Wearables are a new product category and that means early-to-market companies like Samsung not only have to introduce and evangelize the very idea of devices like the Gear 2 and Gear Fit, but also convince us that we need them and that they deserve a place in our gadget collections and our lives. That takes a lot of marketing and a lot of money. Luckily, Samsung has a lot of both. Witness the brand new Another Me commercial above.

No, this isn't the script of a movie. This is a true story of Samantha Futerman and Anais Bordier. When they finally met, they realized that they shared the same tastes, thoughts and habits. Their discovery proved that as humans, we are in sync by nature.

Their amazing story inspired us, and we embraced it to express the idea how Samsung Gear allow consumers to always remain in sync. The connection is not only about the devices. It is about the bigger picture: building better communication between people and the world.

Our hope is that the Samsung Gear will be a part in the journey in finding "Another Me".

This is a far better, far more human commercial than the original Galaxy Gear skiing video, and exactly what Samsung needs to keep doing until wearables are as mainstream as phones and tablets. That's what I think at least, how does Another Me resonate with you?


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Samsung Gear commercial shows off 'Another Me'


Great story, but boring commercial, doesn't make me want to run out and buy their product.

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Good commercial, but i dont see how it fits with the Galaxy Gear. lol

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Commercial is pretty cool, Android Wear killed my interest in this and lets keep this going.
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They missed on this commercial. It is a great story, but they didn't do enough with the Gear to make me feel I need it, or even want it. Technology is so cool, and its amazing that it brought these girls together.

The story was cute, but how the hell does this make me want to buy a Gear 2?

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This ad does make feel like buying a Galaxy Gear but it does make me like Samsung more. Samsung sure knows how to make ads

It tells me nothing about the gear, gives me no reason to buy one, and doesn't even make a connection between the story and the watch. The typical viewer might not even know it's supposed to be an ad for the gear.

this is my main gripe with this advert, how is it going to make me jump up and say i need this, i have to have it right now, it just doesn't, don't get me wrong it's a wonderful story, but does nothing for selling their product IMO.

This was more of an advert for facebook. While people call Facebook it is great for things like this happening, I found my grandfather I never met on FB, reunited him with my father after 54 years of never seeing him due to a scorned mother.

Anyway... This post has about as much to do with the gear 2 as the video did lol, still got the neo pre ordered tho

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They're just trying their best to sell these 2 products before moto 360 becomes available

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sammy has imroved its adds but nope i dont feel the need yet for a gear.

from my old note3 which i had to sell my soul for;)

We are all nerds. We always want it in our face. I think it was just fine. It's meant for you to get all touched up and think about things that are similar in your life...your dog, your car keys, your wallet, your FitBit in the washing machine, whatever it is...the thing that you eventually discovered and couldn't separate with...like the TV remote.

You do not put two and two together until they mention "in sync" and actually show the devices. Other than that, one would never know this to be a Galaxy wearables commercial.

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