 LG are out of my mind. I hope if the new devices were Motorola, HTC or ASUS...

mzanette says:

Why does everything on this tablet seem to make you hold it in landscape mode? the sensor and camera are centered on the long edge? Am I reading this wrong?

Almost every large tablet is the same way. It's logical.

mzanette says:

The iPad maxi isn't. Camera is so you hold it in portrait mode.


Anyone have a feeling we're going to see the first 128GB Android tablet? It's time.

crxssi says:


silverghozt says:

If so, TAKE MY MONEY. Sadly, I've learned not to expect that level of storage. If they do this, I'm so in.

Fraggle79 says: thanks, kinda defeats the purpose of Android.
How about just using the USB Mini-B plug.. similar size, more common, and allows higher power draw than USB Micro. Worked great on my old phone plus the connector never popped out.

crxssi says:

You obviously have no experience with 10" tablets. They *ALL* use a proprietary charger.

Of course, I would like to have multiple charging options. USB charging is VERY useful, even if it ends up being slow (as long as there is also a fast charge port available).

smrathburn says:

This could be the tablet that pulls me away from my iPad. I've been very happy with my S# phone and have started looking at an Android tablet. Nothing has really struck me as a worthwhile competitor, this could be it.

DoubleP90 says:

I'm waiting for the official announcment, and then i'll decide, nexus 7 or this, but i think i'll go for a nexus 7 32GB, better design, low price and it would be a nice radio replacement in my car

jdagreek1 says:

Did you know Samsung has manufacturing facilities in IRAN ?

Here is a picture of the Nexus 10

This was supposed to be a reply...

Bolt473 says:

I know that feel, bro.