Samsung this morning announced which of its devices are planned to receive an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. The list doesn't appear to contain any real surprises, but it's good to have some confirmation.

Here's how it breaks down for devices in the U.S.:

  • Galaxy Note 3
  • Galaxy Note II
  • Galaxy S4
  • Galaxy S4 mini
  • Galaxy S4 Active
  • Galaxy S4 zoom
  • Galaxy S III
  • Galaxy S III mini
  • Galaxy Mega
  • Galaxy Light
  • Galaxy Note 8.0
  • Galaxy Tab 3
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition

Updates begin today, Samsung says — it didn't mention on which devices — so stay tuned.

Samsung Confirms KitKat for U.S. Smartphones and Tablets

DALLAS, February 18, 2014 – Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile) announced today that a number of Samsung Galaxy® devices will receive the Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) software update, enriching the Galaxy experience.

The upgrade provides a number of innovative, easy-to-use features that enhance the user experience, including a more intuitive user interface, enhanced messaging capabilities and updated applications:

  • Location Menu: An integrated location menu enables users to easily activate GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks, while simultaneously checking the battery usage of apps running location service capabilities.
  • Enhanced Messaging: Enables users to choose between Messages or Hangouts as their preferred default messaging application, and select from a larger assortment of updated Emoji icons.
  • Upgraded Google Mobile Service™ (GMS) apps: Users can automatically back up photos and video and can open, view, rename and share Google Docs and files.

Samsung Galaxy U.S. devices currently scheduled to receive the KitKat update include select carrier variants of the Galaxy Note® 3, Galaxy Note® II, Galaxy S® 4, Galaxy S® 4 mini™, Galaxy S® 4 Active™, Galaxy S® 4 zoom™, Galaxy S® III, Galaxy S® III mini™, Galaxy Mega®, Galaxy Light, Galaxy Note® 8.0, Galaxy Tab® 3, Galaxy Note® 10.1, Galaxy Note® 10.1 2014 Edition.

Availability varies by carrier and product, with updates beginning today and continuing throughout the coming months. 


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Samsung lays out which devices will get Android 4.4.2 KitKat


My G2 is running amazingly. Just as smooth as the first day I got it and more than handles the tasks I need it to. The candy version on my phone is becoming less of an issue. I personally don't get why Android users are so focused on it these days.

Another reply from someone attempting to appear more mature and enlightened than the reset of us childish idiots who want a software update. Nobody cares that you don't need or want an update. Some of us do want the update. Not everybody thinks like you do.

I am sorry my response doesn't meet your approval. So Quis89 is trying to make me and many others feel like idiots for wanting an update, and then you "contribute" to the conversation by critiquing the way I wrote my response. I don't know which is worse. Are you one of those people that takes the time to correct others' spelling and grammatical errors as well?

What gives you the right to state your opinion about your desire for a software update, but denies Quis89 the same right to state that he doesn't? Don't agree with him? Great, that's your prerogative. Now stfu and move on. Who made you king of the world so you can tell people what they're allowed to say or not?

You seem angry. I simply stated I don't see what the big deal is. I didn't insult anyone. If you felt like a childish idiot it's probably because you spelled "rest" incorrectly. Your comment would have maintained relevance had you stated what exactly you need out of these updates that your phone doesn't offer. I stated my needs are met. Yours must not be. So what is kit Kat going to offer that you can't do now?

The deal to me is update from 4.1 to at least 4.3 centers around Bluetooth support, and OS improvements. It's more than a number.

No no it's just a number and/or a different name. It contains absolutely no useful or beneficial upgrades. Who's been telling you these lies?

I don't care about your grammar. I was criticizing your content. Your first sentence was correct not grammatically but factually.

Didn't Samsung release over 80 different models of phones last year.... What about the rest of them?

Posted via Android Central App

HTC's unified product offering, transparency of a rapid update schedule in addition to HTC's upcoming aggressive cost effective point of sale marketing campaign has Samsung scrambling to plug holes and muster a sliver of credibility, and wunder what just hit them. This year, 2014—the future, Samsung will be lost among the clutter.

