Samsung Galaxy Player

Among the plethora of Android tablets and smartphones we'll see at CES, Samsung's expected to bring out another version of its phoneless Galaxy Player. The most recent version, the YP-GB1, is said to have Android 2.2 (take that, all you Galaxy S phones!), the same 1GHz Hummingbird processor, a 4-inch SLCD touchscreen, 480x800 resolution, 3.2MP rear camera and front VGA camera -- and 8GB, 16GB or 32GB storage. Basically, a Galaxy S sans phone radio.

This isn't that new -- other versions have been floating around since early this fall. But what we will be looking for is U.S. availability. Stay tuned, folks. [via Samsung Hub]


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Samsung expected to show Galaxy Player at CES


Its interesting, because the calling feature is the one I use the least on my phone. I thought it would be cool to switch over to a tablet, instead of having a phone, but I feel like there would be repurcusions on the off-chance someone was trying to call me in an emergency. That, and I've already paid $250 for my phone, so to me there's no going back.

But we'll see what the future holds. I may some day just go without a phone entirely, and just have an internet device, like this one.

Calling and "being on the network" are two different things... I call infrequently too, but you can pry my 3g radio from my cold, dead hands! I wouldnt want to be subjected to needing wifi to have connectivity.

HOW ABOUT YOU BRING ANDROID 2.2.1 TO AMERICA! ESPECIALLY THE ONLY 4G FLAGSHIP EPIC PHONE! Honestly you think anyone gonna buy this after all we been through! BOYCOTT!

Waitaminute... no SD storage?

If they can't get DRM like digital copy working on these devices I don't see why someone for probably less money wouldn't rather have an ipod touch or zune.

Interesting... SLCD rather than SAMOLED...

The article says it will have a microSD slot so you get the benefit of having multiple microSDHC cards. You could carry a lot of media on several cards and swappable batteries are fine by me. I would happily sell my iPod Touch 4G to get one of these. When will it be out next summer/fall or Christmas 2011 which is what always seems to happen at CES, lots of promise and little follow through.

SLCD? Does this mean the love affair with AMOLED for portables will soon end? I suspect they tested two prototypes, one with SLCD and one with AMOLED, and came to the same conclusion many others have: AMOLED is a battery killer.

I agree. Samsung's gonna need to price at or below comparable ipod, so slcd is probably cheaper than samoled


this is the hugest fail

glad i waited so long for this pathetic device with throwaway specs.

middle finger to you samsung

Samsung needs to slow down! Stop pushing new devices out and push some support and some updates for all of your galaxy s phones! I'm telling everyone I know to not buy anything Samsung, you people are insane if you think you can ignore your consumers and expect them to still buy your crap! And I'm sure many, many galaxy s owners agree with me. You need to listen to your consumers... give us our froyo! Better yet how about gingerbread scince its already a galaxy s device running it!

I have been looking for something to replace my iPod Touch 3 because I have a iPhone now this is perfect for me to trie Android without a contract, I hope the price is not to much.
If Samsung know better $200 to $250 is what the thing should cost.
PS Samsung updated the the Galaxy S phones to 2.2 the networks just need to push it out now, STOP blaming Samsung, call your network and let them hear your anger.

This device totally rocks! My only complaints/questions are: Why didn't they just add a better front/rear camera like the LG 2x that can do HD front/rear? A bigger battery-- Really how long will a 1200 mAh battery last? As a frequent traveller, I'd like a battery that can run thru a 10hr+ flight. Also, why Froyo, will this thing even run Android Market? Furthermore, I wish they would of added HDMI and DLNA, and a built in FM tuner like the YP-G50. Lastly, instead of those touch capacitive buttons, they should add real button with backlight. I don't know how many times I accidentally pressed the wrong button on the Galaxy Vibrant in the dark. I know this seems picky but they're already going with High end specs...might as well go all out and put Apple to shame.