The news that Samsung is preparing three Android Devices for the European Market in 2009 isn't that much of a stretch because we're already anticipating three devices from Samsung stateside. Either way we look at this, it's a win-win. Whatever Android devices we get or Europe gets, it should happen both ways--that's okay in our book.

What is interesting however, is that it seems like Europe is taking a keen interest with Android and seems to be more excited about the platform than the US market. Will we actually see Android target Nokia as a competitor rather than the iPhone/RIM duo?

How about it European readers? Are you guys more excited about Android than your US counterparts? Let us know!

[via androidarena]


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Samsung Also Preparing Three Android Devices for Europe


In Switzerland, the first android phones are expected in May...but here in Switzerland people seem to be more excited about the iPhone...On the other part in France there is a big hype around Android and many bloggers and developpers are talking, reporting and developping apps...