I slept of reading this boring comment

This message was brought to you by the numbers 0 and 1

Yeah, I'd love to see a timeline for these updates. Patiently waiting for my VZW Note 3 to be updated.

That the same thing they said about the HTC One getting Kit Kat on VZW and we ended up being the second carrier to push it out and AT&T and T-Mobile customers are still waiting, let see if the same thing happens again.

Posted via Android Central App

The reason you all got it is because HTC is now in the business of pleasing in ordwr to stay relevant. Im pretty sure whatever Verizon asked them to do they complied with. So I doubt samsung will do the same. Then again it could have been the fact that Verizon really didnt give a damn what htc did lol

~My $0.02~

VZW GS3 4.4.2 in December 30 2014, or Verizon will block the upgrade to try and force people to buy a New Device with KitKat. I use VZW and this happens.

Verizon decides in the end whether we get updates or not. And they'll choose squeezing you for more money over your satisfaction. Verizon has had updates for devices before and decided against them. They have their own checklist on whether or not a device gets updated, and Verizon pays for the update too. If they deem it not worthy among their list, it won't get it.

The GS 3 will be 2 years old in may, and samsung said already the Note 2 and GS3 will get KItKat in the first quarter of 2014 last year. First the s4 and Note 3, but probably by the end of March.

My original Note 10.1 still has 4.1. Will it leap 4.2 and 4.3 and go straight to 4.4.2? I'm tired of waiting for this this to get updated. It's a beast of a machine but it's quickly becoming obsolete due to lack of updates

"It's a beast of a machine but it's quickly becoming obsolete due to lack of updates"
How do you figure? Does it not perform like the day you bought it?

The device is great, but os is outdated. Note 10.1 is the forgotten family member among Note serie. You may want to share your notes, but you really cant share them irl because of lack of updates. SNote is incompatible, the new SNote wont work before an os upgrade and the old snote and the new snote are incompatible together.. Smart extension apps for smart accessories wont work because they need higher API-level to work in your phone. Android 4.1. is too restricted. So, yes it perform pretty well, even better than the 2014model, and like it was doing it already when you bought it, but unfortunately Samsung made choices which affected also Note 10.1 - like having a share function in SNote app but in a real life you cannot share files. Then they gave a fix for this "share your snote files as a pdf". What a great advice! Pdf-files are so easily modified by others!? Many new features including smart accessory apps dont work with this device and it is only alittle over year old and already badly outdated.

I would suggest rooting if you haven't already and going with OmniROM version you can find on XDA. Sure its not TouchWiz but it is KitKat and can do a lot of what you already expect from your tablet.

Not entirely true. I'm running OmniROM on mine and the app lecture notes supports active stylus as well as air view like functionality and support for the buttons on the stylus. Plus Omni has a half working multi-window as of now.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm dang excited about my original Note 10.1 being updated, too. However, I still use mine to this day and it works great! May not have the Magazine UX or anything, but dang is this thing still rocking it!

Posted through my Nexus 7!

You and me both. It's about time. Now let's see how long it takes for them to push it out to the WiFi only devices.

Posted via Android Central App

I use Go Launcher, have been for over 3yrs. But I'm open minded to looking into other launchers.

Posted via Android Central App

I would bet against it. We all like new TouchWiz, but you have to remember most of their market is less tech savvy and would not like their phone to become unfamiliar after the update.

Don't become a gambler.

In the past they have upgraded the tw version so there is no reason to think they won't now. HTC is the only one to leave things hanging

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

I'm asking in reference to my Note 10.1. Will it have the latest TouchWiz as well as the new S Pen functions.

It should

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Might not. The tad bit I remember reading some Samsung devices with Kit Kat already do not have the new Touch Wiz. Who knows maybe it's the 4.4.2 that actually brings it. If Kit Kat comes after Galaxy S5 then there's a chance. If it comes before S5 I don't think it will.

