Samsung has released the Android 2.2 source code for the Rogers Samsung Captivate. Anyone who may be interested in making some ROMs or just checking out the source codes a bit can head on over to the Open Source Release Center and enter the model number "SGH-i896." under the mobile phone section. [Samsung Open Source Release Center] Thanks Conan!


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Rogers' Samsung Captivate Froyo upgrade source code released


They need to hurry up and send this froyo update to AT&T ASAP. It doesn't make any sense why it takes so long for the US to get these updates.

Sad that Rogers pushes Froyo out AND makes the source code available before AT&T can even give a concrete release date, not to mention their employees don't know what Froyo is. If I don't see Froyo by March I'm rooting and loading a custom ROM.

what a piss off. I have the AT&T SGH-i897 and no froyo yet. Geez Rogers even released their's like 3 months laster than AT&T. AT&T sucks!!!!