PayPal just announced that they've released an official PayPal application to Android Market. The app allows PayPal users (and we know there's a ton of them) easier access to their account and a whole lot of functionality. To quote:

  • Direct integration with the contact list.  You won’t need to remember people’s numbers or emails anymore to send them money!  Just select their name from your list of contacts, and we’ll make sure they get paid.
  • Recent history. You can use your phone to look at your transactions over the last couple of months.  So if you ever need to check whether or not a payment has come through, it’ll be simple to find out.
  • Balance checks.  We show you all your balances in any of the currencies you hold.

It's always great to see big companies release apps for Android because it means that they take the Android platform seriously. And with seriousness brings legitimacy. Slow roastin'.



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PayPal Releases Official Application for Android


Once again another big announcement that assumes the only users of Android reside in the US.

As a UK user of Android (with Cupcake as of this morning) and PayPal, I find their announcement a little insulting.

Hear hear. It's getting stupid now. Where is the Amazon app for example, we've had MP3 downloads for a good long while now.