Well the announcements just keep rolling in from CES. Samsung has introduced the Infuse 4G, which will be heading to AT&T.  The Infuse has been described as a Galaxy S phone, just better. It sports a whopping 4.5-inch Super-AMOLED screen and a 1.2 GHz processor. Along with the 4.5-inch screen, the device will sport dual cameras, Android 2.2, and HD recording capabilities. [Samsung]


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Samsung Infuse 4G heading to AT&T, brings 4.5-inch goodness


Whoa, what's with AT&T suddenly getting all these cool smartphones? This and the Motorola Atrix 4G are looking mighty tasty right now. Although the screen on this particular phone seems a bit too big for my taste.

Wouldn't be surprised if it's because their iP**** exclusivity deal is drawing nigh. Sometimes I wondered if Apple was the reason they had such meager Android options.

I want to snatch one of these up so bad but with AT&T's LTE launch scheduled for the summer I might just wait. It'll be better than Verizon instead of going from 10mb speeds down to 1mb when you leave the LTE zone it'll drop to 6-7mb on HSPA+.

If it's still a Hummingbird they might of as well kept it at 1Ghz, Im not sure how battery would be with a higher clocked processor of the same type.

How do you know they haven't improved the manufacturing process. The Hummingbird chip has been out for a while now and by the time this phone hits it will probably have been on the market a year. A revision to the chip making it smaller and more energy efficient allowing for higher clock speeds seems likely to me. It's how its been since the dawn of the processor.

While I don't know how much of a difference .2 inches make, when I hold my EVO, I don't think I could use a phone that was any bigger. Actually, the one thing I envy about the Epic is the 4 inch screen, it still seems big, but fit in my hand better.

Supposedly this is slimmer than the EVO, maybe that will help its pocketability.

You better check yourself before I wreck yourself. I love my Galaxy S, I'm running Darky's custom 2.2.1 Rom and it's fantastic.

LTE has always been on their schedule for later half of this year but they are talking about HSPA+... same "4G" TMO is talking about

Until all these 4+" devices start getting the right resolution I'm not going to care. Whats the point of just magnifying the resolution, there is none. I equate this to buying a 20" monitor and still running at 800x600 resolution.

Lol,launching with 2.2. So all you current galaxy a users be jealous on. 2.1, it will be atleast a year before this gets 2.3 aka gingerbread, if it ever does get 2.3

Your not running a official 2.2, your phone had to be rooted in order to get 2.2. Via root, voiding your warranty.

Face the fact that samsung sucks on updating their phones and with each phone they release they have a bigger bullet to bite. bbi

When did rooting void a warranty? Had mine rooted and still under warranty.

Not sure why there is so much hate with galaxy s phones. Ok the US hasn't got an official release of Froyo... who cares.... most ppl that buy android phones do it for the freedom of customization (example: custom roms). I have my captivated loaded with a Froyo 2.2.1 rom OC'd to 1.2ghz, it's better than any "official" release.... and yes I have no gps problems

Rooting has always avoided your warranty. With applications that use the LED as really powerful flashlights, overclocking kernels available, ability to mess up flashing radio components, trickle charging kernels, and speaker level modifications available manufacturers/carriers have lots to worry about.

Why would they be jealous. They have already finished 2.2 and its available just about everywhere except the US. It's the carriers that are holding them back. I am 100% confident they will have 2.2 on the Galaxy S well before this phone hits.

Still not sorry that I ditched the Captvate for the Nexus S, yet. But if more of these keep popping up, I just might have to reconsider. Then again, these probably won't get updates like the Galaxy line.

Nice phone. I guess the iPhone isn't an AT&T exclusive any more. Enjoy that 4.5" screen smartphone with no unlimited data plan on the network with more dropped calls in more places. I bounced for a better phone (EVO) better signal strength, and an unlimited everything plan that covers all my needs for less than AT&T.

This phone slaps and owners of a captivate in the face! Why are they showing AT&T the love why not give it to all to T-mobile and Verizon also?

I'd love a keyboard version of THAT on Sprint... EPIC2 for the win! LMAO. The thing would be a brick in the hand and pocket- but I wouldn't care! 4.5" SAMOLED+ !

Boy this looks great I could buy this VZW better make a splash. And Att got this because they asked for it

How can you say that? The EVO is old news compared to all these phones. Just becaue you have an evo doesnt it make it the best. Only people who have evo glorify it. Its too big and the screen pales in comparison to Galaxy phones. Truth.

I think this looks awesome. To the people crying about this not having gingerbread, almost none of the announced phones so far have it. Chill. Also, 2.3 really didn't add all that much. The most useful thing 2.3 added was maps, and anyone can download that from the market. I can't wait to switch to this or the inspire from my i4. I've been wanting a Android for a long time, and now my carrier finally has 3 pretty good choices.

I will never purchase another Samsung phone again... 6 Bell i9000m phones died in 4.5 months due to a faulty internal SD card and there is no fix in sight...

Will stick with the Motorola Atrix or LG phones... NOVA is > than Super
AMOLED2 anyways