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It's been a long old time since the last Pocket Casts update, but the developers, Shifty Jelly, have today published some details on the next version of their incredibly popular podcatching application. They've been working on it now for some six months -- they are just a three man team, after all -- and what they're bringing to the table goes beyond the realms of a minor version bump. It's a complete redesign of the app. We're currently involved in beta testing the new version, and all we can say is, it's pretty awesome. 

The redesign takes in the latest Android design guidelines, and will also include proper tablet support. Shifty Jelly has specifically targeted the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10, so it should look great on large and small tablets. Equally exciting is the cross-device syncing and remote backup promised.

Syncing will cover subscriptions, playlists and even play states on each of your Android devices. So, you're heading home from work listening to the latest Android Central podcast, but you don't finish by the time you get to the front door. Just head inside, pick up your tablet, and carry on where you left off. We're really excited for this feature. 

There's still a lot of stuff in Pocket Casts 4 that hasn't been shared yet, and won't be until it sees release. The good news is that Shifty Jelly intends to ship Pocket Casts 4 as a free update to the existing app sometime in February. We can't wait. 

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Pocket Casts 4 to hit Google Play in February, and it's awesome


Sounds great and looking forward to it and very glad it will be a free update for existing users.

I have been using Pocket Casts just about everyday for the last few months based on recommendations for it from this site.

Found a lot of nice podcasts to listen to thanks to this app as well.

Doubtful, they hated their experience with Amazon and swore they'd never work with them again. I had gotten their app for the Free App of the Day and loved it but after reading the article about their experience I realized the Google Play version was being updated but the Amazon version wasn't. I like the app so much though that I decided to just buy it from Google Play and support the Devs.

I'm really excited for this update. I've been using Pocket Casts since the iPhone 4 days and have seen every update the app has gone through. This looks like the best one so far.

Maybe it will wrestle me away from Doggcatcher? I own the app, but it never fully sells me, and I go back each time I try it.

I've tried Doggcatcher, and seemingly every other podcast app, but I always find myself coming home to Pocket Casts. I guess to each his/her own.

Can't wait! I emailed the devs awhile back asking why the app hadn't been updated in damn near a year when there are bugs that I've asked them about in a previous email. They responded they were working on something big. Nice!

I'be been a beyondpod guy for years, but syncing play states between devices may just be enough for me to switch.

I bought BeyondPod because of its featureset. It is still an impressive feature set compared to others. But, it is in dire need for an UI overhaul. I'm holding out hoping they give their app a makeover soon.

I am an avid user of podcasts on android(possibly one of the top 3 things I do with my phone) and have used doggcatcher and pocketcasts as well as Googles offering and a vareity of other tools because I keep running into problems:
1. Skimming a podcast almost always leads to the program not responding(any program on my phone).
2. Sometimes a podcast that I paused or stopped will not resume in the same position, it will start over. This isn't all of the time, its occasional. And so I try to skim to the spot I was at and...well see #1.

Hoping for a better pocketcasts! I love the interface, the search, the player, the level of control it provides, but I am frustrated to the point of considering jumping back behind the shiny metal paywall that is iOS for my next phone because there stuff just works.

Not sure if you can say, but did they keep the podcast square view as well? I really like using that view to get a quick idea of what podcasts have a downloaded episode. Plus it looks so nice.

Will it sync play state to my iPad, I wonder? Meaning, will the sync happen between Android and iOS when both apps are finished?

According to the developers post at the source link, yes. Thats something I've been hoping for for a long time.

I'm all for it but I can predict they well get a lot of complaints out of it since people loath change and making that big a radical change is never good in some peoples eyes

I knew I made the right choice. :)

I bought this app after AC's post featuring different pod cast apps when Google's Listen was going under. Was never a big fan of the UI, but it did everything I needed it to and even things I didn't know I wanted. :)

Very excited for this update. Great dev.

Wish they'd also have a PC widget or app to also remember play state. When working, it would be nice to pick up where I left off on my notebook as well as tablet.

Sort of a tangent, but why do all of the podcast apps on Android require a third party plugin (and there really seems to be only one??) for variable speed playback? Why isn't that something one of the players could integrate in themselves?

I've tried them all and keep going back to doggcatcher. But the syncing across devices would probably get me to switch.