Samsung Captivate

Rogers has announced that it is "working towards" having the Samsung Captivate (read our review of the AT&T version) in stores sometime next week. That isn't quite in line with their previous promise of "mid-October," but Android fans on the Canadian network are probably happy just to hear that the phone is finally coming out after some manufacturing delays. Hit up the link (note: the new info is in an update to the original post and can be found at the bottom) to check out the details and to preorder one for yourself. [Rogers


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Rogers' Samsung Captivate to launch next week


Who is this Roger guy?? Anyways in more important news. Harold is working toward having the extended battery for the htc evo. "I am hoping this will prolong my already great battery life (+/-15hr)and i am really excited about this. it'll be a great opportunity." [harold]

If my local Best Buy stocks these before they stock more I9000s I'm going to go postal. I've called my local store every day and been in there multiple times and they just keep telling me they "don't know" when they're getting more in. I've been without a phone for more than two weeks. This is BS.

Rogers shares the exact same frequencies as AT&T, so its not surprising they chose the exact same phone. I wonder if they share the same shovel-ware installed on the phone.

Rogers does not cripple its phones like most carriers, with bloaty crapware. They do have "some" but i have never seen more then one or two apps.

If I buy a newer Captivate from Rogers (even though I'm on AT&T) what are the chances that they've actually fixed the phone's GPS hardware problems, random shut-downs, etc? Can I buy a Roger's one and use it on AT&T if they fixed it? :-D