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The Samsung Epic 4G still isn't shipping from Sprint with Gingerbread on board, but that doesn't mean you can't have a try on your own.  Build EG22 brings yet another leaked Gingerbread ROM for the Epic, and early word is that it's a fine piece of engineering.  It appears that most of the debugging code has been stripped out, which means there's a good chance this will be the final release, and that Android developers won't have to work as hard to clean it all up for those that prefer the custom ROM route.  One important thing to know is that there are enough changes in this build that themes and other customizations built for the EF02 leak might not work, but I imagine everyone involved will have that sorted out soon.

There's several different ways to get this one on your Epic, hit the forums and holler at AC adviser Paul627g with questions and for advice -- that man is an Epic hacking machine and will steer you right.  If you're the type who would rather wait to get your update pushed from Sprint, it looks like it won't be too much longer now.

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Samsung Epic 4G sees another Gingerbread leak with build EG22


How's it a joke? They're working on the phone, and this shows that they're making progress. Oh, and Gingerbread has been pretty damn workable for a couple months now, if you have the wherewithal to do just a little work. If you're waiting around for Samsung, then it's your fault, not theirs.

Um how is it your fault that you don't want to run a ROM and violate their warranty? I have no prob with roms and such but because they are bad with updates, its their fault. I'd rather not have to bother, you buy a phone with an expectation of service and Samsung has failed in that aspect.

How have they failed? Does your phone not ring? Maybe you're just being a whiny brat. I've sent my Moment Rommed to hell over to Samsung for warranty work. Came back just fine. They really didn't care. Also took it to Sprint, same answer. Now that I'm on my Epic, I'm not really worried about Gingerbread. It's a pretty minor upgrade vs. Eclair --> Froyo. And they're certainly getting it moving a LOT faster than they did Froyo. So either man up and ROM your phone, or sit back and whine while you're waiting for that Manna from heaven. The rest of us will be running our favorite ROMs and Kernels while you're holding your hand out.

I still miss my Epic, in many respects. Having just a tablet is great, but it's just not the same as having a regular old phone. Gingerbread on my Galaxy Tab is wonderful, so I bet it's just as good or better on the Epic.

I've really been thinking about that.... how is it when you want to do something simple like listen to music? Or what about a phone call (for whatever reason) . . .

As a music player, it works great. It isn't especially portable if you use it for something like working out. But as a general purpose music player, it works great .

For phone, I use Skype. The Android app lets you make phone calls to regular phones and Skype numbers alike. With a year subscription, you get a number and unlimited calling to the US for about $7 a month. Over 3G the call quality isn't the greatest, but it works for me as I hardly ever make phone calls. There are a few extra steps to make a phone call versus just having a phone app, but at a savings of $60 a month, I can't complain too much.

As a camera, it's a tad bit unwieldy due to its size, but it works well enough if you aren't looking for professional-grade photos. The camera and the phone are the two things I miss about having the Epic. The smaller device makes it easier to hold for taking pictures, and the Epic's camera app has more options. But the Tab works for what I do. And like I said before, the monthly savings makes the added steps acceptable to me.

I am not looking forward to any new pushed updates after the decable that was the Evo Gingerbread update. It stopped my texts from working in addition to the other known issues... Sprint gave me a new Evo that worked for a week until they forced the update on me again and broke the new phones sms! I understand the big deal that people made about updating from 2.1 to 2.2 due to the added features (navigation, flash, etc) but, what is the big deal about Gingerbread? It seemed like minor changes on the Evo, certainly not enough to look forward to if you ask me... Does anyone know something that would make me think otherwise?

I had the same questions before the Droid X update to Gingerbread. I chose to forgo the update until I read enough reviews on how the update was going on other people's phones & after many similar issues (problems w/ LED notifications, frequent dropped data/voice connection, random reboots, keyboard lag, etc.) I decided to stay on Froyo permanently.

Gingerbread just seems like a minor update to me & an unnecessary one @ that. If you aren't having issues w/ Froyo, I suggest waiting to see how it pans out before accepting the update because other phones are having a lot of problems with this update breaking important features.

i had tons of problems myself, my gps completely stopped working- it now works occasionally- my data connection cuts out all the time, and randomly shuts its self off, the screen occasionally wont turn on when trying to unlock(just the bottom buttons).friends with epics had the same type of issues i did. sprint said its a software issue and only thing they could do was sell me an upgrade..i had problems when i had the samsumg moment and they updated it too... i swear samsung does this so people get mad and end up buying a new phone from them..

Gingerbread fixed a huge problem with the evo...battery life! The battery life is way better now than before. You have to do a factory reset after updating. I refused to reset the phone but then realized it makes the phone run much better. Now I'm glad I did it.

I've run the (admittedly non-streamlined) leaks up to this one on the Epic. If you really want better battery life on this thing, go with one of the ROMS that get rid of SprintID.

ha ha..yeah im giving mine up for somthing if this new update doesn't fix the pics auto erase once or twice a month and also just resets......

Any day now, any week now, any month now, any quarter now...... Hey, is that a shinny new Moto Photon in the window? The big deal is maybe it will fix the crappy reception, the crappy GPS, fix the fact that 4g is slower than 3g and 4g won’t work at all with internet sharing, AND maybe I can plug it into my Mac without having to carry a USB hub for it to see the phone. There are a few other things, but I can’t think of them right now. I don’t really care anymore. When my one year is up, moving to the Photon. I bought the epic on opening day, so Sept. 1 is the date. I seriously do not think the update will push before then, but if it happen, so much the better. I'll give it a go and see what happens.

ha ha lol thurman.... yeah since they are in the business of putting out bad firmware at our cost...they might as well release the "so called" leak is such a "fine piece of work" then put it's gotta be at least as bad as froyo on the EPIC. Let us at least try the Gingerbread update, so we can finally decide if we been had....and then we can do something about it. LOL

Running GB!! It's SMOOOOOTH! However most of the complaints with this leak seem to focus around the wifi and 3G radios not being as strong, and I agree. Overall though, much better than Froyo. Head over to xda and search under general EPIC 4G threads. No root required. It's pretty slick!