Sure, you may have already seen our Samsung Continuum Preview from over a month ago, checked out the video hands-on from back in the day, looked at our super Samsung Continuum page, and even scanned the Continuum specs. What else we can tell you: the Continuum consists of one single, giant piece of glass covering a Super AMOLED screen in three sections: the 3.4-inch main display, the four standard Android buttons, and the 1.8-inch, 96-pixel high "Ticker" at bottom.

Build-wise, we're looking at a slightly narrower and slightly better feeling Galaxy S device -- in a lot of ways the plastics and overall feel harkens to the T-Mobile Vibrant -- It's crazy light but still feels pretty solid. These are demo units, natch, but things seem snappy enough with that 1GHz processor.

The Ticker itself is a little gimmicky but also very cool -- you can turn on just the Ticker merely by gripping the bottom of the device. Up pops the default screen with time and weather, but you swipe once to get all your missed alerts, which you can tap on to go straight to the application. The other Ticker function is to provide you with alerts that don't get in your way. Sure, Android does that by default, but with the Ticker it's a littler easier to see more information and actually decide if you want to act on it. We're also fond of the RSS feed feature, but then we're RSS junkies. VZ Navigator (which admittedly costs extra per month) also shows you the next turn in the ticker area.

We can't say we're happy to see this thing "Bing'd" but, hey, it's such a pleasure to hold the Continuum that it's easy to look past that to what is a fairly compelling device. Samsung and Verizon will have the little guy released November 11th for $199 with a $100 mail-in rebate.

After the break: video and photos aplenty.

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Samsung Continuum Hands-On!


I said it in the live chat, I'll say it again, I would like to go on record for coining the phrase "life grip" as opposed to the "death grip" made famous by the iPhone 4. I will wave all royalties in the name of open source material.

I find it somewhat ironic, and humorous, for the moderators and other users of this website to "complain" about bing being the default search engine on some of these new Android devices, yet at the same time I see bing embedded here quite often on various pages as a search engine / advertisement. I guess money talks :-)

more than likely they use a ad hosting company instead of managing them all on their own. Microsoft has been known to sink a Ton of money to place ads where they want them. And it's not bing as a default thats the issue, it's that you can't replace it.

Your right money does talk. The more I educate my self on these things. The more I wont purchase a Bing phone I cant change.

So let me get this, they took the Galaxy S, made a much smaller main screen, but added a gimmicky ticker screen at the bottom, and the phone is just about to come out now, with Android 2.3 just around the corner, and yet it is released with Android 2.1???? This is pathetic.

agreed. I made a similar comment that someone erased and am surprised this phone is getting so much hype, while the MyTouch 4G for example is considered by many sites to be one of the best Android phones -- however, it hasn't even been fully reviewed here. Ticker is a waste of real estate...period.

Mytouch 4g was JUST released. Do you want them to throw up a half-done review or actually take time on it?

For the record -- comments don't get erased here unless they REALLY cross the line (bigotry, spam, hate speech, etc.)

It's possible something you said triggered the spam filter. Anything that you think was erased, I urge you to say again. For real. :)

Samsung makes great displays but their design sense is far from the most attractive. One reason why people clamor for HTC is because their phone designs, overall, just plain look better. Motorola is butt ugly as well.

This phone is eh . . . I wouldn't be caught dead with a phone that Google does not directly provide updates for. Nexus one 4ever.

Reviewers need to start stepping up and HAMMERING VERIZON ON BING. It's one thing to set it as the default but at least make it easy to revert to stock Google stuff.

It's really sad that everyone says "yeah it's got Bing and you can't turn it off". Yet it never ends up on the negatives, never ends up as an issue, nothing.

Sorry, Bing = FAIL. Period, end of story.

It never ends up as an issue becuase it's actually not, people just don't like it. No one ever promised you a "pure" Google experience, nor were you or anyone else ever entitled to such an experience on every phone. People are always going to complain about things they don't like, but Verizon is well within their rights to make Bing the default phone search. Besides, if the situation were reversed (Google without the possibility of Bing), no one would be complaining. Just be happy that Verizon heard you at all since they said they were going to make the change for the 2.2 update, which is also not an entitlement when you really think about it too.

Lets see, Touchwiz UI, Bing and unable to go to google, most if not all of the vanilla android widgets missing from samsung phones, lack of dev support, lack of manufacturer support, SLOW on updates... questionable build quality, horrible crayon like colors forced on you by the UI even if you get a different launcher...

I know I missed some, but no thanks! lol

I appreciate the reviews tho, I like seeing all the android goodies.... its just really hard for me to consider anything samsung a goodie

This could be handy if you get a lot of notifications but even still that's stretching it. I kind of like the idea of not having to turn the entire phone on for simple information but still not sure if it warrants it's own screen.

I'll say good effort Samsung but it's a little gimmicky. I think more screen real-estate would have been preferable.

I know it has been said, but I feel the urge to make my feelings known as well: Has Android development gotten to the point where there are no truly innovative ideas? Isn't the "ticker" just a space where Samsung could've made a sophisticated widget? What a dumb looking phone.

??? This is a total fail. Why would I want a smaller screen with a 'ticker'. Just make a larger screen.

Anyway, combine that with the Bing c*&% and it is a non-starter.


Compared to the 7-month-old DROID Incredible, this phone has a smaller screen, an older version of Android, and costs more. How is this a good deal, again?

I'd hate to admit it but I really like this phone. I'd get it but I'm not leaving Sprint, I'd rather get the Evo.

damn guys, all the sammy hate...

im a evo guy to the heart,,

but i cant take my eyes off that poppy colorful screen.

its amazing.

its so colorful in the pics, that it looks fake.

i dont think its that ugly, it just looks like a bar type phone, nothing more nothing less...

i think motorola designs are clumsy and old, these are better the moto for sure.

but damn, that screen is sexy..

if only they had a evo sized super amoled or a 5.0inch streak sized one.

Meh. So basically they traded screen size for a secondary screen. While there are pros and cons to the screen (batt life being one of them if all you want to do is check your alerts.) I personally would rather opt for the bigger screen.

Great! With this new little screen, one can constantly be bombarded with advertisements! Seriously, though...was there a need to a small screen for a clock? You can use a widget to show you the time in any way you like. How much battery life can possibly be saved by checking the clock on a small screen instead?