Gear Live

The Gear Live — Samsung's first Android Wear smartwatch is official, announced at Google I/O and available from today on the Google Play Store for $199. If you're wondering about exact hardware specs, we've got full Samsung Gear Live hardware details waiting below.

Samsung Gear Live specifications

Category Features
Display 1.63" Super AMOLED (320 x 320)
OS Android Wear
Processor 1.2 GHz Processor
Google Services Google Now, Google Voice, Google Maps & Navigation, Gmail, Hangouts
Additional Features Notification (SMS, E-mail, etc.)
Heart Rate Monitor
IP67 Dust and Water Resistant
Changeable Strap
Color Options Black and Wine Red
Connectivity Bluetooth® v4.0 LE
Sensor Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Compass, Heart Rate
Storage 4GB Internal Memory
Dimension /Weight 37.9 x 56.4x 8.9 mm, 59g
Battery Standard Battery, Li-ion 300mAh
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Zylograth says:

Available to buy today or just for pre-order?

From everything I've read it looks like it's pre-order today with a ship date of July 7th

larryv says:

I won't buy one until it can do all the things that my Fitbit flex can do (count steps, track calories, track your sleep patterns etc...) and last about a 5-7 days on a single charge. I hope the moto 360 will be worth the wait.

indianajonze says:

you guys need to do a nice comparison chart between this and the LG! i'm too lazy!

lol REALLY!?

fuzzylumpkin says:

Screens better (or rather, has more pixels) on this, batteries bigger on the G watch. Other than that I think it's a wash.

EDIT: Oh, plus this has the heart rate monitor.

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The heart rate monitor is what may make this one the winner for me.
Samsungs looks more comfortable.
LGs looks more appealing visually.

fuzzylumpkin says:

Yeah the G is much prettier, don't think I'll need the heart rate monitor personally I'm the unfit type lol.

Actually maybe I need it more :p

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fuzzylumpkin says:

Though I do notice the letters LE are missing from the G's Bluetooth listing...

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That has got to be a mistake.

jeremyreger says:

I got the gear 2 neo for the heart rate monitor and took it back because the heart rate app was so clunky and not useful and the.battery wouldn't get me through a work day..

MasterElwood says:


I also have the Neo. The heart rate monitor works fine, and i get AT LEAST 2 full days with one charge (3 days with a dark wallpaper).

jeremyreger says:

Thats awesome.. keep it forever! and my point with the heart rate monitor is its no different than the app thats been around for years that you hold your finger over the flash and camera.. you have to stop what you are doing, find the app, start it.. be really still.. thats not really effective.. not when you want to use it.. and seriously.. I couldn't make it through a work day without the watch running completely out of battery..

aelaan says:

Strange, I use it (G2N) for two weeks now and I get easily two days (48 hours) of use (down to about 12%) and use it logging my activities except sleep. The exercise options can be better I agree, the heart rate monitor is indeed not very accurate, I find the watch very nice to wear and functionality is what I expected. I do expect much more from the wearables over the next two years.

jayjay234 says:

Um.. can i make/answer calls? What is the battery life?

Posted via NEXUS 5

Don't know about calls. Samsung says battery lasts "a full day".

icyrock1 says:

God that's ugly. Google should of had a watch company design one...

YAYTech says:

Um... it's a Samsung. Samsung designed it, not Google.

Polyacci says:


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indianajonze says:

the all black lg one looks very sexy to me. this one looks just like the existing gears, which is a big "meh"

On2Vegas says:

Fossil was announced as future partner a couple months ago.

littleemp says:

There's a reason why EVERYONE is waiting for the Moto 360 instead of this pile of feces.

So true. I'm holding out for the 360

MasterElwood says:

Looks WAY better then the ugly LG watch...

OviMicula says:

I'll probably get this. Just not in wine red lol XD

powerboyd says:

Price is not to bad comparing the Pebble I already own...

