Samsung Smart Bulb

Bulbs provide 10 years of efficient light before burning out

Never to be outdone in any consumer electronics category — especially by LG — Samsung is introducing a new range of LED "Smart Bulbs" for residential lighting. The new line consists of a standard lightbulb shape, a higher-performance lamp style (in two variants) and a more efficient tube form factor. The basic Smart Bulb (shown above) will provide up to 15,000 hours — equivalent of 10 years of normal use — of lighting, with the ability to dim down to just 10 percent brightness and tune from 2700K to 6500K for different ranges of whites.

For more advanced applications, there's also a PAR (Parabolic aluminized reflector) style light, which offers a swivel head and improved lighting suitable for professional lighting applications. There's also a "Classic Lamp" that's designed to fit larger light fixtures and provide a simple light that is reminiscent of incandescent lights. Finally there's the L-Tube style light, which is most likely to be used in commercial or garage applications, and comes in 600, 1200 and 1500mm sizes.

What sets these new Samsung Smart Bulbs apart from others is that they're controlled directly by your phone over Bluetooth rather than via Wifi with a router in the middle. By just installing an app on your phone or tablet you'll be able to control up to 64 Smart Bulbs at a time. While this cuts down on the usability when you're not in the room, it makes setup and control drastically simpler for a number of applications where a router just isn't available.

Samsung isn't spilling the beans on pricing or availability on these, but you can expect them to make their way out at prices higher than your average lightbulbs.

Samsung Smart BulbSamsung Smart Bulb

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Samsung introduces new Smart Bulbs controllable by Bluetooth


will they (flood) the market with these aswell? sorry had to!

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

And less than a week after LG introduces their own bluetooth lightbulb. Well played Samsung, well played. Still the king of copycats and what-sticks-in-the-wall.

I have similarly growing disdain for Samsung, and I realize this is a joke, but... you do realize there's no way this counts as copycatting, since development cycles don't happen in less than a week, right?

They still copied dude. Although i always though it was thr other way around meaning LG always copies Samsung. :o. I guess i was wrong. LG is stepping up their game.

LG G2 on 4.4. Kit-Kat

How is a product that has likely been in development for several YEARS being announced less than a week later a COPY? Or are you just trolling me?

Yea you are right dude. LG didn't copy samsung's UI, neither their software features, neither their back,menu and physical home button are damn right ....

When you really run shit, you don't have to talk about it....

course it counts. someone copied someone else. someone at sammy got wind of a smart bulb that lg was working on and started working on their own. lg revealed the product and sammy did the same a few days later so they wouldnt be out done. it is also possible that lg was the one who got wind of it and started their own and rushed to design something and report about it first. either way someone copied someone cuz there is no way in hell sammy saw lg's announcement and had no idea that it was happening

Seriously? You think several YEARS of development went into this product simply because Samsung caught wind of the fact, several YEARS ago, that LG was making one, and decided they had to copy them? Smart bulbs aren't exactly a new idea, anyway. LG was hardly the first to announce anything of the sort as several have been on the market already. So let's either spread the "copy" word around a bit more to include LG and several other companies, or drop it to recognize that any company who wants to remain relevant in a space has to maintain the status quo set by their competitors.

I never said years ago, thats 1. 2, I was saying sammy didn't hear word a week ago and make this and 3 I am saying someone copied someone! Dumbass

Posted via Android Central App via the shiny new Nexus 5 and a half

I didn't say you said years ago, I'm pointing out that if you understand hardware development, you know it would have to have occurred years ago. There's no way it happened recently. It HAD to have happened years ago, which means if you're saying they caught wind of it and copied, that happened several years ago. The timing of the announcements may or may not be coincidental, but development is probably 2-3 years in, at least.

And what's with the insults? Why was that a necessary component of this discourse?

Buddy.... I said they caught wind of it. That means execs at lg were discussing making a smartbulb doesn't matter how long ago. Someone let it slip to another exec then word got to Sammy so the started developing their own. Or the other way around. Either way this week difference in announcement was not a coincidence

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And what I'm saying is this product wasn't a new idea when LG announced it. It doesn't require one company or the other finding out the other was developing it. Both most likely, independently, decided to work on this ALREADY-EXISTING product segment several years ago. This is how business works. It's why it becomes silly to complain that Samsung is copying LG (or vice-versa) because what we've witnessed here literally represents virtually every technology product segment there is. ALL companies review and recognize trends within their segment, determine whether it makes sense for them to step into that market, and then develop a product for it. These companies are copying each other no more than every other technology company in the entire world is copying their competitors. It's pointless to point it out and complain about it for that reason.

Umm.. Could it be the other way around?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

So you are suggesting that separate companies both came up with the idea around the same time and then announced then within a week of each other. All by coincidence. OK fool (both literally and literally). Just like Sammy's fingerprint scanner, or Apple's multitasking, or htc's metal body. It's business. you do what your competitors are doing! There is 0 shame in making a product to try and better another.

Posted via Android Central App via the shiny new Nexus 5 and a half

I'm suggesting no such thing. Did you even read any of my other comments? I very, very clearly already stated that NEITHER company just debuted something new. This product concept has existed for YEARS. Both companies likely looked at a concept that already existed and independently decided to start work on it. Not even necessarily at the same time, as one company may have taken much longer to develop it than the other due to lack of pre-existing resourced. I guarantee you there are at minimum a dozen other companies actively working on the same product RIGHT NOW that merely didn't announce it this week. The most that happened here is that with LG announcing theirs, Samsung's announcement was probably scheduled for sometime in the next few months and got pushed up to steal thunder. THAT'S IT.