This means nothing unless something actually starts happening. The s4 and note 2 for everyone should have had this update already. Thank goodness for custom roms.

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It seems like the Note 2 was a good purchase. I've had it longer than any other Andoird phone I don't seen anything that is going to replace it.

My wife says she has a love affair with her Note 2. It will be a long time before she will ever upgrade that. She will not even let me touch it for updates which irritates. I think that is how the general population feels about updates though. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

"Availability varies by carrier and product" Ie Verizon costumers better sit tight... Ugh to switch to the Moto X or not... That is the question.

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I'm gonna laugh if Verizon gets it first on some of these devices. All the Verizon update bashing is out of control, and for the last year un founded on Samsung updates.


Funny... You say unfounded in the last year on Samsung updates. I'm holding a Note II for over a year, just got its first update since purchase and that was to 4.3... So i updated to 4.3 weeks AFTER Google announced 4.4.

Give it a minute. I am running a leaked build right now, and it is working pretty well

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

+1. However I don't really mind. Having upgraded my Note 2 to 4.3 twice, with less than desirable results, I am back on 4.1.2, which is solid as a rock.

4.1.2 is great, I did the 4.3 update to my note 2. lots of problems. And big disappointment, NO MULTI WINDOW CALENDAR. 4.3 on the note 3 has the multi window calendar so we know it exists. lots of problems with the keyboard functions such as words being changed after space bar moving on to the next word. Also the predictive next word library has to start over and re learn your often used sentences. sometimes the hassle is not worth the upgrade. I think we need some specific details on what's in the 4.4 update before installing it. If no multi window calendar and multi window calculator I will pass on the upgrade, too much grief the last time.

That's cool that they're letting people know up front whether to expect an update. Once you know that it's definitely coming waiting for the update shouldn't be as bad.

Posted via Android Central App

For everyone saying that VZW will be last and we'll have to wait forever. Have you forgotten that VZW was the 1st carrier to push out the 4.3 update to the S4 during the time they were all getting updated across the big four carriers? I understand people hate VZW for no apparent reason other than just to hate, but its really getting old. We'll see which carrier gets the updates the quickest. And custom ROMs so actually gives a f@#&

That's because 4.3 broke the wifi hotspot apps that Verizon hated. I still think Verizon is a pile of s$%% with the best network.

You're exactly right! The one instance where they did well should trump the 400 others that they screwed up on before. Thanks for the voice of reason!

You probably could, but you may be better off waiting for the T-Mobile release. Of course, this is dependent on whether or not you use WiFi Calling.

If it's available on Kies, go ahead. It should be identical to the OTA, as Kies provides operator specific variants. You generally won't be able to get it much/any quicker on Kies though.

A quicker alternative is to get another compatible operator variant and flash with Odin, but I'd recommend against that unless you really know what you're doing and don't mind potentially losing some T-Mobile specific features.

Too bad the galaxy tab 2 isn't on the list, unless I missed it. I'm sure the g s 5 will be there!

Posted via Android Central App

What about the Verizon Note 10.1? I would assume that hopefully it will get updated along with the WiFi only Note. Both are still on 4.1, so maybe....

Posted via Android Central App

I'm surprised my wife's Galaxy Light will get it, but not the Galaxy Express. I'd have assumed the AT&T prepaid that sells more would be on the list too. I wonder if the specs play a part.

Posted via Android Central App

WOW, S3 and S3 mini...that was not at all expected. This is why I keep buying Samsung phones....they update the hell out of them before putting them on life support.

S3 should have been expected. The s2 got a bunch of updates

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

S2: 2.3 (GB) > 4.0 (ICS) > 4.1.2 (JB)
S3: 4.0 (ICS) > 4.1.2 (JB) > 4.3 (JB+) > 4.4 (KK)

S3 is grabbing one more major update than I would expect when compared to the S2.

