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The application file for Samsung's "S Voice" Siri clone interactive voice assistant agent was leaked over the weekend, leading to hundreds of less scrupulous users picking up the apk and installing it directly on their phones. This lead to owners of any Ice Cream Sandwich device being able to use the service intended only for owners of Samsung's next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III.

However, today it seems the pre-release fun is at an end, as Samsung appears to have locked down S Voice and prevented the leaked APK from connecting to its servers. This means any query sent to to S Voice on a non-Galaxy S III device will return a "network error" message, as you'll see above. (Funnily enough, Apple did the exact same thing when Siri was initially hacked to run on the iPhone 4, so no huge surprises there.)

So that's that. If you want to publicly embarrass yourself by shouting "Hi Galaxy" into your palm, you'll have to wait until the official launch of the Galaxy S III, which takes place in London next Tuesday, May 29.


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Samsung locks down S Voice following app leak


They should release it too all ics Samsung devices or sell it or to google so they can incorporate it in to Android directly.

I respectfully disagree with your branding people who installed the leaked apk as "less scrupulous". If this were a paid app, I would agree with you. But how is this any different than AC hosting system dumps in the forums? Shouldn't that be considered "less scrupulous" as well? Stepping down from my soapbox now.

As AC showed us with the Flipboard episode, they can't be bothered with any of these leaks. They are to busy judging the rest of the internet from waaaaaay up on their horse.

Disagree all you want, they're right. When everything gets locked down, blame bullshit like this, and modders who think they have a right to every goddamned thing in the universe.

LOL... I was thinking "less scrupulous" was more generous. How is this anything but piracy? It IS a paid app... Just because it is purchased along with the GS3 instead of the play store, doesn't mean it isn't. I'm sure you would agree the cost of the related software development was built into the phone... I'm guessing AC sees system dumps as a little different, because they aren't stripping bundled proprietary apps out and passing them out to other users. That, or they just have double standards for ourselves and 'other people'... Speaking of which, let me go ahead and change my prop file so I can test it out... :P

Genius on MyTouch 4G Slide works similarly without having to connect to a network server for processing.

S-Voice is NOT a Vlingo clone. S-Voice is a modified version of Vlingo made specifically for Samsung. It is actually using VLingo's servers. The VLingo Beta does not have many of the features of the S-Voice version-- no calendaring, no cutesy conversation answers, no weather, no direct launching of apps, no tasks, etc.

It's feels so bad when people advocate piracy equivalent to freedom. Are you really so pumped by announcing to the world that you support piracy?

At least now we know it doesn't rely on the TouchWiz framework. Like woldy2 said, just modify the build.prop file and it will work again.

I agree that it is a fad, I am not so bored I need to have a fun but pretend conversation with my phone it just needs to listen and obey it's master with no sassy comebacks. However I think voice commands are here to stay for those times when hands free commands are necessary like say driving a car. It's the siri type where it talks back I think is the fad.

Thanks for this heads up on the attitude of Samsung toward it's installed base. I am getting ready to replace my Epic soon and now have decided to go somewhere more friendly towards it's users. I'll be getting the HTC X

your so naive to think that htc wouldn't and/or wont do something like this(when it releases something worthy). Run along to the htc x, where the multitasking is "sense optimized"