Gregory Lee

Former STA president Sohn headed to Korea as executive advisor to J.K. Shin

Samsung has made some executive changes at the highest levels today, naming Gregory Lee as president of Samsung Telecommunications America (STA). Formerly president and chief executive officer of Samsung Asia Pte Ltd, Lee will be responsible for "leading the company's mobile business operations and strengthening the company's leading position in the smartphone market in the U.S."

Don't shed any tears for outgoing STA president Dale Sohn though, as he has scored a gig as the executive advisor to Samsung's mobile division CEO JK Shin. Samsung owes much of their success in mobile to the U.S. market, and having the man who took them to the top of the U.S. mobile market and achieved "record results" with the Galaxy line makes great business sense.

We wish both the gentleman much success, but more importantly we hope that this means Samsung will keep pushing the edge of technology forwards. 

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Samsung names Gregory Lee as new US Mobile Division president


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Nothing is like that when you buy a 1gb hard drive you can't use the full gig. Same with flash drives

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As stated, it doesnt work that way in the computing world.

Math and system files, how do they work?!?!?!

US users just need to make as much of a stink as German users and Samsung will push out the update that allows you to move apps to the SD card sooner rather than later.

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