Sprint Galaxy s4 already has official KitKat since last week. Full tar is also available. Go Sprint. Hopefully you guys get is soon. It's pretty nice.

"Upgraded Google Mobile Service," that's one way to say we are disabling your SD card per Google standards. No thanks, I already own a Google play device with an unusable SD card slot.

Yeah, I don't understand this from Google. If there weren't data caps, I'd be OK, let's make more use of 'Cloud' storage (ie: Storing my stuff on someone else's HD on a network. I'm still not exactly sure why we needed to invent a new word for that). But given the high price carriers put on bits, this is a crap move by Google.

true, lol! Hopefully sooner. Atleast they finally told us, Note 10.1 owners, after keeping us blind a year. Well, let see "when".

Sent from my N8000 using Android Central app

I'm glad the Galaxy Light is on the list. I didn't expect it to be. I bought one for $150.00 as a backup phone for my Galaxy Note 3. I wanted an cheap phone as a jogging/gym buddy as the ginormous Note is not practical for that. Great little phone especially considering the price.

I'm actually excited about this! I was not expecting this at all, being the budget phone that it is. Now if only AC would make a damned forum for us.....

More smoke n mirrors. Just want to make the media talk about them.

Posted via Android Central App

If you buy a used AT&T S3 off Swappa and use it on AIO or Straight Talk would you still get the update? Who pushes the update out if you are using an MVNO?

If you have a problem updating with MVNO Sim, just borrow an ATT Sim from your neighbor, relative, Co worker or buddy and update.

Makes no difference to me for my Note 2 and 10.1. I root and freeze the OTA updater to stay on existing firmware. I don't buy into the update game (OS or apps) as it too frequently breaks shit and causes problems, which I have neither the time nor patience for. I prefer the axiom "If it ain't broke...."

I'll look for newer software on new devices (ex. Note 4 and Pro 12.2). :D

In the case of my Verizon Note 10.1, it is broken and Samsung and Verizon won't fix it. The UI bugs out a lot, Bluetooth devices won't stay connected, and the keyboard app lags a lot.

Posted via Android Central App

If I baught my s4 from celolar compeny in ur I will recive the appdate?
And if I recive it.. how can I appdate ?

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah you will get an Ota sooner or later

Kit Kat tastes like Jellybeans. Can't tell them apart...

Ya I know.. I ment to ask, if I will get the appdate at the same day as u.s or maybe weeks or months later?

Posted via Android Central App

You won't get the U.S. carrier's update; you will receive the update that your original carrier releases, assuming you haven't done anything like rooting or flashing a custom ROM. As for when, it will come when your old carrier pushes it out.

Take note of the last line in Samsung's announcement.
"Availability varies by carrier and product, ..."

Wait, I see no mention of Immersive Mode? Do samsung phones not get that from Kit Kat because of the physical home button? I know there are apps that help with it too but i've really been loving the feature on my Nexus 7 (2013). Still, good that samsung phoens are getting kitkat.

How did it ruin it? Mine had no issues at all after the update. Have you tried a factory reset? That seems to fix many problems, especially those that show up after an update.

I hope that Samsung will find it in their hearts to release one more update to the Note 2 after this update. Especially after the wait for the Jellybean update. Wishful thinking.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

The Galaxy S III: the phone that keeps on giving!

Posted from my Verizon Galaxy S III via Android Central App... And Don't Eat Yellow Snow!

I've not even had 4.4 update on my note 3 yet here in the UK. I think every country in Europe has had it but us. I ask Samsung but never get any reply.

Posted via Android Central App

I still dont understand why ppl go crazy over updates... Who cares.. Most ppl dont even use a fraction of the features that phones have..

If you just play with your phone/tablet, good for you but some of us do work with them. For example we couldnt share SNote files anymore because of lack of updates for Note 10.1 / 2. Note 3 was totally incompatible with other Note devices. I have Sonys Smartwatch 2 and some smart extension apps wont work because again, the lack of updates, those apps need higher API to work. Some new features, again wont work, because of the lack of updates... And we are now talking about alittle over year old device that is already outdated by its os - thanks to Samsung.

