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Samsung may have announced a bunch of Android smartphones and a smartwatch at IFA 2014 this week, but the company is not done yet as it just revealed plans to sell 10 printers for the business and enterprise markets that it claims are the first to use the Android OS.

All of these new Smart MultiXpress printers will have Smart UX Center running over the Android operating system. Samsung says:

The new Samsung Smart MultiXpress series of MFPs each feature a 10.1-inch full touchscreen panel that enables users to search and print from web browsers, emails, maps, images and other types of content – without the need to connect to a PC or server. The touchscreen also offers the ability to preview documents, as well as editing and annotating capabilities.

Adding the optional Samsung NFC Pro accessory to any of these printers will allow users with smartphones to print remotely. What do you think of Samsung introducing new Android-based printers?

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Samsung announces first Android-based printers for businesses


idk... looks like a MFP with a tablet glued on the front... maybe needed a way to get rid of a bunch of old 10.1 tablets or something... kidding.

It is nice to see android put to some other uses though.

It's because he feeds into the "fragmentation" propaganda that tells him if he doesn't have the latest version of a particular OS his life is less insignificant.

It doesn't have to have the latest and greatest but I don't want to have to use TouchWiz on anything.

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Hey. That's actually something awesome. And probably makes the life of several secretaries and trainees a lot more happier ;)

Is there any electronics in the world that is not made by Samsung nowadays?

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Well they do make everything from phones, to household appliances, to heavy weapons, to BATTLESHIPS and EVERYTHING in between!

I hear they outsell HTC in battle ship sales by a factor of 20...sounds similar to phone sales to me ; )

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I don't see the use of putting Android on a printer.
I mean, most business have networked printers. You print from your computer and go pick up your documents and move on.
Anyone care to enlighten me how this could be useful, especially with the premium that will be charged for it?

Maybe the setup is easier? It would help smaller businesses that wouldn't have to hire an IT person to set it up for them if that's the case. Also, no need for a server?

Even networked printers run on software, even ones without an integrated user interface (which is unheard of these days). You still have to have an IP Stack and the logic to handle incoming jobs and priorities, etc. Add the user interface, since it's a multifunction device - you will need to choose copy/scan/print/email/etc., and Android is a stable, small, capable OS with a great touchscreen interface. This actually makes much more sense than most people would realize at first. It's cheap (free in some cases - open source) and the company doesn't have to spend man hours baking their own software when they can tweak something that already exists/is available.

It would be nice if you are able to print from a tablet, but in a office environment most people still use laptops and desktops to print.

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I really don't care about these, but am surprise they aren't tizen. With tizen still being pushed in some watches and phones for russia it's surprising they wouldn't make it work for a printer. Maybe this shows that tizen is just a test bed that they aren't that interested in testing everywhere, which can be nothing but good for Android users.

So much for the "Samsung Tizen is leading the future nothing else matters period monkey balls" rants from Mr. Yarell.

As an office worker that is heavily reliant on a large copier/printer/fax machine I find this very interesting. I don't care so much as to what the system is as long as it works, and if Android provides the means for a better system I'd love to see it.

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This could eventually make the pc obsolete in terms of simple web browsing and the need to connect one to a printer in the first place

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