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This is where you'll get all your Pebble apps, watchfaces and other downloads. But for now, we wait.

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Pebble appstore launches for iOS, promises to hit Android 'very, very soon'


You too bud.

I agree, apple does suck. But you gotta respect them.

Also, why do they seem to get most things first, that will be on other platforms too? It seems to have evened out a bit but Devs just flock to iOS first.

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Neither Apple nor Android suck. They are both great operating systems based on slightly different philosophies. If you prefer one over the other... Fine. I wish I could take some things from both systems and make the phone I truly want. Would that phone have elegance of Apple? ... Or the functionality of Android? In the end... Who knows. But until then there are these billion dollar companies trying to win little ol' me's business one phone at a time.

Slicing the Gordian knot instead of taking the time to deal with the individual issues that would push all these companies forward faster is getting tiring and filling the littering the Internet.

Bush sucks
Obama sucks
Pebble sucks
I suck.... OK.... That WAS much easier.

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Fairly shocking that the Android app is late considering the Pebble works a lot better with Android and there are a lot more Android companion apps that support Pebble.

oddly enough I have found it works better on my iPhone than my nexus b.c notification center controls what apps do and do not work.

With iOS it's all or nothing. If you want notifications on your phone but not your Pebble that's not possible.

At least with third-party Android apps you can actually pick and choose. Sure native support is better, but you're given much less choice on the matter.

Ive had my pebble connected to both an iPhone 5s and now my nexus 5. They both work pretty well but I have to say that I've found android to give me more control on what gets pushed to my watch. Im pretty disappointed that iOS gets it first and Android has to wait. I own both google and apple products, I wish companies would release apps or updates at the same time though...

I will say it is annoying that I have to have notifications on along with a banner or something else on an IOS device. It makes it kind of redundant.

You don't need a banner on iOS to have notifications on Pebble. As long as you've got Show in notification centre enabled it will work with or without any on screen iOS notifications. I've got it set up that way for several apps.

Sorry, that is what I meant. You have to have it visible in multiple places. I would like to be able to just have notifications on without it showing in notification center. Just the badge and the pebble notification on my wrist.

Yes that's what I mean. You can turn off banner notifications, turn off sounds and turn off badges if you like. Just have "show in notification centre" selected under alerts and it shows on your pebble just fine.

I think it is BECAUSE features have lagged behind on iOS that Pebble has been working extra hard on the iOS side of the things.

Hopefully, Android won't be too far behind.

Figures. They should have released them simultaneously. Would look way more professional, especially with the iWatch coming.

Saying something like "very, very soon" is meaningless. In developer speak (or based on past Pebble timelines) that could be weeks or months.

It would've looked more professional, maybe. But considering how new and potentially explosive the smartwatch market is (and how much competition they're facing from much, much bigger companies), getting the app store out to half their user base now was probably the right move.

Bottom line is that I like my Pebble, and I want them to do what's best for the company right now so that I can reap the benefits down the line.

Another late release for android. If this app is coming "very, very soon" just hold both apps. This android getting apps late garbage needs to end. I'm tired of this and I know I'm not the only one.

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Let's take hardware out of the equation

Release your money making apps (paid, free with IAP, free with ads) on Android first because there is 10x more copies of play store than there is of the app store

It's time to cut the crap.

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The App Store is far more profitable that the Play Store, though. iOS users across the board are more likely to make in-app purchases and to spend more on them. Just speaking from the company's standpoint, if they had to choose one to release to first, iOS makes sense.

That's assuming that Pebble owners are split more or less evenly between Android and iOS users, of course. I don't know what the actual breakdown is.

Please can someone tell me how to get adobe flash player. I can't my arsenal box office

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Not paring my pebble with my iPhone...yet. Android is always behind iOS. The leadership at pebble must use iPhone...

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We wouldn't be wining and be respectful if Pebble hadn't falsely promised release dates and not issued public apologies.

They are handling PR terribly. They admitted android was the easier platform to work with. The app store portion is literally an html5 wrapper and yet they toss us out a Franken-build apk that supported the 2.0 beta firmwares but didnt have the store.
They could however use Google's play store beta program to properly give those on Android who want it now access with the knowledge that its not 100% but clearly can't find how to do that.

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At least you have a reasoned argument. Most of what I see on here has no point to it other than moaning because ios gets a toy before android.

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My pebble comes mid february, hopefully the app store is ready by then

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Not cool pebble. Delaying Android release at the very last second. Kind of bummed you fell back on your promise. Looks like another week or so before I see anything on my pebble for v2.0

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I updated to the beta, and I experienced all of the bugs that others had been reporting in the forums. I had to drop back to the recovery, and that took almost longer than my temper could bare. But my Pebble is back to working correctly. So I will wait till we see the update.