And the rest of your comment is just reiterating what I already said: maintaining the status quo IS just business, making complaining about Samsung doing this utterly pointless. There's nothing wrong with it. But there's also NO intelligent reason to believe that LG or Samsung COPIED the other, when the more logical explanation is that BOTH companies several YEARS ago copied an ALREADY-EXISTING development trend. That's the part I'm objecting to. Assuming this is a Samsung/LG rivalry is silly when there are more logical business reasons for this to have occurred.

Read my original reply. I simply said one copied the other I can't tell you who but just because the idea already existed doesnt mean Sammy or LG were already working on it. Now yes development takes more than a week but for all you know Sammy scrambled to have some images rendered and announced since lg already made an announcement. Notice Sammy gave no hint to when they would be available probably because a final product doesn't exist yet. I didn't suggest they took the idea and copied it I suggested they got wind that so and so was working on it so they started themselves. For you to suggest they both independently and obliviously started working on it around the same time is maddess

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But I didn't. You're still strawmanning my words and ignoring things I directly wrote. I already stated they probably didn't start them at the SAME time. I readily suggested one may have been working on it much longer than the other, among other factors. I'm just saying that when this is a market that ALREADY existed, that likely a dozen or more companies is developing products in, it's far MORE likely that both companies separately evaluated the growing market and decided to develop for it than it is that one heard the other was doing it and said, "screw them, we MUST COPY THEM." That's not how business works, especially when it's a market they weren't already in. LG and Samsung aren't know for their lightbulbs. It's one thing to take something you're already making, like a smartphone, and add a feature to maintain parity with your competition. But LG and Samsung weren't noted lightbulb manufacturers stuck in an epic battle for dominance of the market. There was no vital reason to maintain parity with each other when they weren't already competing there. Both companies had to do their own cost/benefit analysis to determine whether moving into this market was a good thing for them. The fact that another company they compete with in other areas was doing it isn't going to be the primary reason they do it. That makes no business sense.

A market appeared, both companies along with a dozen more evaluated it to see if it made sense to do it, and they decided it was. LG announced their last week, and Samsung pushed up their announcement to make sure they weren't forgotten. That's it. Far more likely in the world of business.

Didn't read this I just don't care anymore

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I've been using the Robosmart LED Bulbs for a couple of months. They are controlled directly using Bluetooth from my phone or tablet. In addition to dimming and a programmable timer, the lights can be set to turn on automatically when I get home and off when I leave. They use bluetooth like an iBeacon to activate the lights when I'm nearby. It sure beats fumbling to find the lock with my keys at night.

These or similar bulbs I think are cool. The inner tech geek in me just loves the idea of being able to control my bulbs with my smart phone.

Does anyone else think having Bluetooth-controlled bulbs is a bad idea in commercial settings? Does each have its own pairing code or is it 0000 or 1234 like most pairing sessions so you could walk into a store or a factory, start adding bulbs to your phone application, and turning them off?

For home use, I can almost understand having BT, but not anywhere where just anyone is wandering in and out of the area.

I don't see these as an item that will be used in public places. What benefit would they be to a store or restaurant?

I could see the benefit if a restaurant wanted to create a certain ambiance during the day and a different one at night, but beyond that it seems fairly limited for use.
If these were full rgb leds that would be a totally different story because the possibilities of color combinations would be endless

The article does explicitly say they have bulbs for use in commercial-type fixtures... you know, those long fluorescent light boxes that are 600, 1200, and 1500mm in length?

IMO smart bulbs is one of those things that arent all that beneficial and will be a pain in the ass just to be "in the know". its obviously more expensive than a regular bulb and what does it offer. id rather a smart house with regular bulbs then one that flickers to tell me im getting a call. i have the ringer for that.

Yeah I may be missing something but... I've no idea why I would want this. I've said similar about other things though, so I'm willing to be convinced.

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I like the ability to change the lighting temperature remotely, though. It's like having F.lux for your whole house.

Probably not worth the inevitably giant cost (especially for renters like me), but the idea is neat.

Posted from one of an unnecessarily large collection of Nexus devices because I'm That Guy

I bought a flat and I'm about to deal with the lighting. The inability to buy Hue in bulk really sticks in my craw. I'm also not convinced by rival products as I want the ability to adjust the colour. I think I'm going to settle with remote dimmer switches and 'normal' LED lighting initially until this batch of new products forces the market to adjust.

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It is ungodly expensive. To think I have sunk over $1000 in lights is pretty ridiculous, but I do love them. They wake me up in the morning, automatically turn on and off at set times, and turn on when I enter my wifi range.

My issue is not spending that amount on Hue per se but doing so on top of DIYing and buying everything else for a flat.

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When did that law pass? And yeah it benefits consumers when they forget a light and turn it off 50 miles away

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

It was the law that eliminated incandescent light bulbs; you know, the .30 cent ones. You must have seen it, it was in all the papers. Sorry, with all the poverty and problems in the world, don't count me as one of those people that feel their life is enriched by being able to turn off a $30 light bulb from 50 miles away. I have higher goals for technology than that and higher aspirations for human-kind.

Not sure I like the bluetooth only connection, much less range than wifi and people who don't have wifi in their homes most likely wouldn't want something like this anyway. If I'm leaving my home and believe that I forgot to turn the light off in the back bedroom I could turn it off from my car with wifi but could never do that with bluetooth.