Samsung's patent

The folks over at Patent Bolt have unearthed a new filing from Samsung, one that describes a new method of dealing with icon stacks and folders on mobile devices. A look through the slides and description can be summed up pretty easily -- icon stacks will be drawn in a parallelogram shape versus a circle or square, have an accordion style animation when expanded, and use vertical scrolling to navigate through. This should be enough to keep from getting sued sometime in the future, but never say never.

In the end it's a new level of eye-candy to perform a simple function. If we ever see it on Android phones and tablets (and that's a big if -- patents are filed and not used all the time), it will be a new way for Samsung to set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. We just hope they allow us to shut it off.

Source: Patent Bolt


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Samsung files patent for folders and icon stacks on mobile devices


^you think samsung didnt know that? osx stack isnt on mobile device so boho.
this will give one tiny reason to touchwiz hater to be rethink their hate.

Just get Trebuchet or Nova Launcher. They're based on the stock ICS launcher and allows you to resize any widget.