Do you guys know something about the international s3 mini (GT-I8190)?

Posted via Android Central App

Getting 4.4.2? My S4 has had 4.4.2 for months..... Oh ya I'm rooted. Why wait and complain.....

Posted via Android Central App

I would be excited about this but touchwiz is the Hitler of android... The only thing I miss is the camera app, oh yeah and the 1gb of bloatware from Samsung

Posted via Android Central App

Surely, I will root and install some custom roms, if you tell me how to get SPen features and related SApps also working.

I'd like to know this as well. Wonder if it's powerful enough?

Just checked, other sites are reporting that all three Galaxy Tab 3s are covered, so the 7, 8 and 10.

Can we have a link to the official website or official document where Samsung said that?

I'm kind of tired of rumours or invented news that are spread by facts of tech blogs so I would like to see the official source before believing anything.

The part down at the bottom is the actual press release by Samsung. Android Central generally does a pretty good job of only posting confirmed stories, and if it is rumors, they will label it so.

Posted from my Nexus 5

For that reason they should put a link to the source. It doesn't hurt to paste a link to the official source at the end of the article and it basically add more credibility to the blog. Otherwise some people like me will think it's just a rumour.

Here is the link to the official press release from an official Samsung website:

The reason why I thought it was another blog rumour or invented news is because almost every single android site is writing about it without any link to the official source. And the mobile world is full of rumours I tend to don't believe anythign without an official source of information.
Even some sites like mention that they "gotten word from an inside source", when in reality it looks like they read somewhere about it but they weren't sure if it was official or just a rumour so they decided to say that they know it because their insiders told them... smh....

Not touching it until it's rooted on my VZW S4.
No root, no update.
4.3 seems just fine. I'll stay on 4.3 until there is a root method that does not trip KNOX and an ODIN file.

You guys think I can upgrade from 4.2 straight to 4.4 or do I have to be on 4.3 for it to transition at all?

I think that you probably could try but i have the feeling that it'll probably be best for your device if you did update to the 4.3 first. But ultimately its your decision. I hope i helped:)

Samsung prices me out of the game which is why I went for the Nexus 5. They have great hardware but for me updates are a key selling point...

Posted via Android Central App

Who cares...I don't....I am running CyanogenMod 11 (4.4.2) on my beloved Galaxy NEXUS and did not upgrade to the N5 because my current Nexus is still GREAT and with HSPA+ I don't have a need for LTE! Sammy cant explain why the lowly S3 will update and not the Nexus.....why the hate? lost me forever by your decision on this.

Yes....I too am feeling the CyanogenMOD 11 love on my beloved Galaxy Nexus. And my 2012 Wifi+Cellular Nexus 7 is also feeling the CyanogenMOD 11 love as well. I helped a buddy flash up his Galaxy Nexus to CyanogenMOD 11 and its like a new phone for him. Now working to flash up his HTC Panache.

Hope it's less buggy than the 4.3 upgrade my SGS III got! Ever since the upgrade, I get a persistent notification that a download completed. No matter how many times I clear it, it keeps reappearing.

" updates beginning today and continuing throughout the coming months. "
When is that? Anyone got an update today? Hope the note10.1 2014 is one of the first:)

Posted via Android Central App

I want to know what's in it before I vote for it.

No multi window calendar for the note 2 then I will pass.

I could use a multi window calculator too.

Suck it, Motorola. Rejecting the Atrix 4G right away. My Galaxy S III is going Kit Kat!!!!111!!!one!!!! Woo!!! (After the final update that Motorola pushed out, still Gingerbread, that made my Atrix 4G completely unsuable, and there wasn't going to be any other updates, I went to the GS3 and haven't looked back.)

Lol I came from a atrix 4g also. Worst phone I've ever owned. But went to a One before my S4

Posted via Android Central App

Maybe this will be the update that fixes the "audio skips while music is playing" bug on my Note 2!

