Samsung Fascinate Froyo Leak

Normally we wouldn't post such a tease, since there's no payoff at the end of this rainbow. But when we're able to use the words "Samsung," "Fascinate" and "Froyo" in the same sentence, we're going to do it, dammit. An official Android 2.2 build for the Samsung Fascinate apparently has slipped into the hands of some devs who can do some good with it. And now the race is on -- will we see an official release first, or one from the community? News at 11, folks. [Twitter via Android Central Forums]


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Samsung Fascinate Froyo leak reportedly in the hands of a few lucky devs


Is that seriously a question... Samsung vs. Devs? The Devs could've made it from scratch already! Samsung has seriously failed in 2010/2011


I don't mean why would you want the update, I mean why would you just recently get the Fascinate? I am not trying to sound rude but Samsung is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE about updating their phones. Froyo has been out since May 2010 & right now today only 1 of the US Galaxy S models have gotten an official release (the T-Mobile Vibrant) & there are supposedly A LOT of problems with it. Not to mention that Gingerbread has been out for a month & a half already now. Do you think any of the Samsung phones will ever see it or anything beyond? I don't.

There are so many other good Android phones at Verizon now & even better ones coming down the line very soon. You are going to be using that phone for the next 20-24 should be something that the manufacturer is going to dilligently support for at least half that time, don't you think?

I agree... at this point there is no reason to get it because better toys will be coming out soon. unless you just want to play with it for 30 days while waiting and then return??

of course most people are unaware of the differences and only know what they see in stores superficially: "oh this one has a curved screen!?", "and this one has a keypad", "this one is red!" :)

but the fact that you are HERE already means you are not common jo and are more "informed".

go ahead, play with the phone while the trial is in effect and then return it. just my personal opinion though.

Let's be fair here. Froyo may have been out since May but the Fascinate has been out for only 4 1/2 months. Most platforms don't have a major update in that short period of time. Despite that, Samsung and Verizon DID issue a maintenance release that improved some of the early shortcomings that some experienced. As for Gingerbread, only the Nexus S series has it so THAT can't be held against Samsung.

Even with Eclair 2.1, the Fascinate continues to be a great smart phone. With a strong feature set, it will still be in 24 months. I look forward to Froyo and possibly Gingerbread but the truth of the matter is that they are only incremental updates. There isn't anything "earth-shattering" that I can't live without if they don't come to the Fascinate.

While new phones may be on the horizon, it still is a great time to buy the Fascinate. In my case, I bought mine for 96 cents at Sam's Club. Try doing THAT with any of the new phones announced at CES, especially with the elimination of New Every Two. LTE? It is not slated to be available in my area (Montana) at all in 2011. Why pay a premium for something I won't be able to use unless I travel to select markets?

So it's okay for someone to buy a Fascinate. Despite the outcry, Samsung has issued updates in the short time we have had the phone and it looks like Froyo has been delivered to developers - We will see it soon. They say the perception becomes reality but in this case, Samsung shouldn't be punished for our impatience.

I agree that the step from Froyo to Gingerbread looks incremental, but I thought the step from Eclair to Froyo was HUGE when I got it for my Droid X & I think you will too when you ever get it on your Fascinate. It adds Flash which, in my opinion, really makes it a desktop like browsing experience.

Browsing became MUCH quicker with Froyo & battery life increased too.

Edit: I totally forgot about the ability to put apps on the SD card that came with Froyo. It may not be an issue to you if you would never go over your 2GB of ROM (or my 8GB), but for a lot of people..that is also a HUGE addition.

I knew that the Galaxy S line was plagued with slow/nonexistent updates when I picked mine up. I was either going to wait for the next gen, get a Droid X or the Fascinate. What put it over the top for me was the screen, the chips and the unlocked bootloader. I knew that no matter what any manufacturer or provider did the locked bootloader of the X would be more of a shortcoming than Froyo now - that the crafty devs would have ROMS and Kernels cooking to make the phone a fun and viable device for most of my contract.

Also it was $0 on Black Friday and I was able to convince a nice VZW agent to give me 3 months of free data soooo ... I knew what I was getting into so I'm not yelling, but if I rolled my eyes more I'd be looking at me brains.

