Ryan Bidan

RIM's loss is Samsung's gain, apparently, as BlackBerry senior product manager Ryan Bidan apparently has taken a job with Samsung as director of product marketing, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Bidan's specialties are listed as "working closely with development teams," "product evangelism," and "product management," among others.

The addition comes less than two weeks after Samsung chief product and technology officer Omar Khan left for a job with Citigroup.

Source: LinkedIn, @ryanbidan; via CrackBerry
Image via The Cell Phone Junkie


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Samsung Mobile snags new director of product marketing from RIM


I hope he can get more accessories and things for their mobile products. I wish the Tab 10.1 would get as much product exposure as Apple. Nobody seems to know anything about the Tab.

In other news, Canada's emergency response department hired Michael Brown to be their director and PETA has hired Ted Nugent to be their spokesman.

I guess this is why I'm not a major executive....because I could swear RIM is doing a REALLY lousy job of Product Marketing to date.

RIM has product marketing?

So Samsung's factories can't keep up and so they needed someone to head up the new Sales Prevention Department.

This is the guy who came up the slogan:

"2 bad CEO's are better than 1 good phone."

I would say RIM is the winner here. Hopefully they can get someone who has a clue before all is lost at RIM. That is unless it is already too late.