BBM for Android

Speaking of BBM for Android, Samsung Mobile Nigeria today tweeted that apparently BBM for Android will be available Friday — and that it'll be some sort of Samsung-exclusive, possibly for three months. 

If that's in fact true — we've got e-mails out to Samsung Mobile for more proper confirmation — that's a bummer for the cross-platform crowd, but a boon for Samsung.


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Samsung Mobile Nigeria says BBM hits Friday, has three-month exclusivity


Now send me your Note 3 so I can get some hands on time or it's gonna get real ugly in!!!

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Enlighten us on how it could've been worse?I'm all ears....

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Instead of Niger, he could have added another "G" which would have got Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson all up his ass until he went on CNN and apologized. Hopefully Phil is classier than to bow down to anyone for a typo though, and I bet he is. Happy?

Who would use BBM anyway... is there still a need? I don't personally know anyone still running a BB device and haven't for a couple of years now

BBM... The chat app of choice for scammers and deposed princes everywhere

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You Android users claim to be the "Top of the Tech Tier" yet, how hard is it to understand this HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACKBERRYS, and everything to do with a cross-platform IM app.

Who would even use a samsung anyway, they're all full of malware anyway(except the Windows phones), sounds pretty dumb, amirite? I would hope you(Merc) would point out my stupidity if I posted something like that for realz.

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I am an Android user and I understand it perfectly. It's by far THE BEST instant messaging app out there. That's that.

Too late. Hangouts already exists, and it's cross-platform.

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LOL exclusivity for a cross-platform messaging service. Next up Samsung phones will only be able to text other Samsung phones for three months.

In other news the Head of Samsung Marketing for Nigeria whose name is Prince has also offered large amounts of BBM access if you can help him get it out of the country.

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What? you mean we're not writing things that nobody other than the person who wrote it cares about?
My bad.

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I'm gonna tell Phil,you're in trouble now buddy boy!!!

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It's not WHEN either. You can get the APK all you want, but without a blackberry ID to get a PIN you can't use it.

Not true, I have a BB ID and it still doesn't work. My guess is that BB still haven't flipped the switch on their server yet to allow access.

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If you actually believe BBM for Android will be exclusive to Samsung only devices, I've got some leftover swampland in Florida to sell you. Great views of the alligators!

Somewhere in Nigeria on Friday, there's a millionaire Prince using BBM to scam people with Blackberry's every where.

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All we have to do is send our information to Nigeria and pay a fee and they will in turn give us a million minutes sent to our bank accounts.

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I'm pretty sure somebody at Samsung NG has been misinformed or misinterpreted something through translation.

BBRY has made some serious gaffs before, but to grant an exclusive (even temporary) to one manufacturer when you're pushing for increased value with a cross platform product, you'd have to be funny in the head crazy to grant it.

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It's hard to say. They made a deal with Samsung AFTER the announcement of Cross Platform was made, to make BBM available on all Samsung phones from purchase.
I agree with you it would be a bad move. But it wouldn't be the first time RIM has made a bad move and ended up releasing something MONTHS later than promised!

I don't quite understand why Samsung would want exclusivity when it competes with their own ChatOn service. I'll probably try it out though. I'm glad I have a Samsung though. They're one of the only manufacturers that seem to get exclusives.

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Could it just be that if you are in Nigeria, Samsung has the rights for 3 months? I know that there are ways to limit which phones are able to have access to an app in the PlayStore - could location just be one more filter?

If I was BB I'd roll it out there too, just to see if I missed any kind of scams or security...BB is so blase...

Why Samsung?
Has Blackberry sunk to that level where it needs a bit of short term Samsung Exclusivity money, at the expense of having its messaging system widely adopted?

Can't wait for the release of this app. I missed bbm.

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Can't wait for the release of this app. I missed bbm.

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