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Samsung has just introduced the Drive Link app for its devices. The basic idea of Drive Link is to provide a safe user interface and portal to the most commonly used applications on your phone while driving -- navigation, hands-free calling and listening to music. For navigation, you get full access to the phone's GPS and mapping features, allowing you to speak destinations or pull them up from text messages. Full hands-free calling and text-to-speech message reading are available in several languages. The Music portal gives access to all media stored on the device. If you're looking to do more than all of that while driving, you're probably not staying very safe behind the wheel. Samsung also points out that a device with Drive Link installed can provide the services directly, or even connect to your car's current infotainment system with the MirrorLink protocol, a standard embraced by the Car Connectivity Consortium.

Drive link is making its debut on the international version of the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3), with other devices coming later -- provided they are running Android 4.0 -- and will be available for download via Samsung Apps on your device in 21 countries worldwide, none of which is the good ol' U.S. of A.

Source: Samsung Official Global Blog

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marisdaman says:

Well that sucks.

How will we ever get the APK? OH NO...

Aleksey_US says:

Yep, my Verizon GNex is ready and willing to accept this APK ASAP :)

XavierMatt says:

It's nicer when Sammy supports all their devices Nexus or not. . .

murso74 says:

YES!!!! i just got my mirrorlink sony headunit today. great news!

ro1224 says:

It might be helpful if Samsung or other aftermarket manufacturers would offer car docks for the Galaxy Nexus in a timely manner, as without them, this type of app isn't as useful. The point of such an app is being able to see it and that doesn't happen so well if the phone is hanging out in one of your console cupholders. I have the CDMA variant of the GNexus and unlike its GSM cousin, I cannot get a car dock with POGO pins so I've held off on buying any type of dock. When I had my HTC EVO 4G, I at least had the benefit of the very reliable SEIDIO dock, but they don't make one for the GNexus.

I use my old Garmin GPS dock, it works like a charm with my s3 (in a case too!)...

djw39 says:

I keep reading this as "Drink Live". Where's that app?

carraser891 says:

how long will it take for Apple to menstruate about this

GMJeff says:

In 3.....2.....1.....


MBSMD says:

Not a very PC comment...

fakemoez says:

Heads up. From the Samsung Tomorrow blog:

The app is downloadable from Samsung Apps in 21 countries including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine, and United Kingdom.

Not seeing Canada or US there.

duck4cover says:

Downloaded to my s3, buggy as hell can't even turn it off once on? Doesn't work with my copilot app, can't create shortcuts to the apps I need, guess once again we are all beta testers

jlschulz says:

I'm pretty sure Apple invented driving, or at least driving while you're on the phone. Come on judge Lucy, time for another ban, or are yountoo busy spending all that kickback money.

rocket321 says:

Why are they using an iPhone for the image? Obviously that device above with its rounded corners is an iPhone.

Lior Lev says:

i have this app but its not letting me to make phonecall while i am driving,
when i push on the phone button it telling me that the car is moving and cannot make call.
is there a way to disable this function ?