The 'imagined creatures from your subconscious' come to life in Radiohead's new app

PolyFauna takes the song "Bloom" from Radiohead's recent The King of Limbs album, adds in some ethereal moving art, and packages it up as a trippy and cool Android app. 

Radiohead's Thom Yorke hit the nail on the head when he described PolyFauna as "A window into an evolving world" and there's really no other way to describe it. Imagine Motorola's Windy Day app, with a hefty dose of LSD and imagination, then some distinctly Radiohead sounds tossed in the mix. Hold your phone up, look at the screen and move it around. The landscape changes and rolls (the trails are lovely) and when you see the red dot you can follow it for a gateway to a completely different scene.

There's nothing to learn here, and no bad guys to kill. But it's one hell of a ride. Grab it from the Google Play link above.

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Radiohead's PolyFauna app is triptacular


Why does it need your precise GPS location? It always stops me installing a non mapping style app if it requires GPS.

It's not like any stat they need for advertising or general audience into can't be retrieved by network location info.

Why is it important to know where we are too within 3 metres rather than 100 metres?

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"There's nothing to learn here, and no bad guys to kill"

Damn, wish you could kill radiohead. Not a fan of a band that hates the one reason they are still a band. And STP's Creep is a way better song.


Lol. You don't know much about Radiohead if you're under the impression that 'creep' is the reason they are still (very significantly) on the radar

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They play instruments, yet no music comes out, while Thom Yorke whines and convulses on stage. That about sums up current Radiohead.

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I'm glad you wrote this article Jerry. I figured you would do it justice. I read about this earlier on another site, & the author was pretty confused on how to describe it. You hit the nail on the head.

This looks awesome.. I'm grabbing the good old Audio Technicha's and plugging into the Nexus 5 to take a ride. I hadn't heard anything about this surprisingly, thanks for writing this up're the man!