Samsing Continuum

We actually had our first hands-on with the Samsung Continuum long, long before it was ever announced, but now that it's official and available, we're going to give it the official treatment. It's the first phone of its kind, and I have to be honest -- the ticker fascinates me.  We'll see if it can live up to the expectations I have for it over the next week or so.  

In the meantime, have another look at the hardware and an overview of the ticker and its settings, video style, after the break.


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Samsung Continuum hands-on


Thanks Jerry! Looks like a cool phone. Any idea if the notification functions in the ticker work with non-stock applications (Handcent, etc)?

Also, the ticker could be a whole new way for developers to display ads without messing up your game or whatever.

Very true. 2.2 is here but not for all of us android users.If you have a top of the line android phone it should be up to date.NOT COOL SAMSUNG. INCredible is INCredible ;-}

the ticker will die quicly with the continuum... i don't see it catching on.... takes away from actual screen real estate... i'd rather have a larger screen...

I like the ticker. I can see a lot of clever developers using it for things Samsung never dreamed of. One of the first things I did when I got my EVO was play with all the clock Widgets. This cleans up the screen by putting it on a dedicated space. Brilliant!

When I first heard about the ticker I didn't think much of the idea but now that I've seen this video I'm actually a lot more interested in it, it looks pretty cool. Jerry I heard that it actually isn't a separate screen, but rather one long screen and they've just "painted" over it with the capacitive buttons, is that what you're seeing? Thanks.

not my cup of tea but i'm sure others will love it. i got BW cause i like to display different styles clocks for my different moods. i'm sure the ticker is handy for ppl who don't wanna miss those Paris Hilton updates but i'm good on that lol