Why doesn't Samsung let the Dev's test it first, fix any issues and send it back to Samsung/Verizon so they can push it out OTA. Please tell me we won't have to Kies to install it like the poor Vibrant user!

To be honest I wasn't planning on flashing froyo until the devs had a chance to clean it up anyways. My SupahClean rom/kernel setup (!thanks adrynalyne!) is too nice to just give up for some bloated VZW version of froyo.

They are already working on a cyanogenmod port. You can try the alpha at xda. I also know that kaos has gingerbread booted but only the alpha has been released as of yet. We are close to a Dev breakthrough and its going to be awesome. Even the cyanogenmod alpha runs like a dream on the fascinate. Kaos and JT kick@$$!

Well now that there is an actual froyo rom meant for the Fascinate, it'll be easier to work on a full port to astable release, I don't like messing with alphas and nightlies, ill wait for an RC or Stable with as much as my brother uses my Fascinate.

I gave up on both Samsung and Verizon on this thing. Completely out of hand that an update to fix the GPS makes the GPS worse and they make us wait 4 months and then put a crappy update out instead of Froyo. Sold mine and went to the Droid X - the phone I should have gotten in the first place. The difference is like night and day.

I went the other way. Anything Motorola touches is garbage as far as I am concerned. Traded a Droid X for a Fascinate and have not looked back...Fascinate rocks even without Froyo!

I am with Apple anyway - Flash stinks and can die as far as I am concerned. Flash is one of the buggiest software programs ever released!

C'mon guys, it took only 120 hours for the Froyo thing to start pushing once the bad press of the Android Central nut-sack Podkick #47 happened. You guys don't think you have sway? Nobody likes bad press, especially when they have an over-supply of it at Sammy~ What they need is a PR firm to start handling their business pronto.

I'm a former Epix, current Captivate owner; sorry I went back to Sammy, but I just couldn't stomach the iPhonenanza hype at the moment they were burying their dead re: death-grip connectivity issue.

Now I wait patiently for Cyanogen Mod 'xyz' for the Cappy, and Sammy can kiss my asz thereafter. I will not, under any circumstance (short of Sammy performing a complete global merger-acquisition of all manufacturing capacity of cellular telephone equipment) purchase another one of their unsupported products. They SHOULD contract CM consortium to fix their issue of support.

I may actually go back to a rotary phone, I'm so pissed at this firm.



Even tho im a droid x guy I feel bad for the galaxy s owners. Believe it when u see it. Samsung sucks and I can say I was sooooooo close to buying a fascinate and im glad I didn't. Next phone will be htc after motos locked bootloader shenanigins.

The EVO has had about half a dozen updates since it was released (7 months ago), the majority of those updates were first leaked to a handful of user devs active at XDA... Frankly at this point I just think it's intentional, unofficial beta testing if you will. We even had some leaks of actual manufacturer builds in between official releases, builds that never became OTA updates. The only question is who leaked it all, Sprint or HTC? I'm betting the latter.

I got an OTA update from Verizon on my Fascinate today that required my phone to shut down and reboot (took about 10 minutes). I'm not sure what the update was but I got my hopes up that it was finally the Froyo update. Turns out it was just another update to some Apps and not much more. Just to test it out I went to a Flash configured website but still no luck... frustrating!

Hey if this helps my Epic 4g get a better more stable 2.2 rom then I say bring it on. Its getting more and more tempting to flash, despite how terrifying it looks to be.

"But when we're able to use the words "Samsung," "Fascinate" and "Froyo" in the same sentence, we're going to do it, dammit."

^^ That right there is GOOD writing. Made me LOL.

It is a shame that Samsung is such a crappy company. No one should have to go to such great lengths to provide their phones with the "updates" and "modifications" that should already be pushed out from the company, to the carrier, to the owner on a fairly regular basis. You pay for a device expecting to be able to get the most out of it from the box and from the regular updates. You don't pay to have a piece of meat hanging in the face of a starving person, so to speak.... the update being the "meat," and the phone owners are the "starving people," if you will.

When will FROYO be available for Samsung Captivate Galaxy S phones. This is crazy..... I purchased the phone in September and they said the update would be available September 15th, 2010. Still nothing. You would think with today's technology these companies could handle providing an update....

LOL!! Who told you 9-15-10? An AT&T store rep?

If so, they don't know anything & they were just trying to get the sale.