Samsung Dart on T-Mobile

For those people looking for a good, mid-level Android device to start them on their Android journey, the Samsung Dart is right around the corner. It's sporting a 3MP camera, an included 2GB microSD card, and comes with Swype preinstalled.

For those who think the HTC Sensation might be a bit too much phone for them, the Dart might be the way to go.

Source: TmoNews


Reader comments

Samsung Dart to hit T-Mobile on June 15


I hope this phone is better than say the Droid Eris. Phones in this range seem to have given Android a bad name. People will complain that Android sucks and that they decided to go with the iPhone. Yeah well the Eris was free and the iPhone $200+, what did you expect?

That's the thing. People who buy, or attempt to use an android phone expect the best when they aren't even using the best. You can't expect a nexus s, evo, or droid x treatment when you're holding a moto cliq.