Samsung has confirmed that it's working on its own smart watch product, and has been for some time. The device will presumably be a major rival to Apple's anticipated iWatch, rumored to be released later in the year, as the mobile device space is increasingly seen as a two-horse race between Samsung and Apple.

Samsung executive vice president Lee Young Hee revealed the information in an interview with Bloomberg, but offered no clues as to which features might be included --

“We’ve been preparing the watch product for so long,” Lee Young Hee, executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, said during an interview in Seoul. “We are working very hard to get ready for it. We are preparing products for the future, and the watch is definitely one of them.”

Of course, there's no indication that such a product would run Android, but given Samsung's history with the platform there's at least a possibility. And given Samsung's history with Apple, it should come as no surprise to see the two companies preparing to compete in the wearable tech space too.

So might you be picking up a Galaxy Watch in the next year or so? Shout out in the comments!

Source: Bloomberg; via: iMore


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Samsung confirms it's already working on a smart watch of its own


Samsung has some history in the smart watch territory. They made the first watch phone back in 1999. But I still can't see the watch thing catching on, even if Apple does it.

What about Sony ? They have been building Smart/Connected Wirstwatches since at least 2007 , Even Casio had ones , they even had models with Cameras built in it .

as much as I love wristwatches , I'll will not buy a Smart Watch no manner who makes it wither it was Sony , Apple or Samsung ... Because it will limit me to a Certain OS , in case of Sony (& most likely Samsung) it will only function properly with Android phones ... I use Windows Phone now .

plus , i rather spend that money on a real watch !

You make a good point about being locked into an OS. I backed the Pebble last spring, thinking that I would always be into Android forever - which I still am, but now I want to get a Windows Phone and I'm hesitant as it won't work properly with my Pebble. I don't even have the Pebble yet. I hope it's worth it.

You might want to check out the "Pebble Smartwatch." It works with both Android and iOS. All you need to do now is convince them to port the interface to Windows Phone 8... ;)

This is a real miss in the reporting on this topic: The real issue with getting a watch out is the inclusion of a usable Bluetooth 4.0 (specifically BLE) stack in Android. Apple has this in the 4S and though the hardware is there in many Android phones, there's no software for it. Without this software a watch wouldn't last more than a day without needing charging.

@estockda — You're right that Bluetooth 4 is a natural fit — and 3 is too power inefficient — but there's a big caveat. Bluetooth isn't necessary. There are many other protocols, like various Wifi 5g and the best fit: NFC. Bluetooth 4.0 has better range but NFC can be beefed up quite a bit over its spec: many phones don't require more than ~2-3 feet of distance. And NFC is more power efficient.

I don't like the idea very much. I already struggle to justify a mobile phone over a tablet because they are just too small. Even 6 inches seems like a compromise — just imagine 1 inch.

Personally I backed pebble through kickstarter
I really like the design and if all of a sudden every other smartphone manufacturer on the planet was swallowed by a black hole it would work with apple as well.

I'll buy it if they keep it at the $100-150 range. Would be nice to get notifications on a watch... especially in meetings where it is considered rude to look at one's phone or you are told to put phones away. Looking at a watch seems still socially allowed in such settings. :)

Also, it's somewhat of a chore to get the Note 2 out of my pocket. My own idea was to put a microphone and speaker on the band or the watch itself, so it can be used to carry on phone conversations as the phones get bigger. Hopefully Samsung's version would offer a feature like that.

I won't be buying one or even considering buying one. Same goes for any "smart" watch out there. I already have a real watch for when I need to see the time, and I already bought a smartphone for connectivity. Besides that, I can't see "smart" watches in the future. Not many people wear watches anymore, so I can't really see this as being especially popular. I can't justify the practicality of it, and I am sure many others won't be able to do so.

Yeah, you're probably way smarter than those market researchers working for Apple and Samsung. And because you didn't want to buy the Pebble, nobody else wants it either. I guess the fact that they're selling for triple the original price on Ebay is just people wanting to buy them and throw them away.

Well, I guess there is a market for these "smart" watches after all, but what I was merely saying was that I wouldn't buy one. This is just my opinion, and I am entitled to it. I am not preventing anyone from liking these "smart" watches or doing anything of the sort, I was just voicing my opinion on this topic. I did not say this either "And because you didn't want to buy the Pebble, nobody else wants it either", so I suggest that you read what I said more carefully, so that you will not misinterpret my words. I merely said that many people won't be able to justify owning a "smart" watch. Some people won't be able to justify it, and I am one of them, but many more will be able to justify buying this item.

Maybe this is the next big thing. I don't know, but with all the companies choosing to make one, it might become the next big thing.

The watch thing is a waist of time to me. If I want a watch I'll get a Movado!! I don't need my watch to show me my email and text, etc. That's why I have a tablet and smartphone for!

Who wears a watch anymore? Just pull out your phone, quickly check the time, and put it back in your pocket. Watches have never been comfortable for me to wear in the first place.

Who wears a watch for "the time", it's a piece of jewerly. Nobody is going to buy a smart watch for telling time either. Look up Dick Tracy...I have been waiting for decades.

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