I swear, that ish gets annoying; how did Samsung not see this during testing?

I am really bummed that Samsung didn't include the Galaxy Express. It is still a big seller as a prepaid phone from AT&T. Samsung makes so many different Galaxy line phones. Just seems like they missed a whole bunch of models that would benefit immensely from a Kit Kat update. Especially considering that Kit Kat has some real improvements to deal with lower ram devices.
I am not gonna root and CM11. I would rather see an official OTA of 4.4.x come. I don't have the technical skills to root and flash. And I shouldn't have to. If a device is still a regular seller in a Carrier Retail store, then it's NOT a legacy device. So why treat it like one...??

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p on AT&T's 4G LTE Network

Those phones are low spec devices... I would personally just be happy it's even running jb. The few changes kit kat is bringing isn't worth the potential headaches for you

Posted via Android Central App

KitKat downloading as we speak, US Cellular, S4.
ETA - Didn't wait for OTA. Just checked for software update and voila!

S4, ATT... no update yet just checked. Am gonna be checking every single day until it's available.

Anyone had any success backing up app data without root in case of having to factory reset? I'm using Carbon/Helium on PC but haven't tried doing a restore yet. Seriously this is one thing Google or Samsung needs to address. Losing all progress on games and such is maddening.

Posted via Android Central App

Sorry the s3 will not be getting KITKAT. It's to old!! A lot of these sites are partial to Samsung and tell a bunch of lies concerning them. Google doesn't release updates past 18 months on a phones life cycle. The s3 is 2 years old. It was lucky to get 4.3!! And that update is very buggy. Installed 4.3 on my HTC Evo lte and it runs butter smooth!! Have KITKAT on my HTC one since February 1st. Magical!! Personally if I were you I would ditch Samsung and grab a HTC or LG phone. They run faster and smoother. And no lag like Samsung. Plus touch wiz is ugly slow and laggy. Also uses to much space!!

What I would like to know is :
If android is a core program.
Why does Google just sell a core ver that you can buy for older devices ?
Other then what Samsung does with it and HTC does are mods off it.
Like Windows runs on like AMD or Intel , Does Android work the same way ?

The Samsung galaxy s3 will never see KITKAT!! It's over 2 years old!! Besides it went through Hell with the 4.3 update which I may add will be the last!! They had to pull the 4.3 update fix the bugs then release it again. And it still runs like crap!! Glad I have the HTC ONE as my daily driver. Always first in flagship updates. Phone of the year for 2013!! You really need to stop making people have useless expectations!! The old ass s3 will never see KITKAT or anymore updates!!

Galaxy Note 10.1, bullshit. They said the same thing for 4.4 and guess what firmware I have...4.1.2. Yeah, I'd be happy with 4.3. Samsung is complete crap, they obviously went to the Microsoft school of computer engineering.

Not sure if anyone is still checking this post but for what it's worth...I just chatted with Samsung support. Regardless of what the many articles you find online about which devices are line for the KitKat update, the Galaxy Tab 3 series will NOT receive the update anytime soon, if ever. KitKat was built for Quad Core processors and this Tab 3 series are only dual core. So don't plan on seeing KitKat ever. My Tab 3 8.0 works great on 4.2.2 so I'm happy. I just wanted to make sure people knew the truth rather than rumor mill crap.

Having today received he OTA 4.4.2 update to my Tab 3 8.0 I would certainly refute the above. So far so good. I had been having frequent lockups and freezes with 4.2.2 so hopefully now resolved. I'm in the UK and just did a "check for update". 700mb download.

I have a WiFi only Galaxy Tab 3. When I asked Samsung about when I may expect to receive an OS update from the installed V4.1.2 OS, I was greeted by deafening silence. As a software guy, what really makes me angry is that a friend running a WiFi only Galaxy Tab 2 has already received an upgrade to 4.2. It is absolutely not acceptable that an older device should receive a OS update before a newer device. I will never buy another Samsung device.