We know we have a lot of G1 Users across the pond who are a little peeved that they still don't have paid apps available to them in Android Market. I mean, what's the point of an Android Market without the ability to use the best apps!?

Luckily it looks like paid apps is coming to the UK Android Market soon. As in today. Regan Whitehead of T-Mobile UK said that paid applications will be supported in the UK Android Market starting March 12th. Yeap, that's today! Hip hip hooray!

So to our UK friends, do you guys see paid applications popping up yet?

[pocket gamer]


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Paid Apps Coming to UK Android Market Today, March 12th


Most of the apps are in dollars, and I can't seem to purchase them with my debit card, though I think it might work with a credit card. The apps in sterling download fine, though there's not so many of them, and even fewer decent ones. I received no notification at all, and I was quite surprised when I checked the market this morning to find hundreds of new apps! Think it's quite strange they'd show me what apps are available to you Americans, but I can't download them, because I thought it was down to developers which regions could download their apps. Unless they plan to make all the apps international? I dunno. It's a start so I won't complain.