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Agreed. But I broke my Pebble... :(

powerboyd says:

I broke mines also. Was gonna buy the steel but might buy this for work and the 360 for everything else. This is kinda ugly and don't care too much about looks of a watch at work, just function...

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Incognitum says:

Agreed, but the dog ate my pebble (like for realsies though :( )

Was hoping to see the 360 today, now thinking about getting this or (more likely) the gwatch, and letting the wife have it when 360 drops.

$200 seems reasonable.

joeyhendrixs says:

They need an android wear watch with an integrated camera for video chatting over hangouts

Considering they're already struggling to get them to last one day, which is an absolute bare minimum to make a watch useful, video messaging is clearly not going to happen any time soon.

TurboFool says:

Ugh. No.

Deke218 says:

No camera? No sale.

Really? Personally the camera is the last feature I would need to buy a smartwatch.

littleemp says:

Where's mah removable battery and SD Card? umm... amirite guise?


Allen Brown2 says:

I need 3GB RAM at least!

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I won't buy it unless it can store all my 4k videos, can call the space station, and has an xray camera!

TurboFool says:

Okay, now you're just getting ridiculous.

8k is right around the corner. Why on earth would you settle for 4k?

Ethere says:

8K? I have 8L!

Deke218 says:

I have the original Gear. Didn't think I'd use the camera much when i got it but possibilities open up for it's use on a daily basis.

Incognitum says:

....Sounds like we've found a subway creeper...

Zylograth says:

Would be nice if i could just flash Android Wear onto my current Gear 2 Neo.

lordmorphous says:

Exactly what I'm hoping for.

NEmickeyfan says:


Volkers84 says:

My thought too... And would look a lot better than this thing... I'm sure we will be able to soon enough

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decko5 says:

Does this just pair with any Android phone out of the box?

As long as it's running 4.3+ it will be compatible. Just pair via Bluetooth...

Bluetooth LE devices 4.3 and higher. Not sure if it is going to need a dedicated app or not.

Incognitum says:

Yes, but the app isn't available yet... Check out the following post:

fuzzylumpkin says:

Any deets on UK (or anywhere else) pricing yet?

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aitt says:

I would get this for my wife since she got the S5

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You don't need a Samsung phone to use this, android wear devices work with all android phones 4.3+

Google has become more like Apple nothing revolutionary these days


Quick, name a company that has released something never-before-seen this year! Ready...Set...GOOGLE!!,!

NoNexus says:

First, your blog sucks
Next, get that clickbait shit out of here
finally, have you been paying attention?

littleemp says:

That clown joined 3 weeks ago and has 2 posts total, both linking to his/her shitty ass blog. Jerry/Phil/Alex need to ban this guy.

ksat says:

You guys also forgot...based on the specs listed, the Samsung is utilizing Bluetooth LE (Low Energy / Smart). The specs for the LG doesn't identify "LE", just the 4.0 spec. I can't imagine why it wouldn't, though - just going by stated specs.

I really think the Gear Live looks better. I'd love to wait for a M360, but, have a feeling that things is 1) going to be a BEAST on the wrist and 2) is going to be expensive - $250 minimum! I do like the circle design, though.

I haven't read anything on charging...assuming std. micro-usb?

lindseybp says:

I thought I read it was wireless...contacts on the back or something.

jimbo says:

What? No swappable battery! s/

4.0 is le

Sowalnut Pov says:

Oh after I finally decide to get the gear 2 smh

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jayjay234 says:

Nah.. i think gear 2 is still better

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Battery usage-wise the Gear still seems to kick Androids arse on wearables as the Tizen version has 3 times the battery life. Though, the automatic app connectivity on Google's iteration might just be a bit more useful and make it worth it.

lindseybp says:

Right price point. Now LG should match price or they will lose some sales. yes the LG is cooler but people in the US are very familiar with Samsung, not as much with LG. If LG comes in at the same price I'll buy the LG......then sell it when the Moto comes out:-)

lindseybp says:

Is this a qualcomm processor like the LG??

jayjay234 says:


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neo4uo says:

I am just gonna wait looking forward to seeing the moto 360 I love the fact that's its round instead of square ;)

wezra says:

From my perspective, and being a watch collector, I have enough round watches that the 360 has no special appeal for me. So the rectangular case design does offer something different. That said, I was not to pleased with the Pebble when it showed up at the front door. Very clunky and the plastic (or resin) was not very classy looking. I never really wore it much. What I see here in both the LG and Samsung offerings are devices that are much nicer looking and have some style to them. Whether or not they appeal to you individually is something else again... that's a personal preference.
I have the LG G2 and was leaning more towards the LG version, but I honestly do like the Samsung model as well. But with all things Samsung, I'm sure in 3 months they will have a replacement. LG most likely not. On the LG side they have a less than stellar reputation for updates.. so I have to wonder how long the G Watch will go without having any sort of firm wear or Android Wear update... or any update for that matter. In a device like this I think updates will be very important as newer, more robust apps hit the market. So that is what really worries me as a consumer... not so much the design, but the manufacturer updating the device over its lifespan. All that said, I may very well take the plunge with the G Watch later today off Google Play Store.

Lg g watch has 25% bigger battery than the Samsung too

MasterElwood says:

The size of the battery is not important because they don´t have the same display, cpu ect.

djxtreme says:

So I was wanting the galaxy neo which would be a better choice the live the LG or the neo? I basically want it so I don't have to carry my note 3 running with me. And for notifications at work.

Incognitum says:

Gear live is more tailored to the fitness market with the heart rate sensor, and the sports band. I hear bad things about amoled in sunlight, which may be a consideration, but we'll have to wait and see. I thought about that too, but there were three factors behind my decision to go with the LG.

1. I read some reviews of the Gear fit that said the HR sensor didn't work too well, and drained the battery super fast when it was on.

2. Speaking of battery life, a 33% increase in battery capacity isn't nothing. I know the amoled is supposedly more efficient, but the lower pixel density, and independent back-lighting on the LG, I think will make up for that.

3. Smaller form-factor. The wife had looked at the Gear watches before and thought they're too big and clunky. With any luck, she'll like this one. Then I can give it to her in a few weeks, coincidentally right when the Moto 360 launches.

cwmont13 says:

Now that Sammy has announced pricing at $199, this puts LG and Moto on the spot. If they come in priced above Samsung, they will have to prove they upped the game and specs to justify the higher pricing. Plus competing against the deep pockets and the brand recognition of Samsung is a tough uphill climb.

From the Death Star using my LG G2

lindseybp says:


evoben24 says:

I'll wait for the reviews and battery life then I'll decide

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muthah says:

Love the always on screen of the LG

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mammlouk says:

If somebody could stuff the internals from this or the G-Watch into a Pebble Steel shell I would buy it in a heartbeat.

ybcthanerd says:

Does this have a mic or no

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All android wear devices will have a mic for the Google now functionality

mathelm says:

Anyone know if you can use a standard type watch band? Doesn't appear so in the pic....

Also, any of you bike helmet wearing daises out there plan on a screen protector for your new precious?

AndrewMax says:

According to the very specs at top of this page, the strap is changeable. Something I was hoping for myself.

Dan Kellett1 says:

Is there GPS on this device? I want to be able to use this instead of my phone to track my course.

mathelm says:

I don't think so as this is designed to work with, or rather through your phone....

Just order mine!

Ian B says:

Does it have a built in speaker and can we load music to it for playing along w google play music?

K White1 says:

Love the wine red option. And it matches the shirt I'm wearing today. I'll have to try it on first since most smartwatches don't look good on my wrist.

Posted via AC App on HTC One

cprio says:

Samsung leads in wrist based technology... they simply have been doing it longer and with more shipped units. Technically this is gen3? I just got a gear 2 and am getting use to being an uber-duef. And of course am having doubts